22 Years Old, Two Kids, 250cc High Profile. Pensacola, FL

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So I figured since this site was so helpful to me...

So I figured since this site was so helpful to me I would write a review. I'm 22 years-old with two kids. After breastfeeding both for 13 months each I was left very unsatisfied with my breast. I have a very small frame I'm 5'2 and around 105-108lbs. I ended up getting 250cc high profile round silicone implants. My surgery was on the 12th, the pain hasn't been to bad, I manly had a big problem with the nausea from the anesthesia after my surgery. But thankfully that has gone away. I can't wait for some time to pass and them 'fluff' out :)!

9 days post opt

So little update. This whole experience honestly hasn't been that painful. Like I said before I got really nausea right after my surgery from the anesthesia but by the next day it was gone. He also had to change my pain meds to a non narcotic kind. I was on originally on ocicodine and I got crazy loopy and tired from them lol. Kyle did that on day 2 for me. My left boob felt a little sore compared to my right but I woke up yesterday and the discomfort was completely gone! I feel great today I would say 95% back to normal. I also didn't experience any type of bloat, I know so many reviews I read on here did I was terrified of it but I literally didn't bloat at all. So not everyone does! I had my checkup appt yesterday everything is healing fine and I'm still just wearing soft sports bras for now. I experience a little bit of boob greed after the swelling went down, but now I honestly really love the size. Sometimes I find myself wishing they were just a little bit bigger, but honestly for my frame if they were much bigger I think i would be sitting here wishing they were a little smaller lol. Grass isn't always greener on the other side :). So I'm completely happy with my surgeon's choice of 250cc. Oh and I also have stopped taking all meds two days ago.

Almost 3 weeks post opt

Honestly there really isn't to much to update on. My incisions are looking really well and the glue is starting to fall off. I'm still pretty happy with the size. Most days I love the size but I do have some days were I wish they were just a little bigger (darn boobies greed haha). Overall though I absolutely love my new boobs and they were worth every penny lol. I have a check up on Thursday to talk about wearing wireless bras sometime soon and just to make sure everything is going well. I'm feeling great though I can move my arms around without feeling any type of pain or pull at my incisions.

Bra shopping!

So I went bra shopping today and I'm completely stunned I'm a full 32D I can not believe I have this much boob greed being that size. I swear that don't look that big lol. Anyway I'm still going to think about maybe a slight larger implant but I'm definitely going to let them fluff out and I have awhile to consider it. I probably won't update till my 3 months post opt. I also wanted to add that my scarring looks amazing! Pretty much all of my glue is finally gone and some spots are already completely blended into my skin on my vertical incisions from my lift and around my areola there really isn't any visible scarring at all. There is only one little spot on my left breast that has a 'noticeable' scar because that was the tightest spot over the implant and it separated a little. But he said in a few weeks it shouldn't be noticeable. I would like to add that I scar very easy and usally bad also so I'm so happy about my results! Anyone that is close by I completely recommend Kyle Shaddix for a surgeron, I have my fingers crossed I have enough saved up before I move so he can perform my tummy tuck!

Revision decision

So I'm now 3 months post opt. I actually got a small infection, all shaddix had to do was drain it and now 4 days later it's completely fine and almost healed. I honestly have no idea what caused the infection. Next there is a little extra skin underneath my right breast. It isn't obvious at all, but it bugs me. The problem is that if he just fixes the right breast it might shove the implant up higher than the left. So knowing I wanted larger implants, he suggest getting new larger implants and he can remove more skin from under the breast so they're the same level and I no longer have that issue. I just don't know what I want to do yet though. I don't feel completely happy with them now, but at the same time I'm not sure about spending another 2300 on my breast.


So I'm about 5 months post opt and I've decided I definitely will be getting the revision done. I'm not 100% when, I'm hoping to pull off getting it done in about 6 months. The more my implants have settled the more obvious it's gotten. My left had much more upper pole fullness and is smaller, were as my right is saggy in comparison with less upperpole fullness and is larger. I don't feel completely happy with them at all, it's pretty disappointing. But hopefully ill be able to get the revision done soon and feel fully satisfied finally! Just wanted to give a little update.
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I highly recommend Kyle Shaddix as a surgeon. He is so nice and is very honest with you. Before my surgery I emailed him many different times asking questions and his responses were extremely personal and I could tell he sat and took his time to answer my question.

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