23 y.o, No Kids, 365cc Natrelle Inspira - Pennsylvania, PA

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Ever since I hit puberty, I waited patiently for...

Ever since I hit puberty, I waited patiently for my breasts to develop... Sadly, they never really did. My mom, aunt and I joke that I was also blessed with the "curse" of nonexistent breasts like the rest of my mom's side of the family! Anyway, I am a 30AA hoping for a full C. I am currently deciding between two surgeons but will have a decision by January and will be scheduling the opp for the first week of March! I'm excited/nervous/anxious but thrilled to have found this site with so many supportive ladies!

Surgery date booked!!

So I finally booked my surgery date for March 10! I'm thinking of going either 325, 350 or 375cc. I know that I definitely want mod + However, the surgeon suggested a 325 cc high profile which is not what I'm going for :( Because of my lack of breast tissue and my measurements up top, he suggested a higher profile and smaller size. I was a bit puzzled because another surgeon told me that I could virtually go up to 375 cc mod plus without any difficulty.... So I spoke to my patient coordinator and she assured me that while he can make recommendations, he will also listen to what the patient wants because at the end of the day it's the patient's decision. I'm truly afraid of the "fake" look so I'd definitely cut down cc's as long as I get that moderate plus :)

At this point I'm feeling very excited but also nervous! I've been saving up for a while now and through the care credit plan I should be able to pay it all off in time.

Question for you ladies, did you tell coworkers about the operation? I have a work bestie who I'm pretty close with but k would HATE for the whole office to find out :(

I included some of my boobie wish pics! Will have to show my surgeon at the preop in February!!! Also, in terms of stats I'm 5'6 130 lbs 32aa

Pre-op, doc going with 335 or 365cc

Hello!! I just had my pre-op, surgery day is 10 days away ahhhhhh! So a few things... Due to my lack of breast tissue and the tightness of my skin there's only a 50% chance that my surgeon will be able to fit 365cc HP, which is what I'm hoping my fingers for... So he ordered 345 and 335cc as a back up. I had a feeling this would happen and as of now I'm okay with it, I trust his expertise. Wouldn't want to risk any complications just for more cc's. I also really respect how blunt he is about it and I appreciate that he is putting my health and safety first instead of just shoving in more cc's than I can handle. Overall, the not knowing the final outcome and size is what is stressing me out but as of now, it's out of my control.

I wanted to ask you ladies a few questions...
If you've gone through a BA already, how long did you take off from exercising? I'm anxious to get back to me workout regime asap after the surgery, it's causing me so much anxiety :/
Also, anyone else have their heart set on moderate plus and have to go with high profile because of a narrow chest wall?? How do you like it so far??

Any feedback from you guys would be awesome :)

Surgery tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!! So nervous and excited! I'll post pics and will update after the surgery :) I hope it all goes smoothly and that the healing process is successful!

On the other side!!! :)

Hey ladies! I'm on the other side :) I had my surgery on Thursday so I'm officially on day 2 post-op. I'll run through the day of surgery and yesterday and some tips that may be helpful :)

Day of op: Oh so nervous!! I was shaking as the doctor came in and marked me up, then the anesthesiologist came in and went over the protocol (after the nurse and doc did) to see if I had any follow up questions... Which I did not. I just wanted the damn thing over with already. Once I was in my gown, cap and slippers I laid down on the operating table with my arms splayed out to my sides as they connected the IV and other sorts of medical devices. The nurse was so friendly, she held my hand as I slipped under. Next thing, I wake up and was told that the doc was able to fit in the 365cc hp inspira allergan (woot woot) I don't know if it was the anesthesia or what but apparently I was a goofball and was really silly once I woke. My fiancé came and picked me up and brought me home... He's been an angel through all of this, and so had my mom and aunt who came to visit. Having a supportive boyfriend, husband, friend, family member etc is so incredibly important since you can barely do anything on your own post-op.

Pain wise: I had a ROUGH two days. The night after the surgery I could not sleep and was nauseous from the Percocet. Every time I would take it I would vomit :( so I have resorted to Tylenol extra strength along with my other meds. So far I haven't had any constipation issues and I think it's because I bought milk of magnesia (this thing is miraculous) and some stool softeners. Anyway, I'm on day two post op and I am more mobile with my arms, just need help pushing myself off the bed and couch. It's the first morning I woke up feeling OK. Not in too much pain, just uncomfortable. However, My implants feel freakin strange and alien like on my chest, I can't wait for them to settle in place. Also, I was wondering if anyone else's surgeon didn't give a chest strap to be placed across the top of the chest? Mine are riding high and I'm worried they won't settle properly without the strap.

I'll keep updating as the process goes. Let me know if you have any questions and happy healing!!

Day 4 post op and back to work

So I'm on day 4 post op.... I went back to work today. I have an office job so I am not straining anything but my body does feel very tired and weak. I'd suggest you girls giv3 a bit more time off instead of jumping back to work. My right implant is dropping quicker than my right. Pain level is not bad, I'm just on Tylenol extra strength and my antibiotics. However, morning boob sucks!! And I have some shooting pains in my left armpit when I wake up as well. I have a little bit of boobie Blues today, I miss working out already not sure how I'm going to have to wait a month to work out again :( but right my focus is on healing!

Also, I'm super self conscious of my nips!! Since I'm only wearing a compression bra my nipples poke through and I get self conscious that my coworkers notice that and the slight change in my chest size. However, I always wore a big b cup padded bra and now I think I'll probably end up a c with 365cc. I am glad i didn't go bigger, I think this size fits my frame pretty well. I'll update with pics soon!! :)

Day 6 post op :) love having boobies!

Today is my first day without any pain meds, not even Tylenol! I'm feeling good! Still very tight up top but I was also able to drive for the first time without any problem. I'm patiently waiting for them to drop and soften since they still feel like rocks on my chest. I tried on a cute bralette today that made the girls look pretty :) I can't make any cleavage yet because my skin is still tight haha but hopefully will get there soon. The fiance loves them already!! We were planning to wait a week to get it on but we only got to post op day 4/5 LOL. Should be ok as long as I keep my heart rate low.

One week with the girls!

Exactly one week ago I went in for my surgery!!! I compared a pic to one right after surgery and they are rounding out a bit... But they are still scary looking - so high up and very tight :/ my left boob feels more tight and it's a bit more swollen.

This week I've been taking it easy. No drinking for me on st. Pattys day which is a bit of a bummer but I need to heal properly! I want to get back to working out so badly but I am going to wait a full month, but will start brisk walks on week 2.

Anyway, the latest issue I've been having is feeling like there's a bubble between my implant... I don't feel it on the outside but I have this uncomfortable tightness and it is only on the left side. I'll express this to my doc at my next visit! Also, any girls have problems with their nips poking through their compression bra and top?! Eeek!

Boobie blues

Feeling very down the last couple days and I think it's the boobie blues :( My PS gave me a packet with a page on minor depression after surgery because you're weening off the meds and because you're not very active for a little while. I've been feeling restless and tired of being cooped up and not being able to work out or go out makes me feel antisocial and sad :( I am also feeling like my boobs look strange and I am eager for them to drop already. I'm paranoid that they are going to stay high up and that my nipples will stay low the way they are now!!! Sorry for the venting! Just been feeling super low

Two week mark!!!

Woohoo I'm at my two week mark :) as of now, I feel great. Absolutely no pain, just morning boob when I wake up and still some slight tightness/tender spots on my breasts. I moved up my three week post op so I'll be getting some massages to do and will address how high up they are. They are a tiny bit softer but still hard. My future sis in law touched them and she was like "ahh they're so hard" haha well give it a couple weeks/months... I've been applying cocoa butter religiously! Can't wait for these babies to drop!!

This week I got my period so when I last updated I was PMSing AND had booby blues... I was like a roller coaster ride. My fiancé has been an angel throughout this ride, I'm so lucky to have him.

I've been getting a little pudgy!! Eeek. I lost some weight after the surgery, only to probably gain it all back. I guess it's the inactivity and since I regained my appetite I've been a bit too lenient. But once I get The ok to work out, I'm gonna whip my booty back into shape, in time for the summer. I can't wait to wear some booby bearing tops and bikinis :)))

Week three anni

Week three! I'm all clear to resume my workouts, my steristrips are off and I've been given boob massages to help them soften up and create a pocket. I also ordered scar cream and I'm supposed to get underwire bras!

I feel great! No more pain and today is the first day I woke up without morning boob. My breasts feel softer but I'm still waiting for them to drop and fluff. My doc said that with the specific massage he gave me it'll help them move together and form some cleavage!!! I've never had cleavage before so I'm really excited.

They are feeling more and more like my own, sometimes I forget about them haha. While my physical recovery has been impressive, I had a really bad period of the blues and I think it might've been from weening off the meds and not being able to really get out of the house and work out. They still don't look very pretty or normal but I know that there's a long way to go. I'm going to do the massages I'm instructed to do as well as use the scar cream and take the vitamin e like the doc said to but I'm now refocusing on resuming to my normal life and less focus on the boobies! I can't wait to get back to working out and getting in shape for the summer :)

Week 4 update

Not much to update today. I hit my 4 week mark which is exciting :) I added some pics, they are improving slowlllllyyy but there's still a long way to go. Since the swelling is down they are smaller haha but hopefully the drop and fluff will make them look more full :) overall very happy and looking forward to more progress!

Week 6

5 month update!

I haven't been updating for quite some time now but I'm about 5 months post op and I love these babies!! They are getting much softer and dropped significantly. Although my doc wants me in a bra at all times to prevent further droppage. I'm a 32dd and I feel like they fit my body, I can dress them up or down and I can finally rock a bikini top ;)No boob greed, my only concern is my scars that are a bit darker than most bc of my darker complexion and I have a tiny bit of stretch marks near my nipple (super hard to see) but going to apply more cocoa butter on them & perhaps try silicone sheets. That's all for now ladies!
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