30 Year Old, 128lbs/58kg - 325cc mod plus BA on 14th of January - Perth, Australia

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I have considered getting breast implants for as...

I have considered getting breast implants for as long as I can remember. I am slim and have an athletic frame and have always had smaller boobs. Most of the time they don't actually bother me, but I hate wearing bikinis or low cut or backless dresses, because there is absolutely no way I could feel comfortable without a padded bra on.
During my teens and 20s it wouldn't' have been appropriate for me to get a boob job - I didn't have the money and I also had a bit of an unhealthy body image for myself. Now I have a great job and therefore savings, I have completely turned around my lifestyle and eating habits and I feel absolutely comfortable in my own skin. I know for sure that the breast augmentation is for me only, and I am so excited about having a little bit of cleavage!

I am all booked in with Dr VIjth Vijayasekaran in Perth (Australia) on 14th Jan. When I started looking into surgery seriously I went through this site, read a bunch of reviews and booked my free consultation with one of Dr Vij's nurses. He has a great reputation over here and I've had 2 appointments with him to discuss sizing, in addition to the free nurse appointment.

In the end I have decided to go for 300cc mentor round moderate plus implants. I was changing my mind a bit between 275cc, 300cc, and most recently 325cc.
Initially I want the smallest size, because when I tried on the padded bra with him I felt a bit overwhelmed at the increase and 275cc would be similar to my most padded bra that I wear on special occasions! Thankfully I took all lots of pictures with the 275cc and 300cc bras on, and when I got home and looked through them I thought the 300cc looked much better, a bit more noticeable but still very much in proportion.

I then booked in again and brought my sister in law with me and tried on the 300cc with a few of my own clothes. I don't want to have a boob job that means I can't wear any of my old clothes (although I recognise a few won't fit anymore!). I was pleased that I had a noticeable curve in my tops but that they all still fitted. I also want to still be able to do my yoga and running and was assured that 300 is very in proportion and I won't have any issues exercising in the future - just not for the initial 6 weeks.

I would have loved to have the surgery right after Christmas time, giving me extra time to recover before returning to work. Unfortunately the first available date in 2016 was the 14th of January, so I am booked in then.

About 2 weeks ago I started reading and watching further reviews and came across lots of posts about size.. and lots of comments that people wish they had gone a little bigger. I also trolled through Instagram and plastic surgery pages, and almost all of the models have implant sizes in the 400s +. I thought to myself, maybe I should go a little bigger, like 325 or 350?
I emailed Dr Vij to ask why he recommended the 300cc - was it because of my frame and my dimensions, or because I specifically asked for a natural look? He said it was both, and the most he would be able to go up to would be 325 (definitely not 350). His recommendations as 300 as I don't actually have that much breast tissue to begin with.

After millions of chats, notes of pros and cons and speaking to other BA patients, I have decided to stick to the doctors advice and get the 300cc. I think I was just getting a bit of boob greed and loving all of the bikini models online. BUT then I remember, I'm not getting these to be a bikini model! I'm getting them to enhance what I already look like, to have a bit of cleavage, and to have a "handful" of felinity :) I don't want my lifestyle to change and I don't think I'd be comfortable going too big anyway - I've always been known as the skinny girl!

So now that I am all decided, I just want the op to hurry up and come!! 10 days and counting… will post some pre-op pics shortly..

Pre op pics

So these pictures are pretty gross… I had to wear a skin tight skin coloured vest to show my current boobs and then try on the implants on top. Shows you exactly how flat I am!!

Boob inspiration pics

here are a few girls who I have found online and on instagram who I think have LOVELY boobs! they all got similar sizes to me (300cc) so Im hoping I can achieve something similar. I still want to look slim and don't necessarily care if people notice but I do want to feel sexy and look like this in a bikini!!! :)

HELP! - 5 days away and still changing my mind about ccs

So I have changed my mind about 10 times this week regarding the size of my implants. adding an extra 25cc isn't even going to make much difference, but I am stressing out about it a lot, making my own rice sizers and asking my mum's opinion! My surgeon said 300cc is a reasonable size for me based on my dimensions but i could go up to 325cc if i wanted. 350cc would be too big.

I've decided to list the pros and cons:
Smaller size (300cc) -
Pros - what I originally wanted, still a considerable difference to my current boobs, less stretching/therefore less pain (hopefully!), surgeon recommended based on dimensions
cons - if i'm not completely happy with the size i will have always known my surgeon would have allowed me to go a little bigger

Bigger size (325cc)
Pros - biggest surgeon will allow me to go - so no regrets coming out of surgery wishing i had gone bigger. still in proportion but slightly more noticeable.
cons - more stretching of tissue/muscle (so possibly more pain). bigger than i originally wanted. what if it looks too big? you can always wear a push up bra to enhance, but you can't decrease

My biggest thing is that I have always been a slim girl, so I 100% want bigger boobs and to have a proportional figure, but I dont want to look thicker/chunkier with too much volume up top. but at the same time, im spending lots of money, going under the knife etc and i dont want to have any regrets as I know I will get used to them very quickly.
I really wish I could know exactly how they both will look in me with my clothes on!

Most of my friends have said to stick with the 300cc, and i probably will... BUT ive just emailed the surgeon to ask if they could order the 325cc too so I have up until the day of surgery to decide! hopefully it's not too late!

2 days away!

hi everybody! a quick one this evening as i'm sleepy and i think im spending a bit too long on here reading blogs and preparing myself. i think i just need to go with the flow, sleep lots and focus on non boob related activities! my fridge is stocked, my pilows on my bed are new... i have arnica, fibrogel, bendy straws, snacks and netflix on the ready!

i received a comment that my PS wasn't board certified, which i was sure wasn't the case. i did some more research today and he is http://www.plasticsurgery.org.au/about-us/search/?surgeonName=vij&surgeonState=&searchSurgeons=1&submit=Search

i definitely feel at ease knowing i am with very skilled professionals. the anaesthetist called me today to go through the meds i will be taking and my medical history etc. he seemed very approachable.

did a bit of weird sleep talking and worrying last night in bed. i dont sleep that great when i am stressed so as i say, i will sign off from this site until the op is done! as for the sizing.. whatever i go for I know it will fit my frame and that I am in safe hands.


Op all done today!!!

Hi everyone! So I really didn't think id be writing a post on the same day as my surgery been here I am feeling good!

My surgery was at 3pm so I had a really lovely morning with my mum who is visiting from U.K. To look after me. We had a small breakfast before 8 then the fasting began but I was able to take small sips of water until 1230 which I was relieved about! (Perth is hot!)

We got a pedicure and went on a small walk then it was time to come to hospital. All of the staff were lovely and made me feel welcome and hardly nervous... Just a tiny bit of an emotional teary feeling knowing the day had come!

Dr vij came in and asked if ihad decided on the size yet and I said I was leaving it to him and I'm happy with either as the difference is minimal plus he's the expert. We decided to go for the 325cc moderate plus as he said it is extremely rare for anyone to wish they had gone smaller, plus my height can easily pull off the larger size.

I spoke briefly to the anesthetist too who was lovely and a bit of a joker and also his assistant.
The walk to the operating table was short and within 10 mins I was out! I woke up very drowsy and feeling lots of pressure under my armpits (even though incisions are under the folds)so they gave me a little medicine and wheeled me to the recovery room.

My parents got to come in and the whole time I was crazy dozy but relieved it had gone so well and that I wasn't in pain.
I had booked to stay over at the hospital but had the choice to cancel if I felt ok. I felt really fine but I'm prone to fainting and my oxygen levels were low so docs said I needed to stay in to be monitored. This suited my parents too as they don't want a vomiting daughter in their car!

So here I am in my hospital bed, have been dozing off and on since I came out of op (around 5pm...now it's 1am). I had a small meal and sips of water and I peed no problem. I can't believe how little pain I am in! That was my biggest worry!

I know I'm on lots of meds right now but feeling realky grateful it's just pressure and restriction of upper body movement so far. I am lying down all the time and haven't even peeked at the boobs other than seeing the bump in the bathroom mirror. Feeling happy we chose bigger size as they don't even seem that swollen or overwhelmingly different!

Sorry for long post but basically I'm very pleasantly surprised so far! I hope the pain control will be as effective this coming week.

I took some pics pre op so I'll post them now. Post op pics to follow in a few days x

Pre op boobs - day of op

Before/After pic of me in my surgical bra - more to follow

Just a very quick one showing how I looked yesterday morning (before surgery) compared to this morning (15 hrs after surgery). I will be keeping my bra on for a few more days as i get quite queasy looking at scars etc so it may not be a while before actually boob shots! feeling great so far!

End of Day 3

So my op was on Thursday afternoon and now it is Saturday evening. I am so massively grateful that I have had such a pleasant experience so far! Not really much to report… I basically have no pain at all, but I'm sticking to taking my meds every 3 hours on the dot (except night times). Last night I slept from 9pm all the way through to 630am, and I'm taking a few naps each day.

Asides from feeling tired and napping I am able to do most things. I have my parents staying with me all week, so I haven't had to cook much at all and the most I am lifting is a cup of tea to my mouth! I went on a short 15 minute stroll today with mum and dad, and also went out this evening to a restaurant and felt fine.

the biggest thing today is that i haven't been for a number 2 since thursday morning and I'm starting to look and feel extremely full and bloated. i've been eating relatively well so it must be all the meds… i know it is normal but i want to have a BM soon! I've had 2 fibrogel packets today and lots of water so hoping when I wake up tomorrow I will be ready to go!

I don't have a post op appt with my PS until Wednesday (6 days after procedure). Until then I have been asked to rest as much as possible, continue wearing the special bra and restrict my upper body movement, take my meds. If I need to shower I should glad wrap them up. I have just been using baby wipes so far and dry shampoo but tomorrow i will have a little bath i think, shave my legs etc and feel a bit better!

The boobs look great but and i can't quite believe i'm not just wearing a push up bra. my brother saw me today and it took him a few minutes to remember what I had done. that's exactly the reaction that i am going for… someone to say i look good but not actually realise i've had a boob job! so pleased with the size and i won't even mind if they go down a little bit. still feeling quite protective of them and relieved they are in a bra but i know eventually ill have to take a good look at them and make sure i'm happy with them braless too!

i forgot to mention in my last post that the nurse at hospital actually thought i was in for a revision because she couldn't believe how well i was coping and also how small the scars were. that makes me feel really good because i was a bit worried that the scars would be large or take ages to heal… but they seem to be smallest already so the doctor must have done a great job!

i tried on some of my dresses today and the majority still fit. again i am really pleased with this as i just wanted a boost. i have a couple to give away which were pretty tight on me before the new boobs, but they had a good life and i know i can get some awesome new booby dresses too!

hope everyone during their recovery is coping ok. i know i am extremely lucky to be coping so well and i definitely didn't expect it to be this easy. thinking of everyone who is struggling right now… i know it will be worth it ladies!!

Day 5 since Surgery - coming off my pain killers

So I'm still feeling great in my recovery. i have been doing light walking each morning, and then usually snoozing in the afternoons. im definitely a lot more tired than usual but i think its because of one particular pain killer i'm taking - the oxycodone, which is finishing up tomorrow anyway. i've been taking it 4 times a day, as well as paracetemol 4 times a way, anti inflamattories two times a day, and also hay fever tablets once a day. im not a pill popper usually, in fact I probably only take a couple of painkillers each year if I have a REALLY BAD headache, otherwise I stick with drinking lots of water and sleeping!

i would recommend to anyone getting a BA to get as healthy as you can before the op - my doctor think this has helped me a huge amount and i would tend to agree. i know that it might feel a lot different when I come off my pain meds, so ive decided today to start reducing my dosage... only having an oxy before i go to sleep every night instead of 4 times a day.
i also have a whole packet of tramadol that i haven't used yet - just once on sat night when I woke up a bit stiff. My anaesthetist recommended that I mix the drugs up as they do different things, but I have kept the tramadol as a "just in case the pain gets really bad" as it makes me a bit hot and sweaty and bothered. when you are wearing a sports bra for 6 weeks, you dont want to get too sweaty!

anyway, feeling fine as normal, not much pain, just a little queasy and sleepy when i think about what has happened to my body! yesterday i had a bath and washed the lower part of my body and shaved my legs. mum was going to wash my hair for me but the bath bit was exhausting enough and i needed a lie down after! it was also the first time i;ve had the bra off, and im so happy with how they look! they look really firm and big, i dont really want them to get smaller but i know they will and drop a little. feeling very happy with the size, its a big difference when i am naked, but i know i can dress up and down to eithe rhide them or make them stand out. cant wait to see them in nice low tops with a bit of cleavage!

here are some pics of me when i took my bra off yesterday - no clue what size i am, but i'd say im a very large C or a small D :)

the scars look really tiny - i have my post op appointment tomorrow so will update then and let you know what my doctor thinks with my progress.

only negative of whole experience - I still haven't been to the toilet!! Well I managed to do a very small BM on sunday, but I haven't actually been properly since Thursday morning (now its Tuesday afternoon!). Im feeling very bloated and full and looks like i'm pregnant! but i know its normal and i just have to be patient... have been eating prunes, lots of fruit, water and fibrogel. walking should be helping a little, but my body is so used to cardio and lots of jumping up and down that I worry it will take another few days before it moves the food down enough for me to go!!!

1 week pics

so nothing much to report. im quite bruised between my boobs and along the front of my ribcage so the compression bras are rather uncomfortable. not looking forward to another month of wearing them day and night! everything is going fine though... im showing myself no problem and can do most things apart from raise my hands over my head! still feeling very happy with my decision, would just love the next month to psas quickly so i can buy bras and live life!

2 months post op - very happy and completely back to normal

hi everyone!! I haven't been checking this site so much lately, basically because life has been so busy and my boobies now feel part of me and I have stopped worrying about my recovery. I have my final appointment with my surgeon in an hour and I imagine it will go very quickly.
My scars are pretty tiny and fit nicely beneath my folds - apparently the whiter you are the better your scars heal and fade… and I am extremely white so that makes sense!!
I am at the gym most days now and I am starting yoga again this week. I can lift my hands all up over my head and I can do almost any exercise without pain. I can sleep on my front too! I tried a push up yesterday and that kind of hurt so I stopped, but I can't think of anything else now that I can't do.

I have received very nice comments about how natural they look (from the people who knew already I was getting surgery). The only person who downright asked me if I got a boob job was my ex boyfriend. Makes sense since he saw me naked all the time! the person who I am with loves the results too and I feel much more confident being able to go out bra less and wearing nice little tops. looking back at the pre-op photos I forget just how flat I was because I don't even feel that big at all now… just normal.
I dont regret anything at all but in some ways it would have been good to get this done sooner. I mean I went through all of my 20s with small boobs because I was scared of the pain of the operation. Thanks to painkillers and a great surgeon, I would say my pain was a 0 most of the time and occasionally a 1. The discomfort was about a 7 on the worst days but stayed at around 3 most of the time.
I'm happy to answer any questions for anyone who is worried about their upcoming surgery. I'm really glad I went for the 325cc (slightly bigger) size in the end. you get used to your implants so quickly and they still look so natural!
Pics to follow today…. :)

Before and After Pics - 2 Months post op

here are some pics of me comparing before and after. it is great to see because i honestly forgot how small i was! the best thing about having had my BA is that this is my STARTING point! if i want i can wear a push up bra to show them off… but most of the time i'm just so happy I have a real bump from the side instead of straight up and down. i feel like i have gained a little weight in my stomach area, but now i am all recovered i'm determined to get back into my normal exercise routine. the scars are very small - you can hardly see them! I recommend my surgeon to anyone - i am scheduled in for another appointment late july just to see how they are doing.

Dr Vijith Vijayasekaran is very knowledgable and has a great reputation in Perth. He explained the reasons for recommending the implants that I chose and he made me feel at ease.

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