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I will be having breast reduction surgery in a few...

I will be having breast reduction surgery in a few days and I have to say the process of getting approved has been relatively easy. I did call my insurance company prior to speaking to a PS to see if I even had any qualifications and I met them all. Thankful for a great PS staff that is very knowledgable in the approval process. I am nervous and anxious about how they will look. I am a 38 DD and insurance requires 1000 total to be removed. After discussions with my PS he feels I will be where I need to be comfortably. I just want my back to stop hurting and to be able to wear things without having to buy bigger sizes just for my top to fit in...or not have to pin them closed for gaping. Not big on photos and how they look before. Wish me luck it's only three days away! Thanks to everyone for all the helpful tips that gave been shared.


One more sleep! I'm so nervous I have an upset stomach. I hope I am making the right decision.

Doubting my self

I am day four days post op and I have to say it's been rough. Having an allergic reaction to something. Had an awful stay at the hospital. The wrap is so tight I can't breath and the doctor is honestly being a jerk! I know after reading other post things will get better but hard to see light at the end of the tunnel.


I am 6 days post op and can't post pictures because I am wrapped in the same dressing since surgery. Is this normal? I do not have drains but woke up today smelling something bad from bandages. It's almost like a cast I'm wrapped so tight.

Wrap to tight

Three months post op

Still not sure I made the right decision. Still feel very upset as to what they look like. Hoping time helps with the entire mental aspect of the change.
Dr. Marcos Ortega

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