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First, I want to thank all of the brave women on...

First, I want to thank all of the brave women on this site for sharing their personal stories. Real Self, has been a wonderful resource and support group.
In March 2005, I had my breast augmentation - performed by a local reputable surgeon. My 360cc smooth saline under the muscle implants, took me from a 34 large A/small B - 34 full C. I had a difficult recovery - very sore & I remember having a hard time breathing (it felt like I had two cinder blocks on my chest).
I'm not going to lie..., for the first 3-5 years, I was very happy with the results. Until the symptoms started:
I noticed when it was cold, my fingertip (only one at that time) would turn white and have a numb/tingling feeling - very weird. My hair changed texture (very fine and brittle-like) and started thinning.
I'm a very active person... I run 6 miles every other day, do yoga & aerobic exercises in between. I eat very clean and healthy- mostly organic, non GMO and as much plant based (vegan) as possible. Being young and in denial, I didn't think that these implants could be the problem.
As my symptoms progressed so did my concerns:
* not only did one fingertip discolor, they all did
*I started getting yeast infections (which I never had before)
*4-6 UTI a year
*My right breast has an almost constant firm, tight, ache (very annoying)
*Sudden sharp flank pain, on the right side
*My left breast makes a sloshing sound when I bend over & it falls in my armpit when I lay down (I call it my "pit tit").
The list goes on....
I decided it was time to interview some doctors and explore my options. At this point, i wasn't sure if I wanted an explant or replacement. I did know that if I had an explant, it had to be "enblok" & I wanted some detox/nutritional education.
The first doctor, was local and only wanted to replace my saline implants with silicone. He wouldn't even give me a price on an explant.
The second doctor, didnt believe that my symptoms were associated with my implants and was not going to do an "emblok" removal. He also said it would be easier for him to rupture my implant before removal.
That's when I discovered the "Real Self" site:
After doing extensive research, I decided to have an explant with Dr. Feng. Everything that I have read on her has been amazing: her achievements, credentials and patient reviews. I'm scheduled to meet with her and her staff on the 19th, for testing.
I have kept a very organized file to take with me:
*All of my pre opt notes & pics from my breast augmentation
*List of concerns, symptoms & questions
*Lables of all vitamins and supplements
*Wish list ;)
Surgery will be the end of the month.
I'm getting very nervous, but I know that this is the right choice. I'm hoping these symtoms will disappear and my quality of life will improve.
I received a detailed packet of vitamins to take and instructions of what not to eat, in preperation for surgery. As I go through this journey, I will try to update;

Breast Implant Symptoms

Here are some pics of what happens when my hands get cold.

The two week countdown

The two week countdown starts today....
These are the vitamins I'm to start taking, 3-in the morning (with food) & 3-in the evening (with food). This "Recovery Support Program", was formulated by an anesthesiologist - to enhance wound healing, support immune system, prevent infection & minimize inflammation.
I'm to stay away from most over the counter meds (hope I don't get a cold), vitamin E & alcohol.
My emotions are crazy.., up & down.
I'm angry at myself for getting these implants. The cost - not only financially, but physically & mentally. My decision making is so much different at age 37, than at 26.
I'm fearful about going under and having surgery & hopeful that I have chosen the right surgeon for this procedure. I'm nervous about the outcome - what will I feel & look like? Isn't that awful??? I've forgotten what my natural body feels and looks like.
I try to stay positive - knowing that this is the right decision & it will put my mind at ease.
I would like to post some pics, but my husband is a little uncomfortable with that right now. I will continue to work on him:).


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