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I had restalane under my eyes. I had it done...

I had restalane under my eyes. I had it done previously just in the tear trough and loved it. This time I had a little more injected under the eye which in retrospect I probably did not need. My skin I found was extremely delicate. I swelled and bruised which is common with me and after weeks there was still a I've-been-crying-puffy-eye look it wasn't really bad but made me look like I needed a sleep-something I wasn't exactly going for!
I tried anti allegy medicine etc but i just hold too much water in my eyes and was not really appropriate for me. ( I get puffy eyes in morning etc)
I was a little apprehensive about getting hyluronidase done due to mixed reviews but I felt safe in my injectors hands she is extremely experienced and cares a lot. She followed me up and I came back in and she partially injected the hyaluronidase leaving the tear trough. I bruised of course :( by the end of the day the swelling had significantly gone done. By the morning they looked great and back to normal. Yay!
She recommended I try collagen plasma therapy (aka vampire facelift) for condition of the under eyes instead. '"Vampire Facelift" is a procedure that involves withdrawing a patient's own blood, processing it to create "platelet-rich plasma (PRP)," then re-injecting it to erase wrinkles and create a more youthful look'. And suggested sticking to retylane just in the tear trough area.

the healing process

I would like to add incase people are wondering ( an also I was a bit scared about) I had what looked like creepiness under the eyes, a slight sagging a few more wrinkles. lots of bruising-one part under one eye that looked like discolouration and lasted a long time. this all resolved. It took a couple or weeks I would say 4 to come back to completely normal as I had before. it slowly started getting better. I had bright red tiny blood vessels burst this also resolved.
I did not have too much restylane in the first place and I am 28yrs I am not sure if this makes a difference ... I just wanted to post this incase anyone was a bit worried about the condition under the eye post treatment as I admit I was a little bit concerned about it.

Second time using hyalurondaise...

You think I would learn after the first lot of restylane but thought for some reason if I just did the tear trough and half the amount I would be fine..not so much. I did get really concerned about getting it dissolved and I was so confused as to what was causing this dark line..its looked like a dark line but may have been swelling, it wasn't blue more brown or grey..anyhow I was so self conscious I decided to get it dissolved once again. The Dr used the tiniest amount and said she would uses a very small dose not to dissolve my own HA and we would go from there, I think it has mostly dissolved and even if it hasn't I am waiting to out for anything else as it is a LOT better than it was. it at least looks normal now.. whats 6 months to dissolve a smidge :) I also took a supplement Hyaluronidase Acid (oral pill) to help any loss of HA..thought it might help anyway. I also stocked up on silica, vit a and all the skin supplements in case. Another thing to add is she suggested I check my iron because i bruise so easily I took an iron supplement and interestingly I did not bruise this time around.
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