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Extremely unhappy with 'at rest' face and looking...

Extremely unhappy with 'at rest' face and looking tired and angry all the time. Booked in for SMAS lower face and neck lift which surgeon assures will give a very good result. I'm hopeful, excited and a little nervous. Four hours is a long time to be under anaesthetic. Really can't wait to have the procedure.

One week to go

Just one week to go until surgery day. The last five weeks have flown and I'm nervous and super excited at the same time. Next week there will be photos.

Facelift is tomorrow.

The day is finally about to arrive. Tomorrow I have to be at the hospital at 6:00 for my SMAS facelift (without coffee). Hope my surgeon has had hers ????. Tomorrow evening I will post the first "after" pic. These two pics are "befores". Let's see what happens.

All done

Same day post op. Feeling very tired.

Day 1 post op

First day after surgery. Some swelling and bruising coming out. There is pain around the suture sites but not unbearable. I have a prescription for heavy pain meds but trying to avoid. Bandages come off tomorrow and I think I will feel a bit better then.

Day 2 Post Op

Feeling very tight and tender. Original bandages removed today and a clean crepe bandage reapplied. Lots of swelling and neck looks like a lizard. Currently resemble bride of Frankenstein. Hopeful everything will settle back to where it's supposed to.

Day 3 Post op

Not much change since yesterday. I slept better last night (half sitting up) which I am grateful for. Swelling and tightness remains the same and most areas are numb. Incision lines are becoming itchy.

Day 4 Post Op

Showered and washed hair. Feel part way human but swelling is gross. The sides of my neck are very, very tight and painful if I try to turn my head. The incisions around my ears are also painful, particularly when eating. On the whole though, doing better but I still get very tired.

Day 6 Post op

I slept really well last night, able to move around and not only sleep on my back.
Pics show still some bruising and swelling. The tightness in my neck and ears is painful at times. I have to say I am concerned that I am unable to turn to my head to the right. Will this all loosen up. I get my stitches and staples out on Thursday so will ask my doctor then.

1 week post op.

Still very numb and left side of face clearly more swollen but I am beginning to get a sense of what the final outcome will be and I am happy. I ventured a little Nivea and L'Occitane eye creme today.

8th day post op

Nothing much to add today. Left side of face still very swollen and still have difficulty moving neck. I'll see the doctor tomorrow and hear what she thinks. ??

Day 10 post op

Saw PS yesterday and she removed the sutures in front of my ears. Thought I was going to pass but we got through it. Staples out next week which she assured me will hurt worse ????
Back to work on Monday but need to find some method of covering my ears. They are still swollen and red. PS said the ears are the last thing to go down.
In the whole she said I was doing very well and healing well; she said everything I described was normal and all will be healed and back to normal in six weeks. Yay

11 Days post op.

Today I thought I'd put a little "face" on as I have a friend coming for lunch.
I'm still super swollen and numb but beginning to get a sense of the final outcome. Love that the neck and jowls are gone, and my at rest face is not "bitch" face.

16 Days post op

Staples and couple remaining stitches came out today. My face is a bit asymmetric at the moment because left side of face is swollen upper cheek and temple area, and right side of face swollen at jaw line. I have a little infection at my left ear incision site. The dr assures me everything will sort itself out. She said "your skin will just get better and better. At three months you will look much better and at six months, better still."
Still much numbness and can't feel sides if my face and neck.
Picture shows the swelling.

6 Weeks post op

Here we are that monumental six weeks post op mark.
Still a fair bit of scabbing on the back of my head and behind my ears; and of course numbness. I get swelling under my eyes on the cheek bones and I have some pitting on the left jaw line. Maybe it will all flatten out.

The final result 9 months post op

This is the final result of my face and neck lift of November, 2015.
I am not going to add any comment but let the photos speak for themselves.

3 1/2 months post op. Taken 17 Feb 2016

Scar update

This is now twelve months post op. I thought you might like to see the scars Dr Kirby left me with.

Scarring update

These are the scars I am left with one year post op. Ears and sides of face still numb. Doctor stated on another site that I am that 1% of patients who has unrealistic expectations.
I can no longer wear my hair up and if the wind blows my hair to expose the scars, people stare and cringe. I'm wondering if I was supposed to expect this.
I don't have to claim that I am disfigured as the photos speak for themselves and of course, doctor has refused to see me. Her website claims "virtually invisible scars". Beware.
Dr Rita Kirby

On the initial consult, Dr Kirby was encouraging and told me I would get a great result. I didn't see her again until day of surgery when her communication was like she only had a vague recollection of me. After surgery I didn't see her until 9 days later when she took the front stitches out. Hurt like hell. One week later I saw her again for staple removal. I pointed out an infected spot in front of left ear to which the dr said she would not give me anything for it and that my body will heal itself. This was dr's last day before having a baby eight days later and she left no one as a back up in case I experienced any complications. My result. I have lumps in my jowls area on the left side. Seems the makings of jowls both sides has returned and my neck still hangs under my chin. I have lost a little of the loose skin that I had but overall I did not get the result I was after or promised. I was told to come back in three to six months with the assurance that my result was going to just keep getting better. Not so; my result has gotten worse over time. As Dr Kirby is on leave, there is no one to take my concerns to. I have not been able to see the dr again and had to visit my GP for a left over staple removal and antibiotic cream for now two infected areas, the ear and a place behind the ear which six weeks later is still weeping. The PS's receptionist since my surgery has shown very little interest in me. Update. I made an appt at six months post op as instructed by Dr Kirby when I last saw her on 19/11/2015. On the day of my appt, Dr Kirby had her receptionist Jan call me and tell me not to come as Dr Kirby has refused to see me. She has shown no interest in addressing any of my concerns. What she has done is threatened to prosecute me on another review site called ratemds.com, claiming my comments are defamatory. The truth is NOT defamatory, it is the truth.

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