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   I wanted to have the freedom of being...

   I wanted to have the freedom of being able to leave my house when ever I WANTED to. (ex: not have anyone wait on me to put my eyebrows on) I wanted to be able to feel "normal" and by normal, I mean not looking bald where my eyebrows should be. ( I have very thin hair) I wanted to be able to go out places (swimming, outside on a hot humid day, the gym, camping trips, work, where ever...) and not worry or ask my friends, "Are my eyebrows still on? Is my eyeliner running?"  I wanted to not have that "washed out, blaaa" look. (You know that plane look that you have when your not wearing any eye make up, or that bald in the face look??) I wanted that look I've seen on some of my hot friends, the look that has you thinking, "Wow, their soooo lucky to be born like that! It kinda looks like their wearing eyeliner." (You know that look, we've all seen it, especially on some cute men.) These are the main reasons why I wanted to get my eyeliner and eyebrows tattooed on.

    I start surffing the web for months. Trying to get any and every kind of information on this subject. I've seen several different styles of eyebrows and eyeliner. From the penciled on line look (clown eyebrows, actually looks good on very few people) of eyebrows to the more natural look of the hair stroke method. I used to draw my eyebrows on using the clown look (thought I was hot, until I actually seen pictures of myself) but I decided to go with the hair stroke method instead. So, I searched online for before and after pictures around the area that I live. Once I found one that I liked, I made an apoinment. I was soo excited to get this done, no more drawing my eyebrows on then erasing where I messed up, then drawing them on again! (Yes, the vicious cycle has ended! FREEDOM!!)

      So, I get to the place of buisness and tell the artist that I wanted the hairstroke method. The artist tells me that they do better  "free handed" . So, before the actuall tattoo, the artist draws on my eyebrows and I tell her that it looks good and that I like it. The artist also ask me how I want my eyeliner. I was so excited that I didnt really get SPECIFIC on how I wanted my eyeliner. (I wanted the "is she wearing eyeliner? Or is that natrual?" look. Nothing heavy) I told her that I wanted my inner rims tattooed as well as the lash line. I should have been more SPECIFIC! (this is my fault, I just wanted a very LIGHT line on my rims, starting from the inner corners, that went ever so slightly to more heavy towards the outer corners.) Anyways, so the artist attempts to numb me up and begins to tattoos my eyebrows and eyeliner. I couldnt feel anything really on my eyebrows, didnt even hurt. When the artist got to my eyeliner, thats a different story. Man, that HURT! Even with the numbing medicine, that hurt! (Who says beauty is painless?? But just think, whats a few minutes of pain for a life time of FREEDOM!! )

   Once done, the artist puts some kind of cream on my eyes and eyebrows to insure of proper healing. I go to take a look in the mirror and it looks kind of dark, thick, and swollen. I dont think to hard because Im kinda groggy from laying down so long and plus the cream is smeared into my eyes and everythings kinda blurry. (think the sceen from the movie "Shallow Hal" where Jack Black takes vasaline and smears it over his eyes.) The artist tells me that Im gonna be swollen for a day or two and that it will fade. (the color) So Im thinking that Im glad I FINNALLY did this! I thank the artist and go home. So, I get home and walk in the door, my boyfriend is sitting on the couch. As soon as I walk in, he looks up at me,  drops his bottom lip almost to the ground and gives me that big wide eyed (Deer in head lights) look. It was like everything went into slow motion...(camera lens focusing in on his mouth now...)

"WHAT.......THA.....#$**.....DID...YOU...DO...TO...YOUR...FACE???!!"   So now Im thinking "oh my God, it looks horriable!" and I run to the bathroom mirror. As I turn on the light and see my face, I burst out crying. My eyes had swollen to the size of tennis balls! (ok, maybe Im exzagerating a little) and my eyebrows were so dark, heavy, and red, that I looked like Mommy Dearest!! Due to the swelling that was starting to take effect, I felt that I looked like (no offence if you like this look or these men)  an 80's heavy metal  rocker.  The first thing that came to my head was "You look like ALICE COOPER! You look like OZZY OZBORN!!" So needless to say, I spent half the night crying myself to sleep thinking "what have I done to my face!"

   The next moring when I awoke, I took another look at my face and cried again. This process repeated itself  until I could drag myself away from the mirror and to the computer where I searched for a lazer clinic that could lazer the tattoos off of my face. I found one, made an apoinment for the next avaliable apoinment. The next one was for a week later. So I had to wait a week, how the hell was I suspose to go out in public untill then?? Well, I did what any American woman would do,  I wore big celebrity type sunglass. (think Nichole Richie) I must say, I did like what I seen in the mirror. When I put on the sunglasses, it covered my tennis size eyes but it showed my eyebrows that I now had. When I went to the store like this, people looked, and I felt like hot $#*T. (excuse my launage)

   For the first two to three days, I hated my eyebrows and I hated my eyeliner more and more. It was SOOOO thick. As the days went by, maybe by the fifth day, the swelling went down tremendously. It didnt seem so bad. I called and cancelled my appoinment with the laser clinic. It's been a couple of weeks now and Im so glad that I got this done! I did panic because I didnt relize how much my eyes would swell up and that the eyeliner wouldnt look so thick after the swelling went down. Im going to go back to get my tattoos touched up on in a few weeks. My only regret (so far) is that I should have been MORE SPECIFIC with what I wanted but over all, Im glad that I got this done. Now, I feel normal when I go out in public and its such a releaf to just be able to step out of the house and not having to put on any make up before I go anywhere. I feel NORMAL! Moral of the story, research and know EXCATLY what you want. Bring pictures of what and how you WANT it done. Dont be afraid to tell the artist what EXCATLY you want. This is YOUR FACE that were talking about. YOUR FACE!! You have to live with this the rest of your life! Oh, and I would start off small and light, you can always add more, but you cant take it away once its on there!! Take your time, DONT GO ON A WHIM and DONT RUSH this, if you have any doubts before you do this, including while your in the place of business, DONT DO IT. Only do it if you are 100% sure and are prepaired.

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