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I'm 159cm and carries overly large breast....

I'm 159cm and carries overly large breast. Although i am a confident person, i am very conscious of my breast. I have asymmetry breast with the bigger one being a size G and the other a size F(if not bigger). i have my surgery booked for the 22nd of September and i have a trillion of feelings, sad because i won't be able to breastfeed my children being one of them. but when i weigh it all, my decision to get the breast reduction is actually going to be beneficial for me and my baby. why you may ask? because i would rather be a happy mum for my child and bottle feed him than being a really uncomfortable, unhappy, depressed mum breast feeding my baby. I cannot wait to rid of all my backpain, neck pain, rash under breast and getting a black eye everytime i try to run.

Post Op

so its done and dusted, i finally did it. Despite being a very confident person, i have been complexed about my big breast all my life. i have now done it and can't wait for it to settle. as for pain its about 2/10. its just a bit uncomfortable but i have all the necessary drugs to cater for those. so the doctor has brought me down to a DD. he removed 1.5kg from one breast and 700grm from the other!!! Wowza, i can't wait to recover. will post picture later
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