BBL and BBL revision: 30yr old, 2 kids

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I've been researching the procedure for years and...

I've been researching the procedure for years and finally went ahead and worked up the nerve to get it done. I looked into numerous doctors-- both local and not, but upon meeting with Dr. Shaddix, I knew I'd found the doctor for me. I am pretty sure I broke the record for 'most questions asked', yet he never seemed bothered and made it a point to insure that I was well informed and comfortable. He even took the time to go over the details with my husband separately. He also made sure to give me a realistic expectation of the procedure and from that I was able to go into surgery super relaxed and excited! My stomach area is still swollen (to be expected) , but so far I think I'm going to be happy with the results! Recovery wasn't too bad---first few days were a little rough, but after that it got SO much better!


Finally updating's some of my before pictures.

More pictures from the first few weeks

Taking it back to the original goal

I've always been known for my upbeat personality and sense of humor. As long as I can remember my body style has been an insecurity of mine. Prior to the surgery I was extremely top heavy and had narrow hips and NO ASS AT ALL. Like a negative amount. My pants would sag in the back.

Last year I faced a few issues in my personal life---issues that made me look deeply at myself. I wasn't happy. I'd gained weight from 2 pregnancies and had a wrecked my body from a history losing and gaining weight. I no longer felt like myself and I'd given up on 'finding myself'.

An 'opportunity,' to say the least, presented itself and I started to look into plastic surgery. After researching I ended up going with Dr. Shaddix. He listened to what I wanted and helped me to set realistic expectations. Together, we came up with a plan to get me to my goal body. My first surgery was my BBL. I knew going into it, I'd need a tummy tuck, but by doing a BBL first, I could get more fat lipo'd from my stomach, sculpt out a new body shape, and access the far above my belly button, that I wouldn't be able to get during a tummy tuck. I told Dr. Shaddix that I did not want anything conservative. I wanted to finally have the vixen body I'd dreamed. I wanted to stop being cute and be sexy for once. I wanted to find 'me' again.

Dr. Shaddix advised me that after my bbl, I'd have loose skin in my abdomen. He strategically removed as much fat as he could from above my belly button, seeing as the plan was to have a tuck secondary where I could get any additional lower far removed. He also said that if my butt wasn't as big as I wanted, that I could get more fat transferred at the time of my tummy tuck. I'm so happy that I found a doctor that shared my vision and helped me obtain it.

Final pics from my BBL phase

To see the next step, see my Tummy Tuck review. ??

Add'l pics

BBL revision and final thoughts

After months of thinking it was all in my head (lol) I sent my husband a picture and pinpointed areas I wasn't exactly happy with. He agreed, my butt was a tad high, and the shaping wasn't quite what I wanted. I think part of this was due in part to having to sit after my add'l transfer (during my tummy tuck). My butt at this point was wider up at the top and low key had a v shape. I talked with dr shaddix and we scheduled a revision to fix the shaping.

I had my revision and the shaping is so much better. I am extremely glad that I went through with it.

I've had three surgeries now. My initial goal or was to be more pear shaped, I think I'm more hourglass. I mean it's still better than before! I've admittedly put on maybe 10lbs since my very it's surgery, but I'm working to get that off (and some). My only complaints (not really complaints, more like no things worth noting) are that now I feel top heavy. My arms and upper back have really had work done and pair that with an already smaller hip area and new small waist and I feel like I wish those things were smaller. With my first bbl, I had just my stomach and lower back done. I had so much stomach fat that needed to be removed that majority of my fat removal allowance was used there. I wish that before I had my first bbl, I'd have been maybe 10-15lbs smaller..maybe then I could have gotten more lipo in upper areas and gotten closer towards my goal. I look way better than before, my results are just not quite as dramatic as I originally hoped, but maybe things would have been better if I'd have started off smaller. Still very thankful! Hopefully some time in the gym will get me the rest of the way.. I don't see my husband letting me get much more done haha!!

Pictures after revision

Still swollen in these pictures

Post swelling pics

I had surgery back in during the end of April. These are my most recent pics

Goal vs results

Trying to research exercises that may help me get closer towards my goal
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