24 Years Old A Cup No Kids 390 High Under Muscle - Perth, AU

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It still doesn't feel real! after almost 8 years...

It still doesn't feel real! after almost 8 years of wanting to feel like a girl and be rid of my flat boy-like chest - its finally happening! I'm 25 at the end of the year and I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime to 'fill out' naturally and be in proportion. I've been very open with my family from a young age always saying I would get them done one day but I guess they thought I was just joking and never thought it was so important to me to actually do it! I come from a strict family where I am the oldest of 3. I have recently built a home with my partner of 4 years and moved out. As much as they disagree with the surgery and say that they don't think I need it, They respect that I can make an informed decision as an adult no longer under their roof. My mum said she will support me and help me at home as my partner works away and will only be home for a week with me. I am a beauty and massage therapist so I have 6 weeks off work as I wont be able to use my pectoral muscles to massage for a long time! I'll really be needing the company haha.

I'm an A cup so I can fit Australian size 8 tops and dresses because I have no boobs. I'm a size 10 in jeans as I am definitely more bottom heavy in that I have a bum and muscly legs so I've always felt very out of proportion. I am always wearing the most padded bras I can get my hands on which are crazy expensive and the cups are 3 sizes too big just to make me look like I have shape under my clothing. Its fooled people for years as even my closest friends were shocked that I was getting this surgery. No one really knows that I am flat chested until I wear bathers... which is why I avoid swimming all together because I'm that self conscious. But enough is enough, I'm sick of being limited! I'm sick of thick padding, sweaty, uncomfortable bras that limit everything that I can wear. Having to wear this padding was even affecting my health. At one stage I was wearing a padded sports bra to the gym in Summer and doing intense cardio interval training and I ended up with a fungal rash where the padding was that took me months to treat. Over the years alterations have costed a fortune too. Occasions where I've been a bridesmaid or attended a ball etc. dresses that fit me perfectly all over need to be taken in at my chest or padding inserted. I absolutely cannot wait to be stress-free and be confident. So excited at the thought of being able to wear backless dresses and tops that don't need a bra, bikinis that I don't need to spend a fortune on for padding! It really isn't anything vain, I truly believe that this is going to improve my quality of life so much! but of course how can I not say I'm so excited that they will look amazing haha!

I heard of Dr Anh being an experienced female surgeon in Perth and I booked a consultation last July and my boy was there every step of the way, he's an amazing support. I was immediately comfortable after first speaking with her nurse, then having a personal consult with Anh herself. I knew she was the surgeon for me. She explained everything so well. Based on the measurements of my chest that she took, she offered me the choice of 330cc mod or 390cc high. I had no idea what this meant as I went in hoping to be a C or D haha. I discovered this site when I came home to research and now I'm a full bottle on everything! So that's why I thought I would post my journey as I hope to help someone like you all helped me! Its been 8 months since my consult so I've had so long to research and decide and I'm definitely going to go for 390! Dr Anh even allowed me to take the implant sizers home to try on with my clothes and wear around and although the weight of having them is something I'll have to get used to haha I absolutely loved the shape under my clothes! yes, they feel massive to me right now because I'm used to nothing, but I know they will be slightly smaller once under my muscle and I just love them already! Surgery is only two months away aghhh! so excited but nervous!

I'm wanting to get together a "pre and post operation kit" if anyone has any suggestions? preferably products that I can source in Australia but if something is amazing I'm happy to order it online in advance! so what do you ladies recommend to stock up on before surgery!? it is day surgery also.
I was thinking about getting extra material crop top bras that do up at the front if anyone can recommend the best place to get them from and also bio oil to help prevent stretch marks? I have hardly any breast tissue so I'm worried I will have lots of stretch marks!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey! its so comforting knowing others are going through the same! I'd really appreciate any advice.

Thank You! xxx

Trying on sizers

I was able to take home sizers over the weekend which really helped to make my decision on size. I absolutely love the shape and projection. Dresses from years ago that never fit my chest properly and still have their tags on finally fit me with these on! Best feeling ever
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