27 Year Old 1 Child 44 DDD Hoping to Be Approved for Breast reduction - Pensacola, FL

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Hi I am 27 years old and have had big boobs since...

Hi I am 27 years old and have had big boobs since I can remeber! When I had my daughter they really grew! Fast forward and my doctor recommended I get a breast reduction because of the neck and shoulder pain I have been experiencing. As well as bad bad headaches.

Well long story short met with a plasting surgeon and he said I'm a good candidate! I also have a consultation coming up April 20th with another plastic surgeon.

Wednesday I had an appointment with my primary doctor and was told that I have to complete I am thinking 3 months of physical therapy for my insurance which is Florida Blue. Ugh but the good thing is I have to wait until summer time to have my surgery because of my job as a teacher assistant.

Praying I'm approved!

Found out that I was. .....

Denied. I called my insurance and they said that the preauthorization was void due to not a medical necessity :-(.

I was approved!

After two denials I found out I am approved and surgery is set for July 11th! I am sooo nervous but ready ! I truly needed this surgery. I thank God and I also thank Dr.Shaddix and his Nurse Shelly. They rock!

I am hoping and praying for the best. No more pain...

I am hoping and praying for the best. No more pain and no more migraines. I will be able to be more active with my daughter as well as my students. This will be a life changing experience for me.

I can't believe it is finally happening ! I gave been dealing with this for sooo long. I am so nervous.

Back to square 1

Well when it rains it pours. Found out today Dr.Shaddix is out of network so my surgery is canceled for Monday. I was crying on the phone and crying as I write this.

I wish I had the money to pay and not have to go through insurance but nope.

Ms. Shelley his Nurse is very helpful but I just ugh. This has been a long battle. Finally got approve and bam can't get the surgery that I so badly need. Most of all through a surgeon I have built up a trust with.

Florida blue select why!

Called a few today

Caled a few surgeons today. I can take the surgery date of this month completely out of my head.

Surgeons I'm looking at is Dr.Ceydeli I have a consulation set for July 29th

Dr.Ortega and I have a consultation set up for July 14th with them.

I am thinking about seeing Dr.Nunnery but I don't know. This is still very frustrating. All this time wasted. I could have already been with the right provider. Ugh

New Surgeon

Hi everyone well I guess the ball is rolling again. I have a new surgeon Marcos Ortega and he seems really sweet and described everything to me. He said that he can make me a B or C. I am hoping for at least a D so I won't look too different. I am a plus size woman. Anyway I am pretty happy right now.

The nurse said we may try for next week. We shall see! Thank you everyone!

Second thoughts

I am having second thoughts. I received a call today from Dr.Ceydeli's office who I really wanted but I decided to cancel because I went to Dr.Ortega's office and we are trying to get the ball rolling. I have never seen any of the breasts pictures of DR. Ortega's patients but I have seen Dr.Ceydeli's and they look awesome. It makes me nervous because I don't want my breasts to look worse than they already are. I also don't want to be too small.

Trying to debate if should go or not. ugh!


Two people have given me the thumbs down about Dr.Ortega. :-( I don't know if I should just take the risk? I also called back and will be going to see Ceydeli as well. I hate being so indecisive.

It's just not going to happen! /Dr Ceydeli

Okay ladies so went to my 4th consultation and he seemed okay. His work is awesome and he only does the lollipop. Only bad thing is he charges 1500 for liposuction on the sides. Everyone else I went to do not charge anything for the sides.

Is that normal? Right now I am truly undecided on what to do.

This is my consultation with Dr.Ceydeli

He liposuction all of his breast reduction patients. :-(

Hopefully Summertime

Well back at square one!!! Waiting for approval. I went back to my first surgeon Shaddix! I just love him. I have my fingers crossed for the summer time but don't know if I will be approved or not.

This is just a huge waiting game that I hope comes out in my favor.

Finally approved again!!!

So after the fiasco last year, I am finally approved for surgery again and will be saying bye bye to these big girls of mine. No more pain,headaches I'm ready! This will also reduce my risk of breastcancer! Surgery date is May 31st!

So happy!

I am truly happy for the decision I made and especially for the doctor I picked! Yall I finally hadecided my breast reduction!

So surgery was May 31st. I had to be there at 530 and surgery started at 730. It lasted 4 1/2 hours whew lol. It was hard waking up lol. I wanted to sleep and stay at the hospital. I'll tell you why I wanted to stay later. Anyway I was in moderate pain once I woke up so received pain meds in Iv. I was outpatient and had to get myself together to go home. Very nauseated. My crazy self was hungry and ordered a chicken noodle soup and milkshake from Chuck fila. That was not a good idea lol when I got home I threw up ahhh! Why didn't I read my papers lol. After that the recovery road has been intense.

Recovery well if you didn't know I'm a single mom of 1. My daughter is 6 years old. I wish I would have had the option to stay at the hospital because it's just us! Of course I have my mom but my mom has two little boys that she fosters well adopted, my nephews. So she was ttying to help me plus take care of them and they are very mischievous lol. Yes it was pretty crazy but I appreciate my mom so much! She stayed with me for 3 nights:-). I ended up staying over at her place for a few days as well because I was just nervous about being alone and if my baby girl would need something drastic etc.

I was able to shower the next day. My doctor wants you to keep the areas clean and I love that. I showered the best way I could for 2 days and other days I did wash ups. Wiping is hard as well but I worked it out because I didn't want my mom wiping me. Lol. Oh and your throat will be sore after surgery part of the reason why I wanted my milkshake. Trying to remember everything so bare with me. I was hurting so bad. The incisions really annoy you at times.

June 3rd was my daughter's recital and yes I went to it,I wouldn't miss it for nothing. I was hurting and running a mild fever but I enjoyed watching my baby glide across the stage. My incisions ugh well they have a mind of their own. First of all I didn't have any drains and was happy because I saw what a pain they were. Anyway first few days the incisions were just spotting and now recently it's draining a lot. Yesterday and the day before that it soaked two pillows and my shirt. Thank goodness the next day was my post op. I came into the doctor office soaked. Dr.Shaddix and Ms.Shelley were so sweet and understanding. I had text him the night before about what was going on and he reassured me ill be okay. When I came in Dr.Shaddix looked at everything,let me know I was recovering well and next was the drainage! Ahhhh

So Dr.Shaddix had to drain from my left side because it was a lot. It hurt but it had to be done. He didn't do the right side because it was coming out as much as the other side. He was concerned with why and where. He made me feel at ease and when it hurt too much he stopped. I truly was amazed at how well they take care of me. I have another post op on the 21st. He also told me to make sure I'm taking my antibiotics.

Today I'm feeling a bit better,I'm draining again from the right but I think it's from me moving too much. Anyway I will be posting more updates. Truly happy I had this surgery and definitely happy I picked Dr.Shaddix! God knows I needed a understanding doctor.
Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

I am very pleased with Dr.Shaddix and his nurse Ms.Shelley! They are an amazing team and take really good caren of me. I had my breast reduction May 31st! Dr.Shaddix calls and checks up on you and even when I text with questions he is there for me. I would often think I was annoying him but he never made me feel that way at all. Even Ms.Shelley I emailed her so many times before surgery and she was always so polite! I knew Ms.Shelley from my gallbladder surgery as well with another surgeon and she was just as sweet. Anyway I highly recommend Dr.Shaddix. I have referred so many family and friends to him lol. I am now 9 days post op and saw him yesterday for a post op appointment and everything looks great!! Once again thank you Dr.Shaddix for helping relieve so much pain! I'm so excited for my future and fitness!!! I'm a ESE teacher and having big boobs that hurt slows you down from running behind students and believe me my students run lol. Also thank you so much Ms.Shelley you helped me through so much. A lot of doctors offices will not be there to help you but this one will! Thank you,thank you! Joy

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