PERTH, 28 Years Old, 3 Children, BA with Dr. Guy. Watts

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Hey guys! Well I'm finally in a position to start...

Hey guys! Well I'm finally in a position to start compiling my review for you all. I'm about to have my Breast augmentation surgery in a little over two weeks so I thought now would be the perfect time to start and I can update throughout the process. When researching this type of surgery I found these types of reviews the most informative as I was able to follow different womens journeys and how they recovered in 'real time'. So I'm giving back lol, that and there doesn't appear to be many perth based reviews ( maybe I've not looked far enough idk) but here goes.

So the last 18 months, big roller coaster ride. I should mention my attitude to ba has changed dramatically so I'll streamline it for ya below:

- before research : Hell yeah! Go big or go home (face palm)
- a bit of research aka fb : sweet TCI it is
- more research: mmmm not sure
-trip to Sydney + terrible consult : F#*! Tci I'm never having boobies (wails into pillow)
-two weeks later,more research : THAILAND!!!
-more research : nope staying home save more money
-more research + 4 consults: finally we have a winner!

And that winner (I'm hoping so anyways) is Dr. Guy. Watts..... I can't honestly pinpoint why, I was actually dead set on dr. Briggs I'd actually liked his short bedside manner his get to the point attitude. But now I think about it, perhaps not.

Anyways I had a consult at watts offices which isn't actually much to look at initially but once in the reception area and his consult rooms it is very nice, clean, bright, modern, clinical chic if that's even a thing haha.

He himself is lovely, quite gentle, assertive but most importantly listens to you and responds with his own knowledge and thoughts. Which is brilliant. Straight up he asked what stage we where up to rather than starting with lowdown on 'what is a breast augmentation' which by now 5 consults later I think we've got the gist of tht....

Felt like we where working together towards a goal look rather than me saying I want that and him going ok or no not possible. He's also the only surgeon who didn't gloss over the possibility of future surgeries with a waive of their hand and a muttering of ten years or something. He highlighted the very real certainty of future surgeries due to my age (plenty of years left) the size of implant (bigger=heavier=more strain on tissues) likelihood of a lift in the future. All of which I was vaguely aware but it was good to hear a surgeon say outright. I came to terms with it straight up and won't feel I'll be caught of guard later on.

Right I'm waffling but I think he's great. Not many seem to of heard of him (in perth) but I love that. When I hear dr.s being raved about (I'm sure it's for good reason) but I feel my heals literally digging into the ground desperate to go against the grain. I'm hoping I've found a good one. Off to buy post op bra tommorow - It's getting reeeaaaallllll!!!!!

A little bit about me!

So I figure I should fill you in on my stats... and what I'm starting from.

So I'm 167cm /5.5
I weigh 61kg/ 134 lb

I'm quite broad chested with a breast width diameter of 13.5cm

my primary issue is lack of volume due to breast feeding, one side a slightly stretched areola again b. Feeding. And one side a higher breast fold. ( potentially classed as tuberous but very very slight) Which will have to be lowered to accommodate the implant size.

Because my chest is broad and I want fullness we are going for an implant size of 480 cc. Any smaller and the implant would begin to look lost on my frame. So width ways I accommodate this size well. However not so much in my creases again these will have to be lowered.

One side in the pics looks like it's melted Dali style but this was just my b. Feeding super boob and what I'm left with. I swear the pictures look way worse if I see myself in the mirror they just look small to me not necessarily odd. At least doc said I have even nipples! Yay #winning.

Ahh the words are not coming to me .... Ok...

Ahh the words are not coming to me ....

Ok breast augmentation, I have wanted this surgery for years... Ever since I realised at 18 years old that my petite b cups where pretty much it for me....I wanted and expected so much more from my body, the horrors that were puberty and to come out of it without a pair of glorious boobs.. Well I was outraged! For all of ten minutes then I got on with it...  Fast forward 11 yrs, 3 kids and a couple of asymmetrical deflated breasts later... I started plotting once again. Well let me tell you the journey to finding my surgeon was more fraught with trials and tribulations and excitement and heartbreak than ever the actual surgery itself ever was.... At times I wanted to just forget it all and then two seconds later want the surgery soo bad... Not to mention the guilt oh my god the guilt of spending nearly 10k... ON MYSELF! What the hell, stop the press this mother is insane,... Well no actually she's not, if it's not the boobs it will be something else, a new car, a new garden a new house blah blah blah. Fact is it will all get spent just depends on which order you choose... And ladies it was my turn next...  So I did it! Which I still can't believe it! And it's fantastic and the pain wasn't even that bad, the drugs are good. I fought the odds against me, not the right time, too much money, grumpy husband, looking after the kids, you won't be able to manage. Well I did and you will too cos actually it's not at all bad.  The swelling was probably the most irritating and nerve wracking if I'm honest... 2nd point of worry after that was ' oh god, I hope they drop even ish' and 3rd all I worry about occasionally is the dreaded capsular contracture, but hey if it happens all I can do is try to work with my surgeon to fix it ( who by the way I will review below ,is a complete legend! Which helps)  The outcome is, I am overwhelmed with happiness at my results... They are everything I've ever wanted out of them and more. I was confident before but I am so content in my body now... I feel feminine and strong.  So  Motivation - lack of breasts (volume and shape)  Pro's - awesome results, actual real life surgery experience a breeze, recovery fairly swift too. My husband left for work 7 days after and to be fair I could of done with a couple more so Id suggest 9 but otherwise fine. Found a brilliant surgeon who delivered me a fantastic pair of breasts as promised. yes sex is better!!!! Not that it wasn't great before but I feel so much sexier and want to have them involved whereas before I just didn't . I felt they where nothing to look at, so it's good to have that extra element of fun. Clothes and lingerie look amazing, and no I didn't throw any clothes away they just fit better as they should. Oh I did turf out a heap of itty bitty bras but that was pretty liberating so, another pro.  Cons- consults..... And shitty surgeons. They are such a double edged sword they can build u up and then tear you right back down. Initially I was soo naive to the intricacies of breast augmentation... I had a go big or go home attitude combined with the belief that if I'm paying you should be able to give me what I want! .... Huge mistake, it don't work like that and so I set myself up for a huge fall along with my first consult where I was offered 600cc over the muscle can you believe.... My next consult brought me right back down to earth with 410cc under and the words tbd bandied around, well I wasn't taking that... So I cancelled the surgery and cried and swore off implants... Thankfully three surgeons later I found ze one! What I'm meaning is the finding of your surgeon has got to be one of the biggest hurdles.. It's such a minefield of information and it gets really overwhelming. I'd advise just taking your time and knowing you will get there.  Outcome- happiness and relief that it's done, and gratitude for my surgeon for delivering brilliant results. Would I advise others to get this procedure? Yes I would, but every case is different, being aware of this and the complexities of the potential surgery (by this I mean the varying factors, not the dangers as such) will ultimately allow you to achieve the best results for your body. So do your research! ????

update boob progress photos

If your are looking for your surgeon? This is your Guy! (Pun was totally intended) anyways joke aside, he is brilliant! Like a breath of fresh air in a smog of arrogant, cocky outdated surgeons. I actually was all set to pay my deposit and go elsewhere but I happened upon a review of him here on realself and a decided to book a consult and see for myself... This was my 5th surgeon at this point and I was getting pretty fed up tbh. Anyways the office wasn't much to look at at first till I actually got up to his rooms where it was perfect . Clean, bright, friendly, clinical chic if thats even a thing, but anyways I think it says a lot about a surgeon really. The consult itself was brilliant. I was actually running so late due to an address mix up but he still gave me a full consult. He actually asked me what stage we where at in terms of readiness and knowledge, which was brilliant not being bombarded with the stock standard 'this I what a BA is etc etc' so he LISTENS!!!!! Also at no point did he tell me after asking me what I'd ideally like , 'NO that's not possible' , he instead discussed with myself and my husband tactfully what my limitations may be, and how we can get around those to best achieve my goals. I LOVED that. I hate being told what I can and can't do and at times when I'd hear that 'no' I'd know it wasn't right for me. One other great point to note is we also discussed the future probability, almost certainty of the need for more surgeries. If not due to complications, than due to personal alterations, perhaps lifting, changing size etc. Dr. Watts was the only surgeon who actually brought up and discussed this very real potential issue, Without glossing over with a waive and a muttering of 10yrs of something. To me this shows honesty and caring about his patients outcomes far beyond the required year of follow up care. Anyways after the first consult I booked and the whole process has been a breeze from that point on. Sue has been fantastic at helping me organise myself, my finances, and answering any query I had. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Everyone always rembers your name, which really does make you feel important and cared for. I've also had several follow up appointments, all which have been great, very friendly, relaxed and professional. I've found dr. Watts and his clinic to be exceptional in all areas. My results are incredible. I could not recommend them enough.

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