Butt Implant Removal

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Hi All. I have decided (and booked) to have my...

Hi All. I have decided (and booked) to have my buttock implants removed by the same Dr who placed them. I am sharing this experience with others because I shared the experience of having them inserted. This review is not to put people off having buttock implants, I have seen many done overseas which seem to have worked out just fine. I am sharing only how I experience things and it may be helpful to someone who is either having theirs removed or who would like to see both sides of the coin before doing anything. I will try to update as much as I can as the procedure date gets closer (17 Dec) but my pre-op appointment isn't until 8 Dec so there won't be much to share until then. I will post some pictures both standing and bending over so that you can see what they look like in both positions. As I said, anyone who writes a review is sharing a personal experience and I am in no way pro or against buttock implants, they just didn't work out for me.

Implant Placement

If you would like to read my implant placement journey, this is the link http://www.realself.com/review/australia-butt-implants-41yr-6ft-and-finally-booty

Before Photo's

Ok so I finally got around to taking some photo's. I apologise in advance that they are far from great but they do show the real situation. I also realised that I had not said why I am having them removed so here we go:

1. They feel like I have my ph in my back pocket (both) when I wear jeans
2. They are uncomfortable to sit on when lying in bed working on my laptop
3. They are noticeable when I bend over and are not conducive to feeling sexy
4. I am uncomfortable at the beach and not game to bend over in bathers
5. They are very easily felt by anyone grabbing your behind
6. The scar is sometimes quite sore when I have been sitting for awhile (and I have a desk job so that's a big issue)
7. Above all else, I am more self conscious now than when I had no butt

Forgot One More

Take a look at the first photo bent over. Your butt cheeks go to the sides and you could drive a truck through the middle. Imagine that naked.... for someone behind you.... ok, sorry for being gross but its true y'all =)

Only a day away....

So the pre-operative appt has been and gone (the 8th of Dec) and I am now a day away from the implant removal (tomorrow at 11am). I will update as many pictures as I can to show a timeline of healing but I can't imagine the pics will be very exciting initially. There will be swelling to start with and probably no noticeable difference but as the swelling goes down it will be more intriguing to see what happens. I have purchased compression pants to try and keep my buttocks held up high and close to try and minimise any sagging which may occur.

A quick shout out to an amazing person ArmyWife10507 who is a wonderful source of both information and support - you are so very appreciated x

Hello from the other side.... (haha - sorry)

So the operation went really well I think, the Dr did not see me prior to release though so I guess no visit is a good sign (that's how I'm taking it anyways). My butt now looks like it has indents which I am hoping will fill out. In my head I expected to be swollen but quite the opposite. Not sure why I had made that assumption. No pain relief was required and in fact I had to keep reiterating that to the staff "Do not send me home with medication I will not take". I conceded that the antibiotics were necessary. On a lighter note a nurse commented "Oh they look great" when I was standing getting marked up for the operation... I said "Oh really?"... and promptly bent over... her next reaction was a weird squishy face and "Ohhh". #pointmade

As a I have said consistently, this review is not about implant bashing, everyone must make their own decisions and this is merely to share my journey.

Look away if your squeamish...

In the name of sharing a real experience, here are a couple of pictures of the scar at this point (12 days post removal). Apart from the scar being itchy because it's healing things are all ok. You can clearly see that the scar is scabbing up and healing fine. It is however much longer than it was when the implants were put in, not quite sure why that is. I have been sitting just fine, although not for long periods if I can help it just to make sure the scar isn't put under too much pressure.

I personally am really glad that they have been removed despite being back to my original flat butt dilemma and being down way more money than I care to think about. I can sit in bed on my laptop again (yes I work too much) and I can also wear jeans and not feel like I have a mobile in both back pockets from the implant pressure.

Questions for other ladies

I know some of y'all probably think I'm crazy even considering this so close to having had my operation but has anyone had buttock implants removed and then had a BBL done? If so, can you please share some info / pictures? Much appreciated.

Flat...very flat

Hi All, so it's been awhile now (3 months) and I thought I'd give an update. Not a lot has changed, the indent I had has disappeared thankfully but my butt is flatter I think than before (may be in my head - not sure!). One thing I will share for those considering this is that I have what I can only call "phantom pains" sometimes. The pain I used to feel when I sat in bed on my laptop working and my implants were uncomfortable - that pain is still there sometimes. I wonder whether it is that the pocket has not healed properly yet or whether there is scar tissue now that causes it or yes, whether it is in my head. Anyway, just sharing. Will try to post a picture overnight so you can see and provide feedback as to it's flatness =/ Considering that BBL still but can't decide whether to fly to the US & see Hasan or go all the way the the DR and see Cabral. Stalking both at the mo!

Updated Pictures

As promised, here is a couple of pictures of what my booty (or lack of) looks like now. It makes me sad as I had such high hopes of a delicious booty like all our wish pics but then the only way to look at this positively is that it has been a learning experience. For all those considering removal or placement, don't hesitate to ask questions and I wish you all the best.
Perth Plastic Surgeon

Would not recommend this Dr at all for buttock augmentation. Treated well when first having the procedure because they were only interested in getting me to help them promote the procedure for their business. God forbid you have a problem because he is sincerely NOT INTERESTED, and his staff will treat you rudely.

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4 out of 5 stars Payment process
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