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About 9 years ago I went to a consultation and...

About 9 years ago I went to a consultation and decided to wait to have breast augmentation since the doctor then recommended me to wait until after I was finished having now I have 2 children and I think we're done having kids. I'm 31 and excited to change my B cup to something more substantial. I'm not wanting to go too crazy, but bigger. I've ALWAYS worn padded bras, I've ALWAYS been self conscious about being small chested. I've wanted boobs since I was 14 and they never really came in. I was an A cup until having children. While breast feeding, I'm sure i was a C or D. I loved the way that looked. Now I'm finally at a point where I can do something about it! Wohoo! So the journey starts here.

I am 24 days away from my surgery. I am 9 days away from my pre-op appointment. I feel like time is going so slowly! I'm excited, nervous and scared.

My Consultation

I called Dr. Butler & talked with Angela on the phone. She said the consultation fee is $100 ($50 will go towards the procedure, if you choose to go through with it). She said the consultation will be an hour or longer. They'll do the vectra 3D imaging, give me an exact quote (his fee & hospital). So I had called May 21 and scheduled my consultation for June 20th. They were booking a month in advance for the consultation.

On May 23, I received a packet from them in the mail. I was so excited to receive information from them.

On May 31st, I realized June 20th seemed like forever away. I'm the type of person who does research and wants to learn as much as I can as fast as I can. I'm ready to meet with Dr. Butler. I want to hear what he has to say. So I called today to see if they could move up the consultation. Angela said their schedule changes all the time...She would make sure my name is on the move up list. So they might call me the morning of and have an opening.

June 3, I got a CALL!!!
11:15am I arrived, turned in my paperwork and paid the $100.
Nurse came in and asked basic questions.
Vectra system: I posed for pictures with the nurse.

- nice room, 4 chairs, round table
- got to touch the implants. They were squishier than I thought. Not as hard. They're pretty pliable. Got to touch the gummy bears and the silicone
- The gummy bears are anatomical in shape and firmer
- The silicone feel SOOOO real and nice
- My hubby squeezed the heck out of one and it didn't break

Dr. Butler came in and basically:
- He recommended an under breast incision because he can see exactly where the implant is going
- He recommends under the muscle
- He HIGHLY recommends the cohesive gel natrelle implants over the gummy bears and I was surprised.

- he took my chest measurements
- He said my left boob's chest wall is out and bigger than my right

- when we 1st looked at the vectra, he made the cc's 533. I thought the vectra would be helpful for me to see myself with bigger breasts. Unfortunately it wasn't. The vectra made my boobs look just bigger. Any size looks bigger to me. It was hard for me to differentiate the sizers. I'm looking forward to trying them on.

36b before photo

So many choices

1. Over or under the muscle
- I think I want under the muscle because it will hide it more

- under fold, armpit or aereola
- I think I want under fold because it's easiest to get the implant in the right spot for the surgeon, easier healing (incision has to be there for gummy bears)

- saline: salt water, not as real, it's really safe. I'm scared you'll feel rippling
- Silicone: feels more real, #1 used, I'm slightly concerned about safety
- Gummy bear: highly cohesive gel, no rippling, no rupture, feels natural, tear drop shape, safe, textured only

- round or teardrop


- how many cc's

- moderate, moderate plus, high profile

So many choices. How did you ladies pick your choice? I'm going into my pre-op monday to make some final decisions.

I'm thinking under muscle, smooth, incision under fold, silicone, moderate plus profile.....

We shall see.

Questions I had for my PS during the consultation

1. How many procedures of this type have you performed?
2. How long do implants last?
3. Do they have warranty?
4. Whats the company that makes them? Why do you use that brand?
5. What are the risks?
6. What do you do if things don't come out right after surgery?
7. Do tear drops shift?
8. What do you think of the different incision sites?
9. How long have you been performing augmentations?
10. How many do you do a month?
11. What size do you suggest for me?
12. Will implants make mammograms more difficult?
13. Should I get a mammogram before surgery?
14. Is it possible to prevent rippling or ruptures?
15. If I have complications what is your policy? Do you cover expenses?
16. What is your rate of capsular contracture?
17. What's most common complication your patients experience?
18. What placement do you prefer: over or under muscle?
19. What incision do you prefer?

MRI's with silicone?

So...if I get silicone they could silent rupture. The only way to know is 3 years after implants do an MRI that could cost $400. Then do 1 every 2 years. My fear is if it ruptures I have no symptoms what happens if that silicone gel is touching my body fluid all that time...I dont want a serious disease.Like swelling of lymph nodes. After all this I'm wondering is saline is better.If its ruptures, my body absorbs it. If it ruptures I'll know. No MRI needed. If it ruptures I wont get sick, it's salt water.

How did you choose saline or silicone?!?!?! There are so many people who are for one way or another.

Trying on sizers!

Chose 492cc natrelle

Choosing implant sizes

Here's another photo

Can I really be only 11 days away?

well....I had my pre-op on Monday morning of this week. I was so nervous and excited the night before. I think I woke up a dozen times. I also couldn't get to sleep the night before. Just tossing and turning thinking about it.

When I arrived, my husband wasn't there yet. We drove in seperate cars since we both needed to head off to work after the appointment. So when I arrived Angela (at the front desk) had me sign in and gave me a stack of papers to sign and initial. She asked me if I wanted anything to drink and I said sure, some water would be great. I needed it, my stomach was all nerves were a wreck. So I started reading through the paperwork. Basically it listed EVERY complication under the sun that could happen. I had to sign and initial that I understood this was elective. Well if I was nervous before I got there, I sure was extremely nervous after signing this paperwork alone, without my hubby with me. It all became real! CRAZY!!!! I texted my hubby...hurry up!

So in about 5 minutes they called me back. A nurse came in and had my vectra 3D picture up on the screen in the room. So that was neat. She had me put on a gown and came back in to take my before pictures. I can't wait for the day I come back in for the after pictures! yAY! Now this was getting fun. She said next we were going to try on sizers. So I put on their white sports bra and tried on implants ranging from 400- 550. The 550 looked HUGE! So I tried on the 492 and the 457. One on each breast. I have to admit I was EXTREMELY the size I ended up loving! At home I had done the rice test and I was in love with the 400's. So to jump up to 492...I was surprised how great they looked. I took pictures to remember when I got home what they looked like. Everyone on here had said don't pick size or get one in your head till you get there. They were so right! I had also heard that you go up 50 cc's from the size you chose because it goes under the muscle. So I asked the Doctor about that, and he said it wouldn't make too much of a difference since I'm going with that size of an implant. He showed me on the vectra what an extra 50 cc's would look like and I agreed, it's not that much different.

A nurse came in and gave me all my post -op instructions. I had a GIANT list of questions for the doctor. I'll share in the next post, it was a lot of questions. He gave me my perscriptions. He was warm, personable and I'm confident he'll do a great job.

So as for now I'm scheduled for the Tuesday September 24th! I'm super duper ooper excited. Not so much nervous. it's hard to believe it's a week from Tuesday! AHHHH!!!!! Can it really be so close?

Only a week away and nesting?

Anyone else nesting? I'm 5'10, 150lbs, 36b. I'm going for 492 natrelle silicone implant under the muscle, incision under the crease. I'm SUPER excited, and not nervous yet. I think cause life has been so busy lately I haven't gotten nervous. I am however totally nesting, like I did before I gave birth to my kids. I've done ALL the laundry, changed all the sheets, vacuumed, done the dishes, bought extra cleaning supplies (so in case the 1st or 2nd week after surgery we run out of something it's one less thing I'll have to buy at the store).

I have my list to do before surgery. My grocery list to purchase before surgery. My outfits laid out that I'm going to wear the few days after surgery.

It's just hard to believe surgery is almost here!!!! I've been waiting so long for this, and now it's coming. I can't wait.

Night before Surgery

So it's the night before my surgery. It's 5:15 pm right now. I thought I'd be more nervous. I think I'm super excited....and perhaps nervous. I've saved my housework for tonight, so I'm busy cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, doing dishes, laundry etc. I've laid out my clothes for tomorrow. I've got all my food ready for the week. I've got my meds ready. I've got my bedside table ready. I feel like I'm forgetting something.

If I'm being honest, I'm super nervous. What if something goes wrong? What if they don't come out perfect? What if one drops faster than the other? What if I'm one of the few that gets complications. What if my husband totally freaks out? What if my friends and family figure it out? I'm super private and have been planning not to tell anyone. I've been wearing a super padded (adds 2 cups sizes to you) hopefully no one will notice.

Last night jitters

I wish my surgery was earlier tomorrow. Unfortunately it's not until 12:30pm. I'm not supposed to eat or drink after midnight tonight. Not sure how I'm going to keep busy tomorrow while waiting for surgery...

Any suggestions?

the last supper...

My husband just got home about 30 minutes ago and brought me Panera Bread! My favorite! He got me a sandwich, salad, soup & an iced tea. He's so sweet. All my favorites. I'm allowed to eat/drink until midnight so I'm going to hopefully eat up, if I"m not too nervous. I'm so excited and nervous.

I keep thinking about how I have to actually walk into the OR tomorrow. He said they call it the "green mile". I was thinking maybe I need to have a theme song to sing in my head as I walk.

The day of surgery

I want to thank everyone for the support! I love reading about everyone's stories on here. It helps to have an outlet to share.

I'm heading in to work right now. I'm going to work for around 3 hours... Then heading to the hospital for the surgery. I'm super duper nervous. The 1 thing I keep holding on to is something my PS said in our pre-op... "That this is fun surgery. This is something you've wanted a long time. It's not like you're going in for gallbladder surgery." So I'm holding on to that!

So last night before I finally fell asleep at midnight I took a huge swig of my iced tea. Now no liquids or food till after surgery.

Wearing my extreme push up, padded bra that adds 2 cups sizes for the last time today. What should I do with all my teeny tiny bras after today? I have a huge collection.

Send thoughts/prayers/support. I need it. Super duper excited & nervous.

After surgery

I'll update my story later. But I wanted to update & say "I made it out of surgery!" First time with anesthesia , first time in surgery! Couldn't do this without the support of my husband.

Day after surgery's the story:

We're supposed to arrive at the hospital at 11am (an hour 1/2 before procedure). We arrived at 10:30 to be sure to be extra early. We got checked in, got my hospital bracelet and waited for 20 minutes in the hospital waiting room. (When I say 'we' I mean me and my hubby). They then, called us back. I got a small room with a curtain. Kind of like a cubicle. the nurse had my hubby wait in that cubicle. She took me down the hall to take my vitals: blood pressure, weight, height and asked me a few questions. I gave a urine sample, then put on 2 gowns. One open in the back, and one open in the front. She gave me cozy socks, and paper shower cap looking thing. The anethesiologist came into the cubicle, and asked me health questions and told me extactly what was going to happen. Gave me all that possibilities of what bad things could happen. The nurse came in to do the IV. She was going to do it on my left hand (since I'm right handed). But my veins were prominent enough. So she did my right. I told her I'm super afraid of seeing needles. So She had me squeeze a squeeze ball, had me look away, froze my hand with a spray and then got the iv in. She also was nice enough to cover it with gauze so I wouldn't have to see it. So nice of her. After a little bit longer Dr. Butler came in. He was in scrubs and was super friendly/kind and warm. I was surprised he didn't mark all over me with I've seen in girls in youtube videos, or on tv. He asked if I had any questions and I didn't. I asked my million questions at my pre-op. I honestly just wanted the procedure over with. I wanted to get it going, so it would be done. I had one leg crossed and my foot was shaking quite a bit. I guess I was SUPER DUPER nervous.

The nurse came in, asked me to use the restroom 1 more time, and to put the paper shower cap on. I was glad they're not going to do a catheter. So we walked to the OR. I thought the walk was going to be down a long hallway and be pretty scary. But it wasn't. It was around a corner and into a bright room. It didn't look cool or like the movies AT ALL. It just was a room with a bed and 4 people in there. There was rock & roll music playing. They said Dr. Butler likes to work with music. They had me lay on the bed and get comfy. They had a warm blanket on me. And they said they'd give me a cocktail in my IV. We talked about how few of them used to live up north and asked if I had. and I said yes. I would never want to live in the snow again. .....and then the next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room with what felt like a 30 lb animal sitting on my chest. My nurse Shari...Sherry? well whoever she was was kind. She said do you feel any pain? I said no...just feel a lot of pressure on my chest. WEll she left and as soon as she did I felt pain on my chest. A lot....I thought "oh no! I shoudl've told her yes." well as soon as she came back she gave me pain meds in my IV. She went and got my husband. After that I barely remember much. My husband got me into my hoodie and sweatpants. (that I bought specifically for the surgery). But when I sat up to get up, I felt super hot, light headed and felt like I was going to puke. They got me a cold towel for my face and something that smelled like lavender/peppermint to smell and the nausea went away. They got me in a wheel chair and my hubby brought up the car. I had a pillow/blanket in the car and we headed home. On the way home we stopped to get some cinnamon raisin bread. The dr said the key the next couple days is to stay on top of the pain meds. But to make sure I eat 1 or 2 slices of bread before the pain pills so I don't get nauseous. So we got some yummy bread! We got home and hubby helped me get into cozy lightweight button up pj's that I bought for after surgery from target. They're super cute! I kept telling my husband; " I can't believe I actually did it! I'm so proud of myself...I was brave." My husband was surprised too. He told me he thought I might actually chicken out a couple days before.

I found that using my arms wasn't as hard as I thought. I thought I wouldn't be able to open ziploc bags, or other things. But it wasn't as bad as I thought. My husband had to help me sit on the toilet. I had him leave to room while I went though. haha! I had a hard time pulling up my pants afterwards. He had to rearrange my pillows for me because that was too hard. He's keeping me on track with the meds. We made a little chart of what I need to take when so that's been helpful. I've got all I need on a table next to the bed with different types of crackers, tv remotes, magazine, drinks, pills, puke bucket (although I haven't needed it).

I actually had a restful sleep last night. I wanted to lay on my side, but I know I can't. So I just have 4 or 5 pillows around me. I woke up the next morning feeling a TON better. Sure I'm sore, but nothing like right after surgery. I keep telling my hubby, nothing can be as bad as childbirth! haha! And it's not. Today I can go to the bathroom alone, and pull up my pants. Although I'm feeling better, I'm trying to stay in bed all day for sure! I'm enjoying my heating pad on my back and the cvs brand of peas icepack on my boobies.

I just have to say "the bra of torture" Dr Butler said I have to keep on....really is a bra of torture. I bet this would be feel better if I didn't have it on. But I think I do because I don't want boobies in my collar bone. Wish I could see them right now....but they're all covered up.

The night before my surgery I guess I got a bit scared because one side affect of anethesia could be death. So I wrote out a will, giving my belongings to my family. I also wrote a letter to my hubby and my kids with advice. I didn't want to, but thought...God forbid something happens I want them to know afew things.

So that's what's going on with me. Thanks for listening.

Photos from surgery

After surgery

Surgery day picture

Day of surgery

Not sure why the pictures aren't uploading

It's a sign!

Look what came in the mail today

Day 2

Day 2

post op appointment

Saw my PS today at my first post -op appointment. I've been wearing "the bra of torture". When they took it off of me, I got to see my boobies for the first time. They look kind of "boxie". Doctor said that's normal and in a couple weeks they'll start to drop & fluff.. I need to keep the "bra of torture" on and the strap across the top of the breast to push them down. Doctor warned me to not do to much. He said to wean myself off the pain pills. He said I can take a shower today. Wohoo!

I still haven't gone #2 since before surgery. He said if I haven't by tomorrow he wants me to take Milk of magnesia. Oh the joys of surgery. haha

My owls feel high

Anyone else feel like after getting breast augmentation that they're sitting really high? I'm 5 days out & they're still sitting really high. I wish they would drop already. My husband & I call then owls do that my kids don't know what we're talking about. We got an owl pillow to cuddle with post surgery. I just him.

So anyone can tell me when they'll drop?!?!

So I'm totally not being patient...

my husband tells me I'm only 6 days in, into a 6 week recovery process...and I need to be patient. I'm not patient though. I've been looking forward to this for weeks/months/years really! I had surgery last week Tuesday and I've been in the "bra of torture" as my PS calls it. I feel like my body is pressing the implants hard against my body and they're high in my collar bone. I wish they would drop. It's almost looking like I'm wearing a super push up bra. I'm not in any pain, but totally uncomfortable. I wish I could wear a regular sports bra without a strap. But only a week from Tuesday and I'll be good. I've watched videos on youtube of other girls journey's and wish mine would drop as quick as theirs. They're not squishy and they're high.....I know I totally sound like I'm whining. But ugh.......I paid all this money, waited all this time and now that I've had the surgery, picked my size etc I'm just waiting for them to look and feel pretty.

Any advice?

Ready to see results

Can't wait to see them fully healed

Post op in orange sports bra

Here's day 1

1 week post - op

Well.....hard to believe a week ago today I had the very first surgery of my life. It's been an interesting week of recovery. The first 3 1/2 days I spent all my time in bed. My hubby stayed home and took care of me. Then after 3 days I didn't need the pain meds. I realized I was doing pretty good. I went to work 6 days post -op and it was pretty tough when I got home. Today I felt great at work, and really great when I got home. I stopped at walmart, target, starbucks, had dinner out, and then when we were done I felt exhaustion and my boobies hurt.....I guess I pushed it!

I'm still waiting for them to drop. I wish they would just look perfect already. I honestly can't wait till next week tuesday for my 2 week appointment to the "bra of torture" as my PS calls it off. I bought a pack of Genie Bras (a 2 pack )from target for $20. I love that they're a little longer of a sports bra, so it won't rub against my incisions. Can't wait to be able to wear whatever sports bra I want next week.

They're fantastic!

A little over a week & they're looking good!
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