29 Years Old with 2 Kids - Peoria, AZ

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I went into Ideal Image interested in laser hair...

I went into Ideal Image interested in laser hair removal which I will write about in another post. I ended up asking about coolsculpting too and made an implulsive decision to go for it. I'm scheduled for mine in 2 days November 5, and now that I've had some time to think it over and was reviews I'm feeling very uneasy about it. Honestly if I hadn't already gotten and Ideal Image line of credit and it already been charged to it I might backout, however at this point all I can do is move forward. I'm a single mom and worried I will end up being one of the horror stories with horrible pain and downtime which I don't have time for. I'm nervous and not real excited about the entire thing. I've also read that pleople with under 35% body fat have the best results so I'm a little worried I won't have the best results and it will be a waste. I'm 5'4 185lbs. I don't eat the best but I try to eat decent. My exercise has been lacking over the last few months but I'm getting it back into my routine and just kinda wishing I had waited a little longer to prepare my body for this and researched it more before hand. I will post updates along the way. Also pics to come

2 day post

I am posting pictures I took the day of the procedure immediately before. I will post more in a few weeks as they say you wont see results until at least week three. As for the procedure itself I was worried I wouldn't be able to handle it because of all the bad reviews I read. I had 4 small applicators in a diamond shape on the abdomen. They were ran one at a time for an hour each. The suction itself didn't really hurt me but the first 10 minutes of cold was kinda rough, after that I was just kinda numb for most of it, my lower back and butt hurt more than anything for the most part because I sat/laid there for so long. I was also pretty nervous about the massage which by no means is fun, and yeah it is uncomfortable but to me the worst part was the point of like thawing out if you will, like after the suction comes off and the 2 minute massage is over and the skin is kinda thawing, that part was painful, I actually would take a pillow and hold it tight into my stomach while she set up for the next suction and that actually seemed to help some. During the procedure I watched Netflix and even kinda dozed on and off. That night I came home and fell right to sleep, I kind of tossed and turned but slept pretty okay. Night 2 I took some Benadryl and I slept really well. As for the days: the day after the procedure I was pretty sore, compression helps alot, also Tylenol helps with the pain some; day 2 I took some Tylenol before work, I wore some spanx and I never felt much pain at all, if I rub my belly it feels asleep and some slight bruise pain. So far it's completely bearable and not nearly as bad as I had expected. I will continue to update until throughout the next few months.
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