Endoscopic Brow Lift, Lower Blepharoplasty, CO2RE around eys - Peoria, IL

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On January 28, 2016 I will be getting an...

On January 28, 2016 I will be getting an endoscopic eyebrow lift, lower blepharoplasty, and CO2RE around my eyes. My Dr has very good reviews. He said 2mm on right eye and 3mm on left eye. Does anyone know what that means? I'm also concerned with how long recovery will take. I cannot sit for long and will want to go back to work ASAP. I'm taking a total of 10 days off. I will post pictures through my process!

Day 1

I'm feeling good! My eyes burn a little from the laser. My Dr also did a skin pinch along with the lower blepharoplasty.

Day 2 and a before picture

Ice is my best friend. I only have minor discomfort. I go for a checkup tomorrow and will be able to wash my hair Sunday. I have several incisions that are stapled in my hair. One side is more swollen than the other.

Day 2 before and after

Day 4

I finally was able to wash my hair today! My face feels a little tight and of course my forehead is numb. I feel great! The laser area is starting to peel too. I know this takes time but I'm already pleased with how everything is going.

Day 4

Day 5

Things are healing good. One of my eyes is still bloodshot and swollen. I have been cleaning my eyes with warm water and soft gauze 4 times a day. I put polysporin on them right after. I do have a tiny bit of discomfort from the staples in my temple area with head band being on them. I am totally loving the outcome!

Day 6

Bruising and swelling almost gone! I get my stitches out under my eyes tomorrow. I love the shape of my eyes now, I hope they stay this way.

Day 7

Stitches are out and did not hurt being removed. One eye is still swollen and irritated. I only have to wear the thick headband at night now. I am very pleased at the healing process and results!

Day 8

Not looking forward to getting all these staples out of my head tomorrow.

Day 9

Staples and rest of stitches out! Staples being removed did not hurt one bit! Back to work tomorrow. 10 days was perfect timing to take off from work. I bought Refreash tear drops for my eyes and it is helping a lot. I hope the lower scars heal and disappear quickly. I lost no hair on my 6 incisions in my hair. I recommend these procedures from this Doctor for a great experience like mine!

Day 9

Day 9

Having trouble uploading picture!

Day 10

Healing great. My eyes are itchy and red.

2 weeks

A little bit of makeup covers the scars under my eyes. If you look closely there are still stitch bumps. I had a broken blood vessel in one eye that is almost gone. Does anyone think one eye is a little small than the other?

Almost 3 weeks

I have almost all sensation back in my forehead. I have not had itching like other reviews have reported. I can tell my forehead and eyebrows are settling. I am dry around my eyes from the laser still. My stitch scars under my eyes are still noticeable. I am very happy with how my results and recovery have come along in such a short amount of time!

4 weeks incisions

Here are my incisions per request. 6 total. 2 on top , 1 above each eyebrow and 2 temporal. ALL in hairline. No hair loss.

4 month update

I have had minor itching with the healing of my incisions. I am loving my results! I dint look so sad and tired anymore. I recommend this doctor to anyone needing an endoscopic eyebrow lift and lower blepharoplasty!

8 month update

I am still very happy with my results! As you can tell my brows have settled a lot. My face is not asymmetrical so the photos may look a little off. I have tiny bald spots where the endotines are and they occasionally itch but are easily covered by hair. I recommend these procedures by this doctor.
Dr Nizar Merheb

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