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Hello ladies, I am 27 years old, 5'2" and 125lbs....

Hello ladies, I am 27 years old, 5'2" and 125lbs. I am too getting a BA. I been reading this site for 3 days now and I am addicted! I love reading all of the reviews/stories about everyone. I think we are all in the same boat-- excited, anxious, determined and in love! Those are a lot of emotions :) but hey we are girls right!! LOL.

I have alwasy been small all of my life. Some days I love what I have now but then I see other girls boobs and I am like, damn I want some too! I have been wanting fake boobs since I was 17, when my best friend got a boob job for her graduation present. I hate the fact when I lay down, I can put my whole hand in the middle of my chest. I want to be able to fill out my shirts and look bangin in a swim suite. I have always been super modest about myself, so I am looking for something super natural that will give people guessing if I am natural or if I just had a modest BA.

I have been reading all kinds of stories on here and I want to be able to give some people advise through my journey and be able to help out others like everyone else on here is doing.

I have done many consultations from 2009-2013. I have waisted a lot of money on consults and schedule an appt. and then back out last minute. I always talk myself out of the procedure. Like, this is gonna be a waist of money? Will I look retarded? Will people judge me differently? But NOW is the time. So why not get fake boobies!!

I have schedule a constulation with my doctor here in Pensacola, FL for June 21st at 3pm. I am SUPER EXCITED!! All I been doing lately is, thinking/dreaming about boobs, reading this site, looking at pictures (trying to find someone that looks like me, before) and trying to find the right shape and size I want. Currenlty I am a small A cup and hopefully looking to get either a FULL B Cup or a SMALL C Cup. They always say to go up a half size bigger than what you really want. WE WILL SEE!

I can't wait for my consult. Til then, I will just keep dreaming and reading about boobs!

questions / concerns

I cannot go to sleep at night. (did anyone else have problems sleeping before hand) I have to literally make myself go to sleep. I am constantly on this website looking at pictures and reading everyones stories and what not. All I can think about is when can I schedule my appointment. I just want to pick my size and then get on with the procedure. I know what I want my boobs to look like post op, but I am nervous that my doctor won't be able to give me what I want. Once I have something set in my mind that is what I want and that is what I get. I know i won't look EXACTLY like some of the photos that I have seen, but a girl can dream. I am sure what ever I will have, I will be super happy with the results.

I haven't even had my consutl yet... (18 days to go) but I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row when I go so I don't miss anything.

I am obsessed with boobs. And I CANNOT wait for mine to be here!

1. What is the big different with getting the implant above ./ underneath the muscle? I read that you lose 50cc if you go under the muscle. So If I decide to go under the muscle, do I need to go 50cc than what I want?
2. How soon did you get to schedule your procedure after the consult?
3. I applied for Carecredit and got approved for $6K. I am definitley not putting the whole procedure on the card, maybe just half the cost :) I plan on paying it off interest free 18 mo. after procedure. Did anyone else do that? Were you able to pay if off in time?
4. I work about 75 hours a week (40- office job) (35 - rest. server) How many days do you think I should take off and then get back into it full time? A week? I might go crazy if its longer than a week!!!

Thank you for your help ladies!!
PS. Here are some photos of my wish list.


Haven't had much to say lately on here.. but I still have been looking, researching and reading everyone's updates to see if I am missing anything. TOMORROW is my consult!!! and I am so excited to go and talk to my doctor. This will probably be my 3rd consult in 2 years LOL. But this time I am going all in! I want to try and schedule by BA by August, that way I have a good month to prep and get everything ready before hand. I am excited to try on the sizers and look at the 3D images of me to see what I potentially would look like? Do those things do you justice??

I hope I will be able to sleep tonight, because I am going to be sooo excited! My appointment is at 3pm.. YAY!

Date set!!

So, I wrote updated my review on the 22nd but then it never posted, so I am gonna do it again. I went to my consult and I was very anxious, nervous and ready to see what I could potentially look like! My PS is really cool, made me feel super comfortable and was down for whatever I wanted to ask or say. He is very laid back and really easy to talk too! My consult was very brief because I met with him 2 years ago and nothing really changed with me or what I wanted to we just kind of took it where we left off. I was very concerned, because I am a server and I can’t miss too much work, so I asked him how long it would be before I could go back to carrying big trays and he just told me 1 week of bed rest and then a total of 2 weeks before I could start lifting my trays again and getting back into it. He did tell me 6 weeks before I could start lifting at the gym.. but to be SUPER careful when doing it. So that made me feel better, I thought I couldn’t go back to work for 6 weeks! I was going to be very poor! LOL

I did get to see the different types of implants. I was very anxious to see the “Gummy Bear” implants but when I felt them, they felt very heavy and like a bag of sand in my hand. Then I compared them to regular Silicone Implants and I liked those a lot better, they were more “squishy” and natural feeling. I can’t remember the brand of the silicone, I was just so excited and overwhelmed at the same time! LOL. But then we went through the pro’s and con’s with the Gummy Bear and the Regular Gel Silicone Breast Implants. From what my PS told me, The Gummy Bear’s are for people that don’t have a lot of shape to their breast’s already.. because the Gummy Bear is made to HOLD their shape the whole entire time, it with give the breast a shape and a “perfect boob like” to their breast. Since the Gummy Bears are new and exciting, they are really wanting the PS to push them and get them out there and see how women really like them. There isn’t much to say bad about them, I just don’t think they are the right implant for me. So I decided that I will go with the regular silicone implants. We then went over the different types of Profiles. The Extreme High Profile, The High Profile , The Moderate Profile, and the Low Profile.

I decided to go with The High Profile Gel Silicone Implant (round), under the muscle.The I took a picture with the Vectra Camera – which was awesome! Went back to the consult room and they put my dimensions into the computer and saw myself in 3D. I was so excited to finally see what I was going to “look” like. He first put m in with a Moderate Profile Round ( 371cc) and you can see my boobs grow.. It looked good, a very modest boob job as I called it. I definitely looked different, but I wanted more umph! So he then put me in the High Profile Round Implant (475cc) and they grew even bigger and a lot more projection! I told my PS, “BOOKMARK THAT PLEASE” and we laughed. It looks soooo good and now I am even more excited for the procedure. He then rotated my body around the computer and I can see my Side, Top and from the “worms point of view” They looked UH-maz-innng! He printed both sets for me so I can look at them, and to tell you the truth, I can’t stop looking at them! HAHA!

Then I signed some paperwork paid my consult fee ($100) and scheduled my surgery for Friday, August 9!!!! I paid 10% down, plus ½ of my consult fee went towards my procedure. The whole entire procedure will cost me $5550.00 all in! Not too shabby and that was what I was expecting too, just from reading different stories and such.

So I saw my boyfriend after I went to work and I told him the whole story and his eyes were just glazing over, hahaha, but he is very supportive and listened to me ramble on about everything. Then I showed him the pictures and he was like oh wow! They look good! And I was like I know right! I asked him which one he liked the best, and just replied, the one you like! HAHAHA… men!

So now, I have less than 1 month and 14 days to go! Let the countdown begin!!!
I will use this time, to read more about post op situations, getting my list together for laying in bed for a week and saving some MONEY for the time I will be out of work.

Hope you ladies are healing well!
Shout out to the ladies that are going in today! GOOD LUCK!

Thanks for listening!!
PS. Here are some pics from the 3D Vectra Camera! YAY!

25 days til pre-op

Good Morning Loves! Nothing too much going on my end. Just counting down the days to my Pre-Op. Once that gets closer, I think I will be more nervous/anxious about the whole thing. Right now, I am just keep reading and imagining me with new Boobies! :) and save save save! I just want to get this whole thing over with and go thru the Post -Op. I am kinda scared but everyone is different with pain and what not.

Good Luck to the ladies going into surgery today
Happy Healing to those who've made it to the other side!

Pre - Op ( 07/25/13)

Good Morning Everyone! I have been still reading everyone's journey to Boobland, and to say the least, i am excited that i will be joining soon.
I totally forgot to post about my pre-op. My Pre Op was last Thursday (07/25/) and it went great. I got there a little early to read all the consent forms and sign and what not. Then a nurse came in, Rian, and went over everything about my Post Op -- Do's and Don't's.

First we went over the different types of medications / prescriptions that I will be taking. I was a bit overwhelmed because some of them are like 3 times a day, some are every 4 hours, 6 hours and so forth... I will be having a lot of alarms I guess going off during the day. She really touched on eating right before I take the medicine or I will get really sick... and even if i am not in pain to still take my medicine on time and every time. Once i get behind on my meds, the pain can hit me like a train and then i will be miserable... So I am all about taking my meds on time :)
Second, we went over how I can't shower for 48 hours, well in my case (monday -- because my surgery is on a Friday) After my 48hr post op then i can take a shower :) I am not too sure how to fell about that, i don't want to go in all sticky and looking like a mess LOL. But hey, my boobs will look great!
Then, the last couple of things we talked about was what i can and can't do (like mobility, working out, cleaning, laundry, you know all the important day to day stuff)

Another girl came in and we took pre op pictures, and then we started trying on sizers. I was already comfortable of what size I was going to get, because of my consult and the 3D camera. I told her I wanted the 475cc high profile. I put the 475 on my right side, then I put the 450 on my left side. They both looked great ( i didn't take any pictures.. oops) I was really feeling the 475 still, and she said ok Great. Now most likely they will look like the 450, and then i got really indecisive. So, on the 3d camera, she put the 500cc on me and they were only 3mm bigger (wider, not projection) and too me, that wasn't a drastic difference, so I am sticking with my original size, 475.

Then my PS came in the office, and he went over the do's and don't's again. Then we went over on why not to get the 500. He basically told me that the 500 will look disproportionate. Since i am so little in my frame, they will look way to big, even though its 3mm in size difference. 475 will give me that hour glass figure and sexiness :) I told him i am really worried bout the constipation thing, and he told me, as long as you drink lots of fluids, eat regularly and get up and move around ( but no dancing, haha) then everything should be fine with blood flow. He said if you lie in bed to long, your blood can't move around and then leading to constipation and blood clots. They did recommend Mike Of Magnesia if I do get really bad.
After all that, I went to the front desk and paid for my anesthesia ($500) via check, and then paid $3772.50, on my carecredit card. So I am just waiting on Sacred Heart to call me about my fees for them ($525) and then they will give me the time of my surgery.


Oh, I totally forgot to tell you! I was looking at my doctors website, and they had a deal going on for $250 off any body procedure, and you have to schedule before August 31st. So I called and told them about it and they took that amount off for me! :)
Everything helps!

Hope you guys are healing well!
10 more days!!!


Tomorrow is the big day and I am getting excited but more nervous! I have a lot of stuff today before the AM. Clean house, laundry and make sure that all the little stuff is done. I dont' want my boyfriend to take care of the house and the princess (me) LOL. That's too much on him and i think we are not ready for the whole downtime.

My surgery is at 9:30am so i have to be at the hospital by 8am to do all testing and pre op stuff.

All i know, is that i hope i can sleep tonight!

I made it to boobie land!!!

Yester was the best day.. dont remember a lot but here is goes.
My surgery was set for 930am and had to get there at 8 for some pre op stuff. Then we kinda jus waited for my time. Everyone at the hospital were supper sweet kathy came by and put some ivy and electrolites in me. Then all I remener is walking back to the or and I layed on the table. The anesthesia lady gave me some "win" and I told them I ciuldnt wait to sleep. The I remeber waking up about 45 mins after surgery. ..she gave me some ice but inwasnt really in pain... but I think my meds really helped lol. So I sat there for a mon ate some crushed ice. My boyfriend got me dressed. I barely remener driving home. The I took my meds as soon as I got home and ate like a peice of taost but my throat was sooo dru I couldnt swallo. I been drinking water and gatorade like crazy and its still dry. Thehen I took a four hour nap til I had to take meds. Pain is not as bad I thought it would be. I guess I have a high tolerance for pain. So everything is great jus hanging out and watching movies. Here is my pic posy op 1


Sorry I had a ton of errors... sorry. Hope u girls can understand. .

Oh and i wanna give a shoutout to my boufriend. I wouldnt be able to do a whole lot with out home

2nd day

So far so good. Just been sleeping a lot and keeping up with my meds. I am glad my boyfriend is here to help out. I am still a little lala land.. i dont realize I have boobies now My 48hour post op is monday and that will b the first time seeing them.
The only problems I have is I cant sit up with my arms and have to use my core muscles to sit up amd my throat is still dry. I been drinkin plentt of water and Gatorade. .. still super dry!

Thats all for right now.

getting better ?

Well I definitely dont remember posting yesterday lol ... but today is even better. I am able to use my arms and gently ease myself up. Today I witnessed my very own sharp pain. I thought I was gonna pass oout but I breathed thru it. I been sleeping a lot and keeping up with meds and honestly I think thats why I have no paid at all. I go in for my 48 hour post op at 1 and it'll be my first time seeing my new girls ;) these past couple of days seem like a blur and a dream... its hard to imagine after all these years I actually went thru it... hopefully I will b able to post some pics so u can see!

Now its time for a nap

Got to see them today!!! ;)

I finally got to see my girls today! I was so excited to see and feel them I havent taken off my surgery bra yet so I was ready. As soon as she took it of the pressure of the bra was sucb a relief! I didnt wanna put it back on lol I do keep having zingers in my left boob a lot .. when do those go away?
All I know is that I am super pleased with my results so far... it jus keeps getting better and bettee

been a few weeks

Hello All...
Sorry I havent been on here in a couple of weeks! I am completely healed and jus waiting for them to drop and fluff.

I honeslt didnt remember my whole week of recovery.. I was loving those pain meds I was perscribed. Lol.
I took pictures throughout the week so I could look back and see how much change took place... and I love them! I know I will love them even more when I am completely done with everything. I dont wish I went a size bigger / smaller. They are perfect size and I am so grateful for Dr. Butler and his deciso making!

I am back at both jobs now. After the first week.. I went back ti my deak job and everything was normal. No pain nor any soreness.after my second week I went back to my serving job. I was a little nervous working that hard but after I got my groove back I was ok. I am now back at 100%. I got released to go back to the gym and lightly getting back into arm work outs. I havent gone back to gym I wanted to wait a full 3 weeks jus incase.
I will post pics next ;)

pictures ?

3 weeks post op *pics*

3 weeks in and I feel great! I dont have any pain. I still have some dropping and fluffing to do. I absolutely love all my clothes with no bra!!!
Here are some pics for my 3 weeks!
Hope everyone is healing well ;)

bathing suit

Love how I can fill out a bathinh suit now ;)

Dr. Butler is amazing! He is #1 in Florida for Plastic Surgery and I know first hand why! He is great with his patients and all of his nurses are wonderful! I am glad I found him and really connected with him. I love his work and I can't wait to show my new girls off when I am completely healed! It is sooo important to listen to your PS about all the healing process information and instructions, they know what is best! I highly recommend Dr. Butler! He is truly amazing :)

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