Male TT July 2nd After Extensive Weight Loss - Prague

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Hi I am 29, 5'8 and have gone from 274lbs to...

Hi I am 29, 5'8 and have gone from 274lbs to 156lbs over the last 5 years. As a result I have a large apron of skin around my abdomen. I must say I am lucky that most people don't realise it is there, but obviously I know and after working so hard I am ready to take the final step... I actually qualified to get my surgery done on the NHS and was on the waiting list for 2 years, unfortunately they took me off last year as funding for such operations was withdrawn. I would love to have had it done with my original surgeon as he was outstanding and totally put me at ease, although he was way too expensive and out of my price range at £8,500 (about $13,000US) privately. So after searching for a 6 months I decided to go abroad and picked a surgery in Prague. I am excited and nervous but more ready to see the 'new' me... I am not looking for miracles just ready to feel somewhat more normal, especially as I was overweight for as long as I can remember. I will add some pictures of me before the weightloss, pre and post surgery (when that happens).

Pre-op photos

This is me 2 weeks pre-op

PO Day 2

Hi Guys,

Feel up to giving you some details. Well surgery went really well and I'm very impressed with the care in the clinic (Perfect Clinic - Prague).

Had a groggy first day as expected but practically pain free. I found it very difficult to move, more so through fear than anything else. I have managed to go to the toilet a few times and now unaided. Went for a walk to visit kcsunshine a fellow TT'er on here who had her surgery done right after mine. She is the model of recovery! As usual women putting the men to shame... I nearly overdid it and went a bit dizzy in her room... Although her hubby to be have me his seat and she let me use her bed as a foot stool :)

Saw the scars too... Pic is attached. I am so overjoyed! I am majorly swollen and it was a full on fluer de lis, but the results even now have astounded me!

Dr Padera told me they removed 1003gms of skin... Over 1 kilo of skin, couldn't believe it. Was scheduled for a TT with Lipo but he said that my fat layer was too thin to Lipo. Well I didn't complain and knew the scars would be extensive.

So far 28 hours post op I feel great! I hope everyone who is PO are doing well and on the road to recovery... For everyone awaiting their surgery, good luck and you won't regret it x

PO Day 4

Well more or less pain med free which is a surreal thought for me but it is true... Today has been good, walked for quite a bit and feel very comfortable on my feet. Still a little hunched over and swollen obviously but all is to be expected. I think the weirdest thing for me is my neither region (something you ladies don't have to worry about) swelling up and turning an awful shade of purple :s It isn't painful and not as swollen as the day before which is good. Keeping an eye on things though. You can see the swelling in the photos I've added, but shape is def changed for the better :)

I hope everyone is doing well and happy with their progress. Good luck for those having theirs soon xx

Praga Medica - 5* Treatment!

Okay so I'm PO Day 6 and feel amazing! Swollen like a blow fish but zero pain and just a little uncomfortable! Going for post-op check up tomorrow with kcsunshine just before she leaves! I have to mention how amazing the company who organised my surgeon and clinic have been... Coming to Prague with some people speaking minimal English was a bit tough but Veronika (Praga Medica's client liaison) has been unbelievable.... She was only a phone call or e-mail away for the last 6 months, replying very quickly and with all te information I needed... On the day of my surgery she met me at my apartment and brought me to the clinic, explaining everything and making it 100% clear what was happening... She stayed throughout all check-ups and tests etc and only left once I was in bed getting ready for surgery.... She came and met me 3 days later to check everything went well and called the clinic to get some more information for me... Amazingly easy process and very very comforting to know there is someone there. I would 100% reccomend the services of Praga Medica!

I have attached some photos of PO Day 6 - swelling has gone down a bit too... Moving better and very happy :) PS The blood on my binder was from when my drain tube was removed... Bled a bit, not the scar itself...

PO Day 6 Photos

PO Day 10

Okay been staying away from the site for a few days as I needed to focus on me and my own healing instead of comparing myself to others... I know it's hard to do but it has been necessary! Well I have bloated so much and the swelling has gone to hips and thighs quite a bit. So pretty much from my chest to my knees is swollen... I'm not in any pain and not taking any pain meds at all... Just feel pregnant lol It's the only thing I can compare it to in my head. But overall I feel quite good. I go through a lot of different thoughts and maybe the last two days i'be been a bit "Oh God what have I done and how long will it take until I am even close to normal again".

Today is the worst swelling. It's just hard to answer people's questions "Was it worth it" when I feel more than double the size I did before the surgery.

I am going to remain positive. I got out of the shower and just thought I have another 6 weeks off work, nothing major to do and I just need to relax and let nature take it's course. Right now I'm able to look at myself and realise that the 'apron' of skin is gone... One day the swelling will disappear and that still makes me excited. One day at a time!

PO Day 10 Pic

PO Day 11 - Pic

PO Day 18

Well I've had the surgical tape off for 2 days... I am sleeping normally with just 3 pillows and mostly feeling very good. Still very very swollen! I am trying to get on with things slowly and just readjust back to life steadily. Currently on holiday with my friends... Just chilling and taking it easy! It's fantastic for recovery I must say :) I get some tightness in my abs which is very strange and random and the odd twinge here and there but nothing major. The scars are doing well and healing well. You can clearly see the swelling in the pictures.

I hope all the July TT'ers are doing well.

PO Day 23 - Haematoma?

Hi, so healing has been good and my scars seem to have fully closed very well... I got my TT done abroad and am at home some cannot consult my PS.... I went to a NHS doctor who had a look at me and thinks that I have a Haematoma and that the purple patch is just residual blood surfacing... I am worried about tissue necrosis but he said it definitely is not... He has asked me to wait for 48 hours and monitor it... At 3 weeks PO I felt that the Swelling was my only problem... Apparently not. Anyone had anything similar happen to them? Any advice?

PO 6 weeks

Hi I'm 6 weeks post op... After being told I had a probable Haematoma and Seroma My scar opened up and has bleed for 2 weeks... It basically feels like I've been draining. Have been on Antibiotocs for the last 2 weeks, no signs of infection but just using them as a precaution. You can see the scar opening in the pics. Had a swab test to see what bacteria are in there if any. Doctor thinks it is healing and will take some time just. Hoping for a good sign on Friday.

15 weeks PO


So I had a pretty bad haematoma and seroma, which has taken quite a considerable amount of time to heal... The scar opened and became a hole which has been treated over the last 8/9 weeks. It has almost closed, but has changed the shape of the result so far. I am still waiting for the swelling/edema to subside.
Dr Jiri Padera

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