26 Years Old Nervous on Getting 32H's Reduced - Pensacola, FL

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Right now I'm sitting here at about 5'1" and...

Right now I'm sitting here at about 5'1" and 160ish lbs. Most of this weight is in my chest and thighs, my rib cage is actually really small so I look kinda disproportionate. I've had these huge breasts since I was about 13 years old and I finally have a doctor who has referred me to a surgeon for a breast reduction. However I'm scared and nervous about getting everything done. I've read the reviews on fighting with insurance and how scary looking recovery can be. Also the emotional aspect has me up at night unable to sleep. I am so scared that if I get it done I won't like how I look, and what to do with the hundreds of pictures I have of myself with larger breasts once I get the reduction? I don't want a reduction because of not liking how I look, I want it done so that I can be healthier and actually walk without getting tired and sleep without back pain waking me up every hour.

I know its something that needs to be done because I cannot exercise more than 10 minutes without getting winded and unable to do anything else for a while, I've got huge grooves in my shoulders from my bras and I've been using the same two bras for the past year because finding any in my size I can afford is nearly impossible. My back pain is every single day, sitting straight up is difficult as they hang almost to my belly button and I just end up slouching back just to support the weight and not fall face forward. But as I haven't had real insurance until this year (Florida Blue Select) I really don't have much of a documented past history of my problems.

Any advice or comments would be helpful as I try to go through this. I can call the surgeon tomorrow (6/6/2016) to set up an appointment but I am worried I won't be able to afford all of this if my insurance doesn't cover it. I'm trying to think of what to ask the person on the phone before making the appointment. Really hoping that it won't cost me anything to just get to speak to the surgeon for a while. If anyone has dealt with Dr. Peter Butler in Pensacola FL, your opinions and reviews of him would be wonderful to hear.

Update On Insurance Blue Select and Tentative Consult

So when I attempted to get a consultation with Dr. Butler's office they told me that it would be easier on me to wait until we got everything done to get it and surgery approved by my insurance first. This way I hopefully shouldn't have to pay out 150$ for the consult, it should be covered by my insurance. I am not 100% positive on this but will update with if insurance Blue Select covers consults.

It took about a month to get everything together to send to the insurance and I was contacted by Dr. Butler's office that they have all the paper work together and confirmed and ready for a consult so this leads me to believe that I have been approved. We sent in the information with all my doctor visits for the past 6-7 months+ xrays to show that there was nothing wrong with my spine, a letter from a massage therapist stating that several visits of massage therapy did not relieve the back or shoulder pain, documentation of severe migraines and medication not relieving it, documentation of shoulder grooves as well as that I have been properly professionally fitted for 6 years and all the creams and other home remedies attempted. We pretty much covered everything possible because as I was warned by the office Blue Select has the strictest requirements. Also they base things on how much is removed but because we listed that I am a 32H and want to go down to around a large B small C cup I think they understand the surgery is not just because I want to look a little smaller.

I have a tentative date for consult on August 2nd and will update with how professional it goes, how in depth and reliable Dr. Butler is, if his reviews are telling the truth that he's a good surgeon. Hopefully things will be working out! If the consult goes well and the surgery is 100% on track to happen I will update with before photos.
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