41yr with 2 adult kids - Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and lipo - Penn Plastic Surgery Chief Resident’s Clinic

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Hi, After years of procrastination, I went for a...

After years of procrastination, I went for a consult for a tummy tuck. I met with the Chief resident who is leaving in 4 months and he was great. He suggested I get a tummy tuck with lipo. Now I need to get time off work. Dreading explaining this to my manager. I want to have the procedure done in April 2015.

Tummy Tuck Requested Date April 20

So, I was approved to be off work from April 20-29. I will be using vacation time. My live in boyfriend is off work April 20 & 21. I just emailed the surgeon coordinator to confirm April 20 and I waiting to hear back.

My Body Details ... Pre-op pics coming soon

Here are the details:
My Height: 5.6
My Weight fluctuates between 160-165
My Waist Circumference: 32
Body Mass Index: 26

April 23

Surgeon emailed me yesterday, My date is April 23. I will be off work from April 23rd to May 4th.

Pre-Op Tummy Tuck Questions to PS

I emailed my surgeon today:
1. I have a low tolerance for pain...lol... I hope to get muscle relaxers and pain narcotics.
2. Belly button suture on the inside?
3. Will I have staples or dissolvable sutures on the abdomen?
4. Discuss the drains.
5. Do I come back for a post op visit the day after surgery?

He responded:
1. You will receive valium and either dilaudid or percocet for pain management - whatever you feel works better.
2. We do use some sutures to tack your belly button on the inside, they are all dissolvable
3. All dissolvable sutures
4. You will have 2 drains on either side of your abdomen. They will stay for about 2 weeks. The first one will come out the first week, the second one the second week. You can shower with them. They become your buddies!
5. No, I will call you the first day and the second day to check in. I will see you a week after your surgery, and then 1 week later.

VitaMedica Corporation

Just ordered my pre-op and post-op nutraceuticals. I ordered directly through the manufacture to ensure the products are not expired.

Arnica Montana 120
Bromelain with Quercetin
Clinical Support Program

CBC Panel for Tummy Tuck

Doing blood work today

Tummy Tuck Wound Care

Just received my tummy tuck wound care. Everything that I order, I will present to my PS at my pre-op visit on 4/14. I am only buying the necessities.

Nutraceuticals arrived today

Pre & post op clinical support. This package will help with the recovery process.

Pre-op Appointment 4/14/2015 at 11:30am

Hi RS Dolls,

I met with Dr. Taglienti today at 11:30am for my pre-op appt. I am 5’6 and my weight today is 161. The only pre-op testing I completed was the CBC. No EKG, etc.

I signed a consent to allow to Dr. Taglienti’s new employer (a Plastic Surgeon from Long Island) watch my surgery. So, Dr. Ivona Percec, Assistant Professor of Surgery at Penn and member American Board of Plastic Surgery and the Plastic Surgeon from Long Island will be at my surgery.

My surgery will be performed on 4/23/2015 at the Perlman Center for Advanced Medicine in the Surgery Center on 3rd Floor. I will be the first patient and my surgery is scheduled to start at 8:30am, hence I will probably get a call to come in at 7am.

I received the following prescriptions:
Zofran – Nausea: as needed
Cefadroxil – Antibiotic: 1 tablet, every 12 hours
Diazepam – Valium: 1 tablet, every 6 hours
Percocet – Pain: 2 tablets, every 4 hours

I also presented my case to receive a prescription for physical therapy to evaluate post-surgical swelling. He stated this was the first time in 6 years that he received such a request and never had a patient that needed it but it wouldn't hurt. My business school classmate, recommended Jodi Weitzman a physical therapist who is also certified in Complete Decongestive Therapy and works at Penn Therapy & Fitness. I have an appointment on 4/30 with Jodi, which is 7 days post op. My health insurance will cover 90% of the cost for Physical Therapy.

I advised him that a purchased a Zero Gravity Chair and he said that was great.

He approved the use of Vitamedica Clinical Support, Bromelain and Arnica and it’s the same brand used in their office.

He vetoed my use of the Medihoney products because he truly believes that I won’t need it. So, I will sell my new/unopened Medihoney products on ebay.

He marked me up and the incision mark is very low (in the pubic line) and short (along my hip bone). He will do tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of flanks and monoplasty. He will use skin glue and paper tape over the incision. He will cover my belly button with Xeroform, then cover with regular gauze. He will use lipo foam under the binder (can’t remember the lipo foam brand). I will have 2 drains, positioned low on the hip area and the scars will be hidden. I will not be able to stand up straight the first couple of days.

He will see me a week after surgery to removed 1 drain. Then week 2 to remove the final drain.

I will need to purchase my own compression garment. He suggested I wear the PENN provided post-surgical binder for 2 days and then start wearing my compression garment. He suggested a compression garment that I can step into. I am leaning toward the Marena brand.

Dolls, Any suggestions on compression garments is greatly appreciated. Keep in mind I will have drains.

My Zero Gravity Chair

This chair is so comfortable that I will use it frequently.

Pre op 8 days

Fashion Show Pic with sister from today

My last rodeo til surgery ...lol


Hi, I'm wonderful so far, surgery was at 8:30am. I was in pain when I woke up but they nipped that in the budd with meds through my IV. I left there at 3:30pm. Childbearing pains are 10x times worse than this. I feel sore, like I worked out. I'm walking around slow but able to get to the bathroom with no assistance. I have to keep the binder on for 2 days and sponge baths so I don't know what I look like, yet. PENN gets an A+

Day 2

No pain, just sore. For breakfast ate 1 egg with wheat toast. Lunch grilled chicken salad, ate about 5 forkfuls. I have protein bars, bananas, fresh avocado, crackers and raisins at my bedside.

I am drinking plenty of fluids. Last night took 3 stool softners. Mixed a concoction of miralax, Crystal light and coconut water, sipping on that last night and today. Hope this helps with BM. Basically I am relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Day 2 ...last post was Day 1

I'm in the bed, back propped up and pillows under my knees. The last time I took a percec was 1am, nothing today for pain. I took a muscle relaxer at 9:30am .... so far so good. I plan on taking off binder tomorrow evening when my daughter gets home from work. Then I will get into marena compression garment. I haven't peeked at my tummmy yet, I'm scared ...lol

Day 3

I'm feeling ok, off the percec, only taking muscle relaxers every 6 hours. (Along with the vitamins and antibiotic) Tried to watch Tommy Davidson comedy special but had to turn it off, laughing hurts...lol and i had a sneezing episode earlier thought I was going to die ... I still haven't opened the binder, I'm too scared. Waiting for my daughter to get off work to help me change from the binder to the stage 1 marena compression garment. Draining this morning 10 on both sides.

Finally took my binder off

Hi, I'm doing well. Had a BM yesterday evening and this morning. PS called today and he wants to see me on 4/30 at 11am for post op. He told me compression is key to get the best results. He removed 800cc in lipo. He stated it takes time to see the end result.

Day 4 post op

Still swollen


HI, I'm doing well. No pain, just stiffness. I slept in my Marena garment, don't think I will do that again. I had lines on the sides of my body when i woke up. I put on a new binder and inserted the foam inserts to wear while I'm home. I'm continuing muscle relaxers every 6 hours, antibiotic and vitamedica products. Over the few days I've had rice and beans, club crackers, raisins, tuna, fruits, veggies, pure honey throat drops, protein and fiber bars. Staying hydrated. Walking around the house, using my swifter jet. I haven't been outside. Wearing lounging pjs and sitting in my zero gravity chair. Ive been working since I've been 16 yrs old. I'm really enjoying this time of relaxation.

Lost for Words

3 woman executives from my Division sent me flowers. I am beyond touched. I included them in on my plans. The password when anyone in the office would asked where I was going, I would say "The Spa"...lol

Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine

Pics from the Day of Surgery on 4/23/2015

Post Op Appt 4/30/2015

Hi Dolls,
I saw Dr. Tony today, he said I was still very swollen.

He explained what happened on the day of my surgery. Started the procedure with tumescent fluid and preliminary liposuction of flanks and ab area. Then made the incision and raised the skin up. Cut around my belly button. Then sat me up to see how much skin will stretch down. Still couldn't get an idea, so brought my muscles in nIce and tight. He injected a drug similar to Experal into my muscles. Got the skin down pretty far but still had to a little vertical (as shown in the pic). At the end of the case, he lipo the ab area again. Then closed me up. The surgery was 2 1/2 hours. 800cc lipo - lipo takes up 3 months for swelling to go down.

He asked how much did I drain total in 24 hours and it was 30ml on the left and 35ml on right. He removed the right drain because that irritated me the most, but no pain. However, Idid take 1 Percocet and 1 Valium before my appt today. Wanted to be prepared in case a drain was coming out...lol .... He bandaged the drain site and I need to leave it covered for 2 days. He said no exercising.

He took pics and said I have extra skin below my belly button. At my next visit he will decide if a slight revision is necessary but he wants to wait until the swelling goes down. If a revision is needed it can be done in the office.

He taped me back up with paper tape. I will change it every 2 days. Nothing needs to be done with my belly button. Avoid massaging incision.

My next appt is 5/5. His last day at Penn is June 30, 2015. He will be practicing in Long Island, NY. I told him I will start organizing bus trips to see him...lol

My First Lymphatic Massage 4/30/2015

My appt at Penn Therapy and Fitness went well. Erin Fazzari, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA is my physical therapist with 8 years experience.

We talked for a good 30 mins, she went over the lymphatic system, I explained my procedure and the reason why I wanted to start the treatments. I provided her the journal discussing the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage and therapeutic ultrasound in lipoabdominosty post operatively. She made a copy and stated she will read while on the train today. Her colleague just attended a course that addressed this subject and had favorable comments.

I pulled my Marena cg down to the hip area and she started manual light massages. She said I looked great and didn't have much swelling. I did have tender spots but their was no pain during the treatment.

After the treatment I felt less stiff and wore the Marena garment without the foam inserts. The garment is still snug. So, I am looking forward to more treatments. My next appt is 5/5 at 8am.

Doing Me

At the hair salon, they serve wine with your hair service ... I might take a glass, it's been awhile....lol

Living Life

Ran (slow walked) my errands today ...lol

My Experiment

Hi Dolls,
I have always been my own health advocate. I will research and read academic articles to learn more about my health interest. So, my right drain was removed 7 days post op (4/30/15). The PS placed a nice thick bandage over the site. I was advised to remove the bandage in 2 days (5/2/2015) and just leave it be. Well, after I removed the bandage the area looked good, the drain sore was white with no drainage. Hence, I decided to apply a Medihoney sheet to the drain sore. I will leave the Medihoney on for 2 days. I want to see the difference in the drain sore closing using the Medihoney.

First Day Back at Work

Hi Dolls,
I have on my marena cg and I'm ready to work. This has been a pleasant experience for me.

Rocking and Rolling


Its 2:40pm EST I'm at work, I feel good. Went to a meeting, ate some cheese and drank my crystal light. PS emailed me and wanted to know my drain output. He feels I am doing well and will remove my drain tomorrow 5/5 at 8:30am. I work across the street from his office so its easy breezy.

I'm Beat

Taking car service home today (2.9 miles) My tummy incision is itching. Can't wait to get home.

Recent scar pics after shower today

I guess it's healing well. I haven't placed anything on the incision. I just tape it wirh micropore. I see my PS tomorrow morning at 8:30 EST.

Last Drain Removed

Met with Dr. Tony today at 8:30am EST. He looked fabulous as always. He said I looked great. He removed my tape and said I am healing very well. He asked me what percentage was I back at. I said 90% because I am still walking a little slower than before surgery. I know that will get better. He said the contour of the lipo is showing. Asked if I had any concerns about anything and I didn't. He addressed the tiny scab on my abdomen and he said that will be fine. He said every time he sees me, I look flatter and flatter. He can tell that I am wearing my garments. He wants me to continue with the micropore tape. No scar creams, just dry healing with the tape. I have some glue in belly button and I can wash in that area.

On 3/26 at 9:30am, he will do a little stretch mark scar revision under my belly button. Just to make the area flatter and more appealing. I advised him that I am buying a faja on 3/8 to help with my contour and he was cool with that.

Bikini Pic

First time that I have looked half way decent in a bikini.

Lymphatic Massage Appt Today

My appt was at 8am. It was a 45 min treatment of light massage from the neck to the groin area. I did walk faster after the massage and was not as stiff. So, I do feel they are helping with my healing.

My current body details:
My Height: 5.6
My Weight: 151
My Waist Circumference: 32
Body Mass Index: 24

I lost 10 lbs since the surgery.

I have 4 additional massages scheduled from 5/12 to 5/21.

New Faja Today

I visited a Latin store in North philadelphia today. It was an amazing experience, the owner Patricia is very knowledgeable in compression garments. She has an international business degree and her store has been open for 13 years.

She sells all types of garments, clothes, shoes, swim suits, bras ... all things to bring the best out of you after having plastic surgery.

I arrived at 9:30am today and immediately started taking my clothes off in the dressing area...lol. I am telling her my measurements and she is pulling garments for me to try on. She asked me if i was wearing underwear and I was. So hygiene is an important factor when trying on her garments.

I tried 3 different ones and decided on the last one. I liked the sturdiness, the 4 rows of hooks and the mid thigh length. (My thighs rub together so I cant do the shorter garments)

She helped me put the garment on which was hysterical. The twisting and the pulling was too funny but once it was on it felt good. I told her I am wearing this out and i proceded to put my tshirt and jeans over my new faja.

Due to the 4 rows of hooks, I will get months of wear out of this garment.

She also recommended marigold drops. So, I brought 2 bottles. I used some tonight but of course I will research the benefits of the herb.

My total came to $180: faja, marigold drops and a pair of sandals.

I will definitely be a return client.

Pics from Today

My life

Latin Store Philadelphia

Attached location information

Graduation Saturday

My graduation was today. Per my pics I didn't wear my faja...lol... I'm finally in the bed and I have it on, nice and snug... come to far to mess all this work up.

Atlantic City - After Party

3rd Lymphatic Massage Appt

My appt was at 2pm. Today she incorporated ultrasound massage. The massage was above the scar 7 mins on the right side and 7 mins on the left side. After the ultrasound massage, I had the manual lymphatic drainage massage.

My body details on 5/7:
My Height: 5.6
My Weight: 151
My Waist Circumference: 32
My hips: 38 inches

Today body details:
My Height: 5.6
My Weight: 149
My Waist Circumference: 30 1/2
My hips: 38 inches

I lost 12 lbs since the surgery and I feel great.

I have 7 massages scheduled from 5/14 to 6/5.

Pics from my physical therapy appt

Scar pics from today

Swell Hell

Hi Dolls,
I went NY this weekend for an event. I took my marena garment (my favorite) and my faja. The night of the event I didn't wear either garment. I was drinking and carrying on. The next day, Sunday 5/17, I wear my marena garment and go out in the afternoon for more drinks and ate buffalo chicken fingers. I could feel myself swelling.

When I got home Sunday evening, I hand washed my marena garment and really didn't want to sleep in my faja. But I put it on and after a few hours I had to unbutton it.

Today I wore my faja to work and I'm just a swollen mess. I'm staying hydrated. And eating light. For lunch today I had a black bean burger (no bread) with provolone cheese and fried onions over greens.

I'm home from work still swollen, I'm eating a fresh avocado and I put on my marena garment which I will sleep in.

Tomorrow morning (5/19/2015) at 8am is my lymphatic drainage appt and I can't wait.

2 month & 8 days Post Op

Hi Dolls,

I decided to post some pics today from office bathroom. My current weight is 146. My preoperative weight was 161. I haven't been exercising but I have been watching what I eat. Everything in moderation.

I am satisfied with my scar. I use an ointment and coco butter.

I stopped wearing tape after 1 month and stopped wearing compression garments 1 month and 6 days after surgery.

I feel fine, every now and then some tightness but no pain.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Best to wishes to everyone

8 months 12/23/2015

Hi Dolls,
Best decision I ever made! I love the way my clothes fit now. I went from a size 12 to a size 6. My weight today is 157. I go up and down. Attached is a pic of my flat tummy from 12/12/2015.

Don't procrastinate ladies .... the surgery is worth it.

8 months post op

My surgery was conducted by the chief resident - Dr. Anthony Taglienti but overseen by Dr. Ines Lin in the OR.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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