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I recently turned 20 years old and have wanted...

I recently turned 20 years old and have wanted full, juicy breasts since I learned about puberty in the 3rd grade. I began to sprout before all my friends. I got hips and height and little mosquito bite boobs so I thought I'd have boobs before everyone else...well all my friends began to surpass me in the chest department and before I knew it, I was done growing in that area lol. But I kept growing otherwise so I've always felt disproportional. I used to borrow my older sister's padded bras in middle school and then got my own padded bras in high school (the bombshell to be exact). I never wore any other kind of bra and never took them off. My sister got a breast augmentation and I was so jealous of her. She always told me when I graduated I could move in with her and she'd buy me a boob job. We always joked with our parents about it. Unfortunately in my senior year of high school, she was in a car accident and was killed instantly. Years later I entertained the idea of a breast augmentation again and went to my parents about it and my plan to pay for it. They told me that they would use the money we received from my sister's life insurance to pay for it. So it was more than just a procedure; it meant much more to me. It's as if she really is buying them for me like she said. I know she's watching from heaven cheering me on and loving my new boobs hahah (:

As stats go...
~Height - 5'9"
~Weight - 150
~Pre-Op - 32 full A (was wearing 34B to add to the illusion of bigger breasts haha)
~L - 500cc, R - 480cc
~Saline, moderate profile
~Transaxillary incision

*1 week post-op- 32DDD (still have to drop and fluff, de-swell & alla that)
But impatient me couldn't resist buying a bra at VS semi annual sale so hopefully it still fits after it's all settled. I bought a 34DD demi bra because they didn't have any DDD sale bras but it's the "sister size" they said. Oh well it was only $18.

Forgot to Add Pichyaaazzzzzzz!

More Noodz: Post Op Day 10

2 Weeks Post-Op: Filling Out My Clothes Better Than Ever!

No padded bras were used in these pics! Yay!!!

3 Weeks Post Op: I feel like they're a part of me now

Went to see my PS and he cleared me to do anything I wanted; exercise, underwire bras, swimming, tanning etc. He actually wants me to do something like running/jogging so my boobs bounce up and down. He said that would help with the rest of the dropping. I've noticed a good difference already in the dropping since last week & they look bigger and rounder. Also, they are getting softer each day. I can finally push them together and they'll jiggle too. I paid $100 for the Allergan ConfidencePlus Premier Warranty so that way I'll get 2 free implants AND Allergan will pay $2,400 towards the surgery should something happen to them within the next 10 years. I thought it was a pretty good deal. Plus I can always go bigger that way haha (; No but seriously I love my boobs! Eeeeek! This whole experience was so fun. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering it.

1 Month Post Op

So everything is back to normal. I'll randomly look at them and think they've shrunk which makes me sad, but I got to keep reminding myself they're way better than what I had before. Besides I can always wear a push up bra & then just go bigger next time around, which I definitely will. So I think that's about all the updates I have for my breast augmentation cause this is all the changing I think I'll see! :P

idc i got a boob job and i'm proud!

why hide? hello everyone! (:

New Bras

I fit perfectly into 32DDD bras at VS however I think I only look like a C/D cup. So that kinda sucks but now I know next time around to go bigger. I like the porn star look so looking a lil fake is fine with me. I just like big boobs lol. Nothing wrong with that :P

feelin' bummed :(

So I know I'm a spoiled brat for this but I'm getting so much boobie greed lately & I really want them to be bigger already. I'm not really sure what to do cause it's not exactly in my budget & I literally just got them done almost 3 months ago. I think they look great but I'm tall and not the skinniest person so I feel like I could definitely take bigger boobs well. I wear my push up bra to make up for it, but I feel like they look the same as before surgery when I wore my bombshell bra. :/ I don't like telling people my bra size cause I don't look anything like a DDD. Also, my friends say they can't tell I had a boob job, like wth did i pay all this money for then? I'm trying to lose weight so maybe they'll look bigger in comparison to my body, but I'm not good at dieting and that lol. I looked at pictures and I like the look of 700-800cc. Sounds big but they're hot lol. Idkkkk what do ya'll think?
Dr. Michael Kluska

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