30 Yr Old First Time Botox for Frown Lines - 20 Units - Perrysburg, OH

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I don't know when I first started to notice it,...

I don't know when I first started to notice it, maybe the last 3 years or so, but I saw that in certain lighting, I had a bad indentation between my eyebrows from repetitive muscle movement. I hated how this feature of my face was consuming so much of my thoughts negatively when I looked in the mirror. I bought "Frownies" but they didn't work well enough on the "11's" over the course of a year. (except for the horizontal lines.. they work for that!) I will be honest, in most lighting you can't see the frown lines, and alot of people would probably think I was being very wasteful in spending money for Botox, but to me, feeling good about how I look, and being able to look as joyful in my face, as I feel in my soul, it is worth it to freeze the frown! I see it as a preventative measure to age in a more beautiful way too!

I had 20 units injected and it did not hurt at all! Even though I am scared of needles, I didn't fear this. It felt like a paper clip gently poking. I was done in less than 10 minutes.

I did not see any results for the first 3 days, as to be expected. It's day 3 and I am just beginning to see results. I will post more photos in a few days.

1 bad thing though, I have broke out in a terrible acne/ rash that started on day 2 and is worse today on day 3, when before I had clear skin! It's like tiny little bumps all over my cheeks and jaw. It has to be in relation to Botox because nothing else is different in my routine or diet! But I am hoping it will clear up with Retin A in a few days.

Additional photos

Day 6 I woke up and suddenly looked alot younger! The skin is clearing up, but that's because I wore alot of Retin A. I still believe the sudden breakout was due to botox, but as long as it's going away, it's still worth it.

Wore off quickly, but SO WORTH it I will do it again, and again!

I must have a better metabolism than I thought because I am 3 days short of 3 months, and it's already worn off (maybe 95% worn off). I found the botox to be SO WORTHWHILE in how it made me feel better about how I look. I love not being able to frown. I have an appointment on the 19th to get it done again.

Relaxed face, still better than it was despite having worn off.

Here I am with a relaxed expression.. you can see the furrow is not as bad as before, despite the fact my botox has worn off and I need more done.

Botox, my 2nd time, 30 units this time

My aesthetics place (Ada in Perrysburg) was having a botox party where I received 10 free units of Botox for bringing a friend. So this time I decided on 20 units between my eyebrows (same as last time) and I used the additional 10 units for my forehead. I received this injection of Botox on Sept 11, 2014, and my previous injection was May 7, 2014.

Acne not from Botox

In a previous post, when I got Botox the first time, I said mys kin broke out and I thought it was from Botox. I actually think that was entirely due to a free sample of Maybelline BB cream I had tried on! It didn't have anything to do with Botox, and this 2nd time.. no breakout!

A year later, still loving Botox

It has been 1 year since I first got Botox. I have kept it up ever since, and plan to keep it up for as long as I can! I set up a savings account which I call my "beauty account", where each paycheck $50 goes in. This way I am always saving up a budget for the next treatment.

At 31 years young, have been mistaken to be 24 on mulitiple occasions. Not sure why 24 specifically, is the age people always guess, but I will take it!

Botox was kind of a "gateway" into me wanting other procedures. I have had juvederm in my nasio folds, and in my lips ( I have a review here on realself of that too). I am also about to get a boob job to make my small boobs a full D cup. I guess once you see how amazing a small cosmetic treatment can make you feel, you tend to be more open to what else this modern cosmetic medical technology has to offer. I would not say I'm going to be "addicted" to plastic surgery because there really is nothing more I want than to look like myself, but I will say the idea of cosmetic procedures is much more open to me than it was before botox.

The more you do it, the longer duration you can wait between injections

I just want to update that with my experience, I need Botox less frequently now that I have done it regularly for a while. I got it last in early November, it is now mid April and I don't need it yet. I believe the muscle has become weakened enough that it is not as prominent, and while I will continue Botox, I can seemingly go every 7 months or so now, rather than every 4 like I used to! I thought you may like to know this because long term, it does become more cost effective. At age 32 I have been mistaken for 24-26 years old on frequent occasions. If it were not for the Botox I would look fowl due to the angry expression I couldn't help. Thank you Botox!

good time tested advice

If you are trying to decide about spending money on Botox...I can tell you from my experience if you do it regularly every 4months for the first year or so... you can then do it far less frequently and maintain results. I have only got it once this year (beginning of year) and my once awful 11 lines are not an issue. In all honesty I could now take Botox once a year and maintain. So initial investment to the commitment of every 4 months, followed by less frequent need. This is my two cents. I hope it helps.
Toledo Dermatologist

She is wonderful, and helpful! She has been my dermatologist since I was a teen, and she knows how to administer the Botox with precision. If I have any problems, she made it clear I could come back in 2 weeks, and the Botox after care was clearly explained to me.

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