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I am a 27 yo mom of 3 beautiful boys. I am 5'4,...

I am a 27 yo mom of 3 beautiful boys. I am 5'4, 155-160lbs depending on the day. I have a very outgoing personality that can be mistaken for confidence. Since having my boys, I have none. My clothes no longer wear the same way, and truly I am just uncomfortable in my own skin. I am so glad I came across Shaddix. There was something about him that stuck out amongst his peers. I am going to go ahead and upload some before pictures. They are terrible, I know. I have no doubt with his skill and expertise my body is going to he transformed. I am just looking forward to not being ashamed of how I look anymore!

Wish pictures

Here are several pictures I have sent Dr. Shaddix, to give him an idea of exactly what I want. For my frame he has suggested 450 cc. I hope they will not leave me with what some ladies call boob greed. Haha the pictures of the ladies I am posting one has 550's and one has 600's.

Surgery is tomorrow!

So we are on our way to Pensacola now. Realized I forgot my pillow. Oops. Remembered my crazy pills thought so that is a definit plus. :) my eldest son did not come with us, and is having a pretty hard time being away from me. That makes me pretty sad. I miss him already and we've only been on the road an hour. Ps I am traveling with two toddlers.... A 2 yo and a 3 yo. This recovery is going to be a chaotic nightmare. And trying to get back home in 4 days.... Wellll I'll try to take some pictures lol ......... I took a few more befores with a tank and some sleep pants on.


More Pictures

Three days post op pics.

This is just 3 short days.

About 10 days

Well it is almost my birthday and my present is looking better and better each day. :) I'm still really swollen. Especially in these photos. This is after my shower and being out of compression for about an he and a half.

Booty pics

Just a few pictures I took of the new stretchy jeggings...

About 8 weeks out

Almost all of my swelling is gone. I have a couple small pockets of fat that are going to have to be touched up. With as much fat and as dense as my fat was, that does not surprise me.

Problem areas.

I have an appt with the Good Looking Dr. at the end of this week. I want to address a few things. I look amazing naked. But with clothes on my hips are too high and give the appearance of a protruding fat pouch. I would like to have them lowered just a bit. I have a few uneven places on my belly. You cannot really see them from the photos until I turn sideways. My stomach seems like it peaks, from the small donut around the top of my belly button.
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