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I got latisse yesterday bit after I did a little...

I got latisse yesterday bit after I did a little bit of research, I think a product that could change the color of your eyes PERMANENTLY is not a good product. I have light brown eyes and I'm afraid for turn them black. Is awful. Is it really worth the risk for have longer eyelashes and get your eyes darker for ever? I don't think so. They should get a rid of this on the market.

As a girl, women, you have the illusion to be more beautiful and that's why you spend your money that obviously costs you, and in change get a product that could CHANGE your eyes for ever... seriously not worth the liability. Thanks to blossoms that posted her experience. I'm going to return this product today. I don't want to get my eyes darker not even a chance. I love them light brown. Girls be aware all it takes is a small drop falling in your eye and there is to many cases all over internet.

I sell my latisse I'm never going to use it...

Well.... I didn't open the box and I'm not interested on use it....somebody interested on buying it? :p I paid 130 dlls but at this point I sell it for what ever.... I can take pictures of the unopened bottle
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