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I really can't wait until the day of my...

I really can't wait until the day of my surgery! I have been waiting about 6yrs for this and now that it is getting closer it is all I think about. I am 38 years old 5'5" and 125 lbs. I have two teenage sons. Gained about 35lbs each pregnancy never seemed to be able to take it all back off until a few years ago. I am in the same boat with everyone else I can exercise all I want but I am unable get rid of my flabby, gross, stretch marked tummy. It really becomes depressing and makes it difficult to stick with an exercise routine when you can't get the results you want.

I just love this site and could use some input from others. I love seeing everyone's results and I hope mine will be just as wonderful. I am having a full tummy tuck, breast lift, and silicone implants. I am between two sizes 330 or 360 ccs. Everyone says to go larger when in doubt but I want them to look natural. I don't want to be larger than a D. Doctor says to go with the 360. I am currently too large for a B cup but I droop and sag in a padded push up C. This is the decision I am having the most difficulty with. I have until November 23rd to decide. Any input would be appreciated.

My children are teenagers and I am undecided what to tell them. Obviously they are going to see the results although I don't know what they really pay attention to. Any suggestions? Right now I am just figuring I will tell them that I am getting some corrective surgery due to my pregnancies. Especially since the PS told me I have diastisis seperation. As far as support, my Mom and boyfriend are terrific. My mother is going to stay with me and my boyfriend is always very helpful so I know he will help when he isn't at work. I have two weeks off of work and it runs into our Christmas Holiday giving me extra time to recuperate.

2 months to go from today! It won't be long...

2 months to go from today! It won't be long now. This site is so helpful. It is so hard to put everything in perspective and reading other peoples stories, struggles, and triumphs is wonderful. I keep reading how everyone feels so guilty spending so much money on themselves. I have felt the same way all along but the desire to have my body somewhat back to how I invision it is so great that I can't help but do this for myself. I have to give my Mom the credit in helping me decide to go for it and hopefully what she told me helps someone else. She said "it is not like you waste money on bad habits, you are not a smoker, you don't spend alot of money on clothing, and you don't go out partying all the time." If you figured out what someone spends after years of smoking cigarettes they have spent way more than what I will be spending on this surgery. I have worked so hard to bring my self esteem back up to where it belongs. It has taken me a long time to realize that I can do things for myself and that I am worth the effort. I have lost those last 30 pounds that never seemed to want to go away. I have started doing things to better myself mentally and physically. This is just one of the puzzle pieces that is going to make me feel like me again. I know I am worth it and I want other women to know that they are worth it too. As long as you are doing this for yourself to improve how you feel about you it is worth it.

16 days until my preop appointment. 31 days until...

16 days until my preop appointment. 31 days until surgery. Some days it seems around the corner and others it seems too far away. I think I have made a decision on the size implant I want - thinking 360cc's. However, I will reserve the right to change my mind up till I am in the Dr office on the 23rd.

I have spent so many years in a pushup bra with padding that I didn't know what I look like anymore. So I tried on one without padding and I am a currently a C cup at Victoria's Secret. I was thinking about how my body has evolved - started out in highschool with a great tummy and small but perkey breasts. Got pregnant ended up with ok breasts and a huge tummy. Breastfed and had great breasts and a flabby tummy. Quit breastfeeding and have floppy breasts and flabby tummy. Lost weight and no improvement. Never can seem to get everything to be in the right proportions at the right time or at the same time. So although I am getting more nervous I am excited about the changes coming up.

I hope my results give me great firm well proportioned breasts and a nice flat tummy. After all of the dieting and exercising it will be nice to have the results I have wanted for so long. I still haven't retried to put up pictures but I am a little worried about it (shy, conservative) and even though I would not put my face up I am afraid someone will figure out who I am. I may retake some but in a bathing suit. Will try to decide before surgery as I know that seeing before and after is encouraging.

Decided to show some pics. I am not a very big...

Decided to show some pics. I am not a very big person but this belly takes over my whole frame. Can't wait to have some uplift and fullness in my breasts!

Took out double pics. fixed captions

took out double pics. fixed captions

I went to the PS and for my preadmission tests...

I went to the PS and for my preadmission tests today. Everything is on track for the 8th. It is so close now. I really can't believe it. It was a good appointment today. We discussed where my incision for my TT will be and I was told to bring in my favorite style panties and he will keep the scar under them. He said to keep in mind a string pair won't work (I guess someone tried but he can only do so much):) I think that is a really cool way to hide the scar though and it made me feel really comfortable. I did change my mind on implant size and I will be going with 339cc's (weird size even the nurse commented it used to be 340 and they changed it??). When I put the 360's in today they just looked too large for my frame. I think going to Victoria Secrets and having them measure and putting on a bra without padding really put it into perspective for me. Also, after I chose the nurse was really sweet and said she thinks I picked the right size for me and that the last three ladies had chosen the same size. The doctor measured when he came back in the room and I should have a perfect hourglass figure with the size I picked so he didn't try to talk me up or down on size. For some reason I was really content with my choice today and I feel alot better.

The only thing that didn't go as planned is that he feels I should have some lipo on my "love handles" like my lower back. He took a picture of me and showed me before and afters from other patients. He felt bad he missed it at my first appointment but he really took his time with me and he gave me a good deal to have the extra done. $750.00 more instead of $1800.00 he usually charges. At this point I figure what's an extra 750.00 and one of my other consults had suggested it anyway so I don't think he was pulling a fast one. I had so many questions my first appointment I think I didn't give him a chance to really look everything over. I also found out that all of the scar creams/treatments are covered in my total. They will be sending me home with gauze and anything I need to take care of my scars after they take out the stitches. That was great news and I was able to cross a bunch of things off my list. He is very confident I will be happy with my results because of the fact I am in good shape and a non smoker.

Preadmission was not a big deal. Blood work, they checked my blood pressure asked questions about supplements and gave instructions for preop things. When to stop eating. To shower within two days before the surgery with antibacterial soap(which won't be a problem I will be showering the night before and in the the morning it will probably be the last relaxing shower I will have for a while)

I think I am ready just very nervous and hoping I have a terrific outcome. I am so worried about something not coming out right or getting an infection.

Tomorrow is the big day! I have not been able to...

Tomorrow is the big day! I have not been able to sleep for the past few days. Last night the thoughts were Vanity vs. Sanity. This type of surgery has to be considered somewhat Vain. Why is it that some of us worry so much about our bodies while others don't? I just want so badly to have things put back in place. I don't know if it is because I got married and had kids too young. Or if I would have been like this any way. I was small in highschool but never quit loved my body so is it just a way to fix what I felt I never could? Which brings me to the sanity part. If I don't do this I won't be sane! For years now I have stood in front of the mirror pushing things up or squishing them down. I cannot live my life that way anymore. So the Sanity thing is definately winning over the Vanity part! So know you have heard the rantings of a crazy hormonal woman. By the time you read this post I will probably be in surgery. Not to say I will be sane right afterwards but I will be in the recovery period. I am glad you are all along for the ride. Not sure where I would be without this site. We are all in the same boat and because of that we don't feel so alone. I will hopefully be posting some kick a$$ pics soon :)

I figured I better update here now. I kept just...

I figured I better update here now. I kept just posting so everyone heard from me right away.

I was so amazed that I didn't feel all jittery the morning of the surgery. I was definately more nervous when I had my tubes tied. I was told to come in at 6 am on Wednesday the 9th because of my latex sensitivity the hospital wanted me first. Well they were wrong. We sat in one room til 9 then they took me to the preop where my PS was waiting. The first surgery was with a different dr. So my PS marked me all up and we waited. The nurse asked me if I was willing to let them clean me with the betadine solution before putting me under. I guess it saves a lot of time. So it was a very different experience. The female nurses covered up the windows and I had to stand while the wiped me completely down. What an experience not used to someone else cleaning my whowho. Kind of hurt when she did the belly button. Then the trick was getting on the OR table without touching anything. Took 3 of them to help me. Different. After they laid me down I don't remember a blessed thing until they woke me up.

Waking up was the worst part for me. The stitches on my tummy burned like a bugger the worst was I kept shaking. The nurse was terrific and just kept giving me more drugs and something to stop the shakes.

When I got moved to my room they already had me hooked up to morphine. I highly recommend the overnight stay if it is an option. My Mom and Boyfriend left by 9:00 and the nurses handled everything the first night. I didn't have to get up because they hooked up the compression things to my legs so Thursday was the big day.

I have seen a little bit of my boobs. I know they have to fall into place, the nipples look really pointy. I had lipo on my back and my butt looks and feels like cottage cheese. My butt is very bruised. The pain has not been as bad as I anticipated. I am still on oxycodone so I am sure I rambled on. Being I can't see anything I am still marking undecided but I think everything is going well. I had been running a low grade temp but everything is normal today.

Managed to get up the stairs today. Had a shower...

Managed to get up the stairs today. Had a shower and today it was much nicer. Seems like I feel like a new woman today. I am still not sure what I think of my breasts. Nipples seem a little low and too pointy. I am hoping once the implants settle they look more like I had hoped.

Today is exactly two weeks Post Op. I am feeling...

Today is exactly two weeks Post Op. I am feeling so much better. I was still up last night with my lipo area burning but that happens farther and farther apart. I am finally feeling like it was all worth it even the lipo after looking at before and after pics. I love the way my new body looks and the PS was right I can cover all the scars with my panties and I know they will fade over the next year or two. The PS did give me a new bra yesterday at my appt. I was surprised it is an underwire and went directly out after the appt and bought two more at VS. I can tell I am going to be in the poor house buying bras and panties. The underwire did not bother me all afternoon so there is hope to those of you who like underwires. The best part is I don't need any padding and I am very content with the size I chose. I am a 34D which is where I wanted to be. The Dr said I will settle in the the 2 to 4weeks but I won't change size now (unless I don't maintain my weight). Make sure you follow your own surgeons directions as far as the type of bra he/she wants you in.

Some things I have found out these last two weeks. Don't think you will bounce back in two days it won't happen. Get used to letting others help out you are going to need it and appreciate it. You will be an emotional disaster the ups and downs are crazy. Most of all you can do it and it will be worth it in the end.

Work tomorrow but only a 1/2 day and then our Christmas Party. My son has an appt later in the day so I am sure I will be exhausted by evening. The Christmas weekend will go by fast and fortunately I only have 2 days of work next week. I think by January 3rd I should be doing pretty good to return to work.

I am 6 weeks post op and feeling pretty good. I...

I am 6 weeks post op and feeling pretty good. I still get tired but it is not as intense and should subside soon. I really miss being on this site as much as I was because it is such a great support system.

I wanted to put some pics of my scars up today. While I am happy with my results I am anxious with the ends of my scars and have said so on some of my posts here and to others. Some of the pics make them look worse than I actually feel they are but I would like some input. The PS says they will lay flat after a few months. Only time will tell and I have not asked him to fix anything as he has assured me they will lie flat. In his defense my skin tone is awful. I am very pale and the right side ended right in one of my huge wide stretch marks. I only have the stretch marks on my hips and butt left. there are none left on my stomach YAY! My scar in the front looks really good and is very flat just the very ends are what bothers me. Can't wait for them to fade more. I do use my silicone tape from the PS and the ends do lay flatter in the morning after being under the tape all day. Still thrilled with the girls and I like catching a glimpse in the mirror and not seeing that belly.

It has been awhile since I posted here. What a...

It has been awhile since I posted here. What a rollercoaster this experience has been. You are so excited, nervous, and impatient about going in for the surgery. Then the day arrives. I remember being so calm the night before and the morning of surgery. I have never wanted anything so much for myself. The pain was well worth it but it does seem to linger in certain areas. I still do not feel my abs are ready to be worked out although my PS told me yesterday to go for it. I think I still baby myself sitting up but it pulls and is uncomfortable. I still feel an occasional hot, tingly, "hurting" sensation in my backside where they did my lipo.
I was really doing well applying my silicone tape and wearing my panty girdle 24/7. I also continued to wear my bra from surgery everynight. As of last night I am no longer having to do any of that. Which is good because I did not wear it Sun night. I had such a bad attitude. I am such an impatient person.

So I got a new gel to apply called Scarfade. I have to price it because the PS gave me a sample and now I need to order it on my own. I am so happy to be on the downside of this. I just have to give it all more time. The scars on my breast have flattened and my nipples look very normal finally (just like the PS said they would). I thought they were too pointy. Now I have to wait for the ends of my scars on my hips to do the same thing. If they don't within the year he promised to fix it for me and make it right. He keeps telling me to give it time. Well I will do my best to wait it out! My before and after pics at the surgeon really took me by surprise. What an improvement. I am so happy I did this!

I was asked to update my pictures. I had a...

I was asked to update my pictures. I had a revision to both ends of my scar in December of 2011. My doctor was fabulous there were no extra charges other than buying an antibiotic and some pain meds. He was even happier than I was with the revision. Of course I am back to waiting for the scar to heal. If you look at my updated pics you can barely see the old scar bumping into the new one. My Obgyn even commented on what a great job he did on my incisions especially on my breasts. I am so happy that I did this for myself.
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Doctor and staff are all terrific and very friendly. I went to just try different implants one day and the doctor stopped in the room to ask how I was doing. He really has made me feel comfortable.

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