Careprost (Generic Latisse) for Longer Eyelashes - Perrysburg, OH

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I don't really have an insecurity with my lashes...

I don't really have an insecurity with my lashes to begin with, but I definitely wouldn't mind having longer lashes, why not? Long lashes are beautiful! After doing some research, I decided to purchase a bottle of Careprost, which cost me $30 total (including shipping) instead of $160 which is the price at my local medspa. It has the exact same ingredients in it, and I am finding it to be an easy nightly routine.
The first night my eyes were red in the morning, but that was the only time that happened. It's 12 days later and I am not completely convinced a big change has happened, but I also don't expect a big change yet. I think it will take at least 4 weeks to be noticeable. I will keep you posted as I see results!
and started using it on June 25th. It is now 12 days later, and I have not missed a night! I can not tell a huge difference yet, but perhaps a small but fuller? I will post more photos as I use this product.

Day 14

Today I looked at my lashes when I woke up and realized they really are longer! Here are photos, and just like all the previous photos I have posted, these photos are without any makeup/ mascara on.

Day 23

Not entirely sure they are dramatically different yet!

What is happening?

Not my imagination! An eye- socket shadow is appearing that was not there before! I have read about this, it's for real. I am going to take a few days off. My lashes however, are longer. This photo is without mascara.

All is well again!

I took a few days off from using the Careprost, and then started back with using a much smaller amount. Eye sockets are normal again, and lashes are growing longer. The lesson learned is to NOT OVERDO it! I was only using one drop total for both eyes, but I would go over each a few times until that drop was used up. I think once is enough for my almond shaped eyes.

One Month - lashes are looking longer!

Using less product took care of the "sunken eye" look. I am pleased with how the product is making my lashes grow!

August 4th - I like how my lashes look

I am positive I like this product. The sunken eye thing continued to go away when I took a break, and then cut back on how much I used.

Thicker and longer

There is no doubt in my mind the product works for growing eyelashes longer and thicker. I can tell especially when I put on mascara. Here is an updated photo. I feel like in real life I can see the difference more than the photo shows.

Re-ordered more!

Love my Careprost, it works. I like me lashes alot!

On 2nd Bottle, October 25... Been using since July 6

My lashes still continue to look longer. I love them. This was worth the investment. I have no bad things to say!

A side by side comparison of the difference

It works

Seven Months since I started, amazing!

I am now on my 3rd bottle of Careprost, and it has been 7 months of regular use. My lashes look like fake ones, which is awesome because they're not fake, they are real! I love them. This was an excellent choice. Careprost works as well as Latisse!

still loving it

Careprost has continued to be beneficial. I dont have to use it as often now. My lashes are long. :)
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