NOT Exaggerating... the Zingers HURT!

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I only had the bottom teeth done to match new...

I only had the bottom teeth done to match new upper veneers scheduled for next week. The provider was careful to cover all gum tissue, I experienced no burning. The dentist is a certified cosmetic dentist.

I felt the procedure was painless UNTIL the last 5 minutes of the 4th (out of 4) 15-minute sessions. I felt a sharp stabbing pain through my one tooth. Then I had the same sensation if a different tooth. It made me jump in the chair. Luckily, I was done at that point, because I am not sure I could have continued much longer. The "zingers" only last about 10 seconds each, but are VERY painful. They stop my breath and cause me to squeeze my eyes shut and hold my face until they subside. I feared driving home, but managed to white-knuckle the 30 minute drive. I have had many dental procedures (root canals, bone grafting, fillings with no Novocaine, etc.) so I am no baby.

It is now 9 hours later and I am still having the zingers about once an hour (which is a great improvement over the once every 5 minutes at the beginning.) Percocet didn't touch them, nor did Hydrocodone (I had some pain meds from other dental procedures...and I never have taken more than 1/2 a tablet total...I did today!) I suppose different people have different responses to the procedure. Maybe I was just unlucky.

My teeth do look lighter, but I understand that the color will not be this white after my teeth rehydrate. I don't think I would do it again.

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