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Hi there, Well, my breast reduction journey...

Hi there, Well, my breast reduction journey started back when I was 16 years old in high school. I was a 38 DD. In high school I was pretty fit; 5'4 145 pounds. I played softball year round, and went to the gym on a normal basis. I never really was tiny, but I proportional to my body. I first looked into a breast reduction my junior year of high school when I was 17.

I was getting tired, I was running slower, and I was doubling up on bras, and I knew for a high schooler this was not normal. Of course my family told me to wait it out until I was an adult, so at 18 I took it upon myself to go and get a consultation. I went to a place in Destin, Florida, they had told me I was a great candidate, but I may want to wait until after I had kids because I was still so young. I took that into great consideration and year by year spent the money on the expensive bras, expensive bathing suit tops, and etc. I had my daughter in 2007, and my breast didn't get really any bigger, but it turned out I couldn't breast feed her anyway because a month later my appendix decided it wanted out of my body, so being under anesteasia (sp) and meds afterwards, Dr advised me to not breastfeed. I was okay with that.

Had my son in 2010 and after I had him I went from DD to an breasts just exploded. A month after breast feeding him, he was allergic to my breast milk and had to stop breast feeding him and buy him the most expensive formula on the after that I decided enough was enough obviously breast feeding isn't just going to happen with me. So in June 2010 I started looking into the procedure again.

My primary Doctor had advised me to lose some baby weight and see what that could do for me, so after working out and starting regular Zumba classes, I did indeed drop some weight and inches, however my breasts weren't budging. After my breast milk dried I was a 42 DDD. Well I took his advice and I did drop the pounds. The only thing in my chest area that was going down was the inches, but the cup size. I finally got back down to a 38, but I am still in the DDD range.

After a year of researching I found out that a breast reduction was covered under the insurance I have, I just needed the referral from the plastic surgeon. Back in September my primary care Doctor had some lab work done on me, and also did X-Ray's of my back, spine, and chest just to see if I had any impact from my breast. (He also did this to have something to show to the insurance company so they wouldn't reject me instantly.)

After my tests came back, we did see some spine issues and to our surprise we saw a lump in my right breast. Instantly I thought "Lord have mercy I have breast cancer" but that wasn't the case. After doing more testing on the lump it pretty much is a cyst. (Couldn't spell the correct name for it if my life depended on it.). After that I instantly got a referral to a plastic surgeon. In November I went to see him, and he took pictures, gave me an "interview" to see where my mind was with a breast reduction. (I think he just wanted to make sure I was in the right mind set). After speaking with him he went through a full powerpoint presentation of the good, the bad, and the ugly of breast reduction. I liked him because he was very honest, answer all questions, and was very patient.

After his presentation because it was so thorough, I hardly had any questions. He said he would send in my paperwork to the insurance and I would hear back before the new year. Two weeks later I got th phone call stating I was approved for the procedure and was told the first opening was February 13th. I instantly signed up and from there they made my Pre Opp appointment on Jan. 25th. During my pre opp appointment, my Dr's nurses showed me around the hospital, informed me all rooms were private and that I would be staying over night. They did some lab work, and gave me some special soap to wash with the night before and morning of surgery. They answered any last minute questions and pre registered me into the hospital (kinda like you would a month or so before you have a baby).

Now I am just counting down the days. I'm nervous excited. The only thing I am worried about is...what if I hate them smaller? I've been accustomed to a bigger chest since I was 12...yes 12! It's all I know. As a Zumba Instructor, I feel it will make me better. I cannot wait until I can buy a cheap bathing suit again! Also the $250 I have to pay is for staying ver night at the hospital. Everything else is covered under insurance.

Hello all, First and formost, I just want to...

Hello all,
First and formost, I just want to thank everyne for the kind words. It really does make you believe you're making the right decision for yourself.

Well it is the night before surgery. Husband and I are in a hotel about five miles from the hospital. Tonight while I took a shower with the surgical soap they gave me it hit me hard. I've been asking myself over and over if this is the right decision for myself. I am a true believer that God makes no mistakes. And the more I thought about that, I asked myself even more, if He makes no mistakes, why am I messing with "perfection"? My husband is very comforting and has treated me with a Spa treatment, a Valentine's Dinner cruise, and while all of that is VERY relaxing now I am scared to death. Every surgical proceedure I've had done has HAD to been done (wisdom teeth, C-Section, appendix, and two cysts in my neck) I was NEVER nervous. This surgery is different because I am bringing it to my doesn't HAVE to be done. Does that make sense? I know I am over thinking it, and with that I'll NEVER get sleep tonight, lol. But thank you for all the kind words of wisdom. I'll post as soon as I get home with pictures before and after.

A day after surgery and I am doing just fine. Pain...

A day after surgery and I am doing just fine. Pain is no where near as bad as my two c sections. I've been sleeping a lot and have a follow up appointment tomorrow to get the drains removed.

Day four after surgery and I am feeling good. I've...

Day four after surgery and I am feeling good. I've been off of my pain meds for a little over 24 hours now, and not feeling loopy and tired is feeling pretty good. On the downside, I was very constipated due to the pain killers and the anastesia(sp)and (not trying to sound disgusting) had my first bowel yesterday since Saturday, and that was probably the most pain I've felt from this surgery...honestly. I've been mostly resting and taking short walks so my legs don't get blood clots or anything.

So far it's definitely been worth it!

Been a while since I've updated.. Since my last...

Been a while since I've updated..

Since my last appointment with my Doctor about a month ago, things have been moving smoothly. I did everything he said, and I am healing greatly! You can hardly see my scars they are most noticable on the sides. During my recovery I did go through depression. MY Doctor said this was normal. I literally went from doing 8+ classes of high impact Zumba classes to running short of breath just lifting my arms trying to wash my hair. My depression would come mostly at night while trying to focus on homework or just lolly gagging on the computer. I missed my Zumba classes and my Zumba girlfriends. MY husband was there for me as much as he could, but there are just somethings you don't want to discuss with your husband like you want with your girlfriends.

I started driving about five weeks after my surgery, and that was when my depression stopped. Just a drive to the beach or the park so could walk the shoreline, or in laps made me feel better. I've never been a homebody, and being at home just drives me insane.

Shopping has been a blast. I finally got my two bras from Victoria's Secret!
I also got some other cute bras from other places. I am officially a 38D, and I am so happy with that. Not flat chested, but still something there that makes me feel womanly and sexy :) I am a curvy girl, so I feel a D is perfect for my body type. I was able to buy a tube top tankini and swim suit shopping has been so much fun. I've bought a lot of new cute shirts, and dresses! Never before could wear those long dresses that were made for the A cup girls. The best part about shopping is my wedding. MY husband and I are finally having our ceremony in October now that the surgery is over, and my dress I bought...the chest is too big! The seamstress has to bring it in about four inches! That made my day!

All in all, this was the best decision of my life. For a while I was down, and I felt I shouldn't have done it, but I know I am impatient when it comes to things like healing...that's why I waited so long to update. I was that one that wanted the surgery and immediate results. Last weeked I started going to some Zumba classes to build my stamina back up, and everything is fine. I'm taking it easier than
I usually would, and not jumping yet, but doing that and light cardio in the gym is getting easier. So all in all six weeks was my recovery mark. I'm giving myself another three weeks off from instructing Zumba classes just so I can build myself back up.
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