23 Year Old Round #2 2016 in Colombia

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23 year old 5'7 mother looking to change my large...

23 year old 5'7 mother looking to change my large gummy bear implants for smaller silicone implants, lipo and abdominal etching, and a bbl. I had lipo when I got my implants back in 2011. I had my son Nov. 2014. I went from 148 lbs to 180 lbs. Now i'm down to 158. My first sx was with Dr. Jorge Dominguez. I had my initial consultation at his Pereira office and had the sx performed in Armenia, Co. Now I want to get my body back to even better than it was before I had my son!

Maybe Hasan

So dolls, I've been corresponding with Dr. Jorge Mejia from Medellin, Colombia. He gave me a quote of 7,700,000 pesos. Well I googled how much that is in american dollars and it comes out to $2,290.00. I know crazy right. Well I'm about ready to book my ticket and go to Medellin for that price lol. But I'm considering staying in the states and going to Dr. Hasan. I have a trip to Miami scheduled for next month. Maybe I can stop by his office. I really like the way Dr. Hasan performs BBLs. But, I don't think he gives enough waist. Luckily, since this is a revision, I already have a pretty good waist. So I think lipo would only make it better. I'm still waiting for a response for Dr. Hasan. I will post some recent pictures of me and some wish pics later on today.

Going to Colombia 10/20

So I initially started this review since I was considering having a breast reduction. But in September I started feeling strong pain in my breasts. I had some tests done and it turns out my implants became unattached and they have also caused my spine to curve. I'm scheduled to go to Colombia this Thursday. I will be having revision surgery next week with the same physician who did my first surgery. I'm really excited to redo my boobs. I have discussed with my surgeon that I would like to explant, reduce my breast tissue and lift my natural breasts. I don't want an implant. Once he examines me, I will know for sure if I am a good candidate for this option.

Surgery scheduled for tomorrow

So tomorrow morning I will be having my breast lift with imolant surgery. I have decided to hold off on a BBL or lipo. Ive lost a lot of weight on my own and i want to see what my body looks like after my breast revision. I will be under the care of Dr. Dominguez once again. He is just amazing. I clearly outlined what I would like my breasts to look like.

Medications prescribed

Pre surgery meds. Started them last night. Nothing to eat after 10pm the night before surgery.

Before pics

Took these last year. Im skinnier now but boobs didn't change at all

Day 1 Post op

So my surgery went well. I got to see my old implants. They were HP silicon implants 390 cc's each. I had my breasts lifted and the new implant is HP silicon 280 cc's. Huge difference. I'm in a lot of pain. But nothing out of the ordinary. Finding it a little hard to change clothes and not lift my arms up. It also hurts to breath. I had a little bit of leakage today after i came home from the hospital. I was checked out by a doc that makes house calls (who happened to have had a breast reduction) and she assured me that my stitches were fine. I'm on pain meds and antibiotics. I have a doctors appointment for Tuesday, when he will take the bandages off. So excited!

Post op pics

These pocs are from the day of my surgery, as well as day 1 post op.

Had trouble uploading pics before

Day 7

Bandages were taken off today. My pain has subsided significantly. Im trying my best not to use my arms if I dont have to. No one told me how hard it would be to open and close doors????

3 weeks post op

Hello ladies! So its been 3 weeks since my breast reduction/lift with implants and god have i been through a lot. My 2 yr old son fell off the bed last week and my mom instinct kicked in and I picked him up. And that same day when I went to get my stitches removed, my right breast was bright red. The nurse thought it was a rash. But when my doctor came in, he knew better. I had a large hematoma (basically a solid blood clot) and a large seroma (serous liquid deposit). He proceeded to drain my R breast by inserting a needle and applying pressure. The procedure lasted about 45 minutes and OMG did it hurt. I passed out on my way out. Im now on a second round of antibiotics and developed a yeast infection from all these antibiotics. And every Tuesday and Friday I have to be seen to ensure I'm not accumulating more liquid or blood. The last 2 visits have gone very well. Hopefully I can leave next week. My left breast is healing great. I will be posting pics. I have bandages on my R breast, which get changed at every visit. I am still wearing my post op bra. I'm hoping this nightmare is over soon.

Amazing results

This scar cream works wonders! I've bought it in the states at Walmart. I'm sure theres other places that sell it too. It's called Cicatricure. I used it on my C-section scar and it worked really well.

Good boob

Heaking very well. Everything normal.

Boob with Trauma

So i went to the doctor yesterday and after still experiencing drainage he says this is abnormal. On Tuesday he will decide whether I need to have surgery to fully drain the seroma or to see if my implant is being rejected.

Decision day

So I went to my appointment today and we decided it's bettwr to remove the implants. My right implant is being rejected by my body. And although I don't have an infection, the large seroma will continue to drain indefinitely. I'm scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. This time around I'm not nervous. I actually feel relieved to be getting this over with.
Dr. Jorge Dominguez

During the initital consultation, his staff was very friendly. Surgery and recovery staff was great as well. Dr. was very insightful. I just didn't like how he didn't listen to my desire to keep my implants small.

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