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I had labiaplasty on Wednesday 9th October (4 days...

I had labiaplasty on Wednesday 9th October (4 days ago) I thought I would write a little about my experience. If anyone has any questions I will answer them to the best of my knowledge.

So I wanted labiaplasty for around 12 to 13 years (i am 26 now) for all the usual reasons you hear on these websites. Constant irritation, problems with sex, self consciousness, clothing etc etc. I would like to say that I also could not stand the appearance. This subject is talked about so much and I rarely read an opinion that I can relate to... so here is mine...

I didn't like the way that my vagina looked so I changed it (of course there were heaps of other practical reasons and they were more important to me) I do not see what the problem is with changing a part of your body if you are not happy with it. Obviously there is no generic 'ideal' there is no 'normal' but to each person there is an ideal - the same goes for any other part of the body. Just because this area is not visible to other people unless (usually) in a sexual encounter does not mean that it is somehow different. In fact I think that if people are having this surgery for only themselves and to be happy (not making anyone else happy) then it should be more accepted than any other surgery. If the appearance was the only issue for me I believe that eventually I would have had the surgery, just like if I didn't like the appearance of my nose I would have had a nose job.

In saying all this I also believe that it is wrong to have surgery on your vagina to conform to look like the images that the media puts out there as 'normal' I know that most women would not necessarily have seen other peoples areas other than what they see via the media. I have seen a few 'real life' vaginas and I know that these images are certainly not normal and have been airbrushed to look neat and tidy in order to meet censorship regulations (don't get me started on that, this rant would never end) I did not have the surgery because I didn't think I looked normal. I knew I was normal! The aesthetic side was that I wanted everything to be tucked away and I didn't want parts to be hanging out all over the place, because I don't like that look. I don't care if anyone else looks at me now and doesn't like the way I am because I do now : ) I should also add tucked away and neat and tidy does not mean child like! I have no desire to look like a child, I don't like excess skin, there is zero need for it, it serves no purpose what so ever, it is a pain in the arse and I don't like the look of it is all. If I had a heap of excess skin anywhere else on my body I would remove it from there too.

Yew, my mini rant is over. I will update as the days go on but here is a breakdown of my days following surgery. I will post photos at the end (maybe in a week or 2) so you can see the result from start to finish.

Day 1 - Surgery day

Arrived at the medical centre, had numbing gel applied an hour before scheduled surgery. Took 2 painkillers and a valium. Happy and relaxed!
Was completely numb and did not feel a thing. Not even the local injections woop!
The surgery took around an hour. I was given the option of general or twilight but I wanted local as I am not squeamish in the slightest and I would rather be awake and feel good after than have general and be nauseous.
My surgeon was great, her 2 nurses were also lovely. The only thing I didn't like was my back hurt a lot due to the position I was in (no stirrups not sure why) but my surgeon and the nurses were very patient with me as I kept needing to reposition. I might have been a bit of a pain in the arse but they didn't let me know that.

I stayed in the clinic for a while after, had coffee and toast.

I was staying in a hotel (I live in regional Australia so I flew to the city for the op) I headed back there and started with the icing. No pain so far.

Day 2

Woke up at 4am in a little pain so I took a Prodeine. Threw it up pretty much straight away, empty stomach I guess - hate being sick. Went back to sleep.

Woke up later, felt fine didn't take any tablets due to the fear of being sick. Pain wasn't bad at all. Iced the area heaps! Used the cream I was given (chlorsig - antibiotic cream, rather than oral antibiotics who wants thrush while trying to heal after labiaplasty? Not me!)

Swollen a fair bit, not overly painful. Ventured out to get dinner. Walking like I have a stick up my bum but other than that all good.

Cream every couple of hours, 2 Arnica tablets every few hours (for the bruising) and ice ice ice.

Day 3

Went to the clinic for a review with my surgeon and nurse as I flew home today. Everything looks fine. The area is clean although swollen. Slight bruising started.
Got ice packs and mini ice pop things from the clinic for the plane ride.

Plane was fine, I started back on the Prodeine. Which are fine (have to remember to eat is all) Only a 2 hour plane ride so it was pretty easy. I was upgraded to business class too as a friend of mine is a frequent flyer and it was free BONUS!

Got home iced iced iced. Drove to the supermarket, waddling a little but still feel great.

Day 4

Urgh! Period, where this came from I don't know I thought I had figured out my dates - apparently not. Asked the nurse about tampons and she said not a good idea. I cannot wear pads at the best of times but they're so uncomfortable now. Body = crappy timing.

Attempted a tampon, can't do it so pads it is : ( Lying in bed with an ice pack watching telly.

Swelling has probably halved already which is great. Showering is fine, putting on the cream still stings a bit if I haven't had a painkiller.

Got some fragrance free baby wipes, very handy with my period situation.

Sutures have started to itch, icing helps, although I have antihistamines for when I can't lay in bed with an ice pack.

Funny thing did happen today. I iced my pad to my labia! Hmm very pleasant experience! Not so funny at the time

Day 5

So no painkillers today at all, itching is hell!!! I think it's a good thing though it means I am healing : ) but still soooooooo itchy, I am back at school and work tomorrow, better take lots of antihistamines. I think I will go to the chemist and get some witch hazel pads, I read online they're really good for women who have been stitched after giving birth to deal with the itch.

Swelling is very minimal, a lot of bruising but I don't look like I have a frankenginy anymore which is good. Pads are horrid, irritate the sutures to the point of making my eyes water. Hmm need to figure out how I am going to manage at school and work tomorrow. I am thinking about tampons, the little ones with the applicators, since the swelling reduced, I can now find the hole! (haha)

Getting a bit impatient to see the final result. I have been taking daily progress photos. In a week or so I will upload them all and you have see the progress start to finish.

almost 4 weeks

It has been almost weeks now since my surgery. I am still very happy I had the procedure although I am super irritated at the moment. My sutures are almost all gone but the ones that are still there are vile! I would advise anyone having this surgery to invest in a few pairs of good loose fitting pants that require no underwear. K Mart has been my best friend. I am so looking forward to the day I can wear knickers and jeans again : )

There has been very little change over the past 2 weeks really, still a little swollen and the sutures are poking out more but that is about all.

During the second week a little cluster of sutures came apart along the very front of the labia (where the top would join to the bottom - hope that makes sense), it was too late to be re stitched so my surgeon said we would have to leave it to heal and see what happens. A scab formed but it didn't join up the ends it sort of separated them more, both parts that should have been attached to each other have healed but separately. I am still swollen so I am trying not to think too much about the final result.

My surgeon said we may need to revise, which is my worst nightmare at the moment as I really don't want to go through the recovery all over again. Not that it has been bad or painful, just super irritating and long. I freaked out at first thinking that I would have 3 labias, since 1 side has come apart but if the swelling does go down heaps (fingers crossed) then it won't even be noticeable, I hope.

Worried that I am looking very 'top heavy' at the moment I feel like there is lots of excess skin around the clitoris. I still have sutures all over though causing things to protrude and look bigger.

I will upload some photos now at the stages, I didn't want to until I was fully healed but I know when I was researching this surgery, looking at other peoples photos helped me a lot and I think that is why I am not overly freaking out about my breakdown (which is on my right side - your left as you look at the pics)

Will update once I am healed further : )

5 1/2 weeks

It has now been 5 1/2 weeks since my surgery. I have posted a photo of before and after, still not the end result but I will update again later. Still have sutures that haven't dissolved but I am comfortable now. Not wearing underwear unless I have to and I am using vitamin E oil on the scar tissue.
I am booked in with my surgeon in 4 weeks to revise the area where the sutures came apart and also take a little more excess skin from the clitoral hood.

Don't really want to go through the process again but I figure it is worth getting it all out of the way now and then I shouldn't need anymore surgery (I hope!)


I re read my review just now and realised how grumpy I sound. I am very very happy that I had the surgery and even though I am going to have a revision performed I am so much happier than I was before the surgery. The sutures came apart which is crappy but they're sutures and that can happen where ever they are. I don't have my 'dream' super vagina but it is a hell of a lot better than it was and I am optimistic for the next few months.

I would do the same thing again if I could turn back the clock, the minor complications that I have had are easily rectified and I don't believe anything should ever be easy - I appreciate things more when it has been a tough road haha!

Quick update

I thought I would update quickly, I had a revision in December. The same thing happened again, the edges didn't bind together properly. The outside is now intact but the inside hasn't healed properly. Its not a huge problem but it is really frustrating. The recovery after the second surgery was much more painful, the first few days I were pretty horrendous to be honest. My surgeon used stronger sutures in the hope that they would keep the area closed but that also meant that they stayed in for a lot longer which was uncomfortable. Unsure on the next move, possibly a third surgery...

Third revision

I will write a whole new review regarding my latest procedure and the doctor who performed it. Dr Anh did not respond to my last email and instead had her manager send me an email. Using quotes from my past emails that I was happy etc.

After my final consult with Dr Anh we discussed the possibility of laser to improve the areas that were not good and it all sounded great. So I sent her an email saying I was happy that I had seen her and my mind was a little more at ease. Though her manager then took quotes from that email to tell me that I was backtracking later...

I decided to get a few more opinions from other surgeons who all completely disagreed and said that would not help and I need more surgery. One of which was Dr Gary Alter. I should also mention that the surgeons were not all in the same country and were not under the impression that I would be having the surgery with them, they just gave their expert honest opinions.

I do not want to bag out Dr Anh at all and I have read great reviews for her but I do not think she takes things as seriously as she could when it comes to the more complicated cases. It is all good and well when something goes perfect the first time.

The surgeon who has performed my 3rd surgery has been amazing and I cannot thank her enough! She is great. I will post a new review regarding my 3rd and hopefully final surgery! : )
Perth Plastic Surgeon

Didn't really speak with her that much, although she was very confident about performing the procedure. Her nurse Claire is very nice. If this surgery had gone to plan the first time I think I would have much nicer things to say, but it didn't and unfortunately I don't think this Doctor has the experience to deal with revisions in an understanding way.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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