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I'm a 31 year old Black female. I have 1 child. I...

I'm a 31 year old Black female. I have 1 child. I weigh 145lbs and im 5'5. I think I'm decent figure wise but I've never had a nice, round, "Black girl booty." Growing up in MIA, a Black girl with a "White girl booty" can b damaging to one's physic. So, now, at 31, im FINALLY able to do something about it. I'm getting my BBL Dec. 10. I'm going with Pascual MD in Miami,FL. I have read mixed reviews; some love them and some hate them. This makes me VERY nervous. They have a special at the moment; $5000 for upper n lower back n abs lipo with the butt augmentation. Then they tag on $750 for anesthesia. My consultant has been nice so far. She has always returned my calls and emails. I currently live 8hrs away so we have had to do the consult via email n phone. She is a fast talker which makes me cautious because usually fast talking sales people are hiding things. The jury is still out - we will c. I'll update as the process continues. :)

I can’t wait until December comes. I’ve...

I can’t wait until December comes. I’ve already received my proscriptions; pain med, iron pills and antibiotics. I’ve started taking the iron pill… I’ve read cases where the procedure has had to be postponed due to low iron. I definitely don’t what that to happen to me. I’ve also already made my appointment to get my lab work done during the first week of November – a full month before my date. I don’t want anything to go wrong at the last minute! I’ve ordered Arnica Montana 30x and Quercetin with Bromelain from the Vitamin Shoppe. Ordering it form the Vitamin Shoppe is way less expensive then ordering from Vitamedica. I haven’t purchased my other items yet; small tees, shower curtain for bed, extra garment, sanitary pads to cover leakages, protein drinks, water, gatorade, or chair with the but cut out but I will soon ?. Am I missing anything? Oh and I gained 2 pounds, although I’m a lil’ nervous about that – I don’t want the fat to go other places besides my tummy so I might stop with the weight gain.

Well, on the 2nd I went to get my labs done. They...

Well, on the 2nd I went to get my labs done. They took 3 vials of blood. When I asked the lady what types of test are being ordered, she said “everything.” So, that’s good I guess. At least they are thorough. It will take 3 business days for my doctor’s office to get the results, which means 3 more days of pins and needles. I don’t anticipate any complications that would cause me to have to postpone or cancel my sx but you never know.
Filling the vials was not that bad, and this is coming from someone that HATES needles. The irritating part was having to wait. I was not waiting because the lab was super busy, I was waiting because my doctor’s office forgot to fax my lab order sheet. After speaking with my consultant several times about “lab day,” there I was, on “lab day,” waiting an extra hour. Yes I did say hour… As it turned out, the first 30 min of my wait was in vain because they faxed to a wrong number. Who knows why it took 30 MORE minutes for the lab to actually receive the order but that’s what happened. Needless to say, that put a bad taste in my mouth regarding their office. Yea mistakes happen I guess, but I REALLY don’t want them to happen during my process. I want to be able to count on these people to do what they say they are going to do.

It's FINALLY HERE!!!!! Thankfully, these past few...

It's FINALLY HERE!!!!! Thankfully, these past few months my life has been filled with "things to do" so I have not been stressed waiting for the day to come. I fly out tomorrow. As soon as I get in town I am going straight to my doctor's office. This will be my first time seeing or speaking to him so I'm looking forward to it. I have a few more things to buy; shakes, water, soups... Other then that, I'm ready, no fear (not yet anyway).

I'm on my phone so I'm keeping this short and sweet. I'll keep y'all posted. :)

In 8 hours I will be headed to the doctor's office...

In 8 hours I will be headed to the doctor's office to FINALLY get the body I've wanted for as long as I can remember. Mood: READY. I'm not scared or nervous, I'm just ready to wake up with no complications and a BANGIN' behind. I'm ready to wake up and begin the healing process. In Jesus' name, everything will go will and I will be pleased with my results.

After I got picked up from the airport, we went straight to the office. As it turned out, my doc is at another location so I was unable to meet him. That was dissapointing because I was really looking forward to being eyeball to eyeball with him. My consultant brought me into her office where I signed a bunch of scary forms that listed all the things that COULD go wrong. She informed me that my sx will be preformed at the "other location." I'm thinking, 'that sucks cause it's further away but it is what it is.' She addressed all my questions, took my measurements then she had me try on garments. After we found the best fit, she gave me a hug then send me packing. She told me to be on location at 8:30 and plan to spend around 5 hours there. So! it is now 12:30 a.m. and I'm about to close my eyes so when I open them I can be on my way! Say a prayer for me!! :)

I'm home now. I took me 10 min to remember how to...

I'm home now. I took me 10 min to remember how to update so forgive me in advance if things are not spelled right or sound crazy. I am Very sore n my butt is numb. I can't move or else it hurts. No mishaps so that's a blessing. Whn I glanced in the mirror it looks big. I HOPE it goes down significantly! I can't go to work like this.... I was not able to stand long enough to get a pic but tomorrow FOR SURE! Thank for everybody's well wishes. We'll talk later. Oh one thing I must share, Doc told staff no garment until 2 weeks!! I have the waist thing on but no garment. Not sure what that's about...

I'll update later but here are a few pics I just took.

I'll update later but here are a few pics I just took.

Ok I’m feeling better so now is a good time to...

Ok I’m feeling better so now is a good time to share… My consultant told me to be at the Aventura office at 8:30 a.m. I arrived at 8:40 a.m. No one was there except the lady at the reception desk. The facility was very nice, smelled fresh and looked to be in order. At about 9:00 she took us (my cousin and I) to a back room. Apparently the room had been used the night before because there was a used ivy thingy as well as used sheets on the bed. She changed the sheets but forgot to get the ivy thingy so I pushed it out the door VERY CAREFULLY so the bloody part wouldn’t touch me (Yes, it did still have blood on it!). As staff began to arrive, they were in and out my room with papers to sign. Every one was friendly and courteous. At about 10:00 I was getting antsy, so I went to ask where was the doctor. The assured me he was “on the way.” At about 10:30 Dr. L walked in. I introduced myself and began to tell him my expectations. I showed him several pics on my iPad - we discussed them. I felt confident that he was clear as to what I wanted. He marked my body up then I was on the table. The anesthesiologist did his thing, gave me a few shots and I was OUT. The next thing I know, someone was calling my name. It was over. The lady, Ms Linda was very gentle in taking care of me after the operation. My ONLY complaint is first she had me laying on my back. I wasn’t with that. Then she told me to lie on my side, I wasn’t with that either. I saw that I would have to take matters into my own hands - I struggled to get to my stomach. She helped. I remember thinking ‘Why the hell was my stomach not the position from the get go.” She called my people to come; well at least she thought she did. As it turned out, she called MY cell phone and left a message. After 30 min went by and still no one, I realized her mistake and called. Finally my cousin was there.

The first night was painful. It felt like I had done months worth of workout in one day. I was weak, numb and sore all at once. The next day was the same.

I had my post-op appointment at the other facility the next day. The girl who changed my bandages told me to take a shower when I get home, wash the incisions with anti-bacterial soap and not to lie on my stomach, only my side. ALL that seemed WRONG to me but being weak and in pain, I listened. Once I got home, I stayed in the shower for all of 7 minutes before my good sense kicked in… it had not been a full 24 hours. I got out, dried real well then laid down. I tried once again to lie on my side. Then I was like, “HELL NAW.” Number 1, it was hurting, number 2, I wasn’t about to damage my expensive new ass. I’m not sure why those people wanted me to lay on my side but I’m not doing it. I’m already perplexed as to why I don’t have a garment on! I see Dr. L tomorrow so hopefully I get my garment and some answers.

Today I felt a lot better. I’m up more, eating more, I have more strength, and I just feel better. As for my results, my butt is still hard so I’ll be happy when it fluffs out and drops a bit. He definitely did a good job. It’s almost surreal to see myself with all this ass – I’ve had no ass all my life. Lol

Not feeling well after squeezing into my garment...

Not feeling well after squeezing into my garment for the first time. I've posted some pics but will tell you about it later.

Ok, I’ve been meaning to update my post since my...

Ok, I’ve been meaning to update my post since my last doctor’s visit, the day I got my garment, obviously that didn’t happen. The healing process threw me for an unexpected loop, pain from… out of nowhere. Well, at least that’s how it seemed to me.

This past Tuesday I had a visit at the Adventure location. They took out 2 of my drains – the 2 in the front. The 1 in the back, between my butt crack, was deemed “not ready.” I was just happy the front 2 were coming out; the one on the right side began to burn during movement. The “taking out” process was not as bad as I thought it would be, although the one that was burning did hurt a little bit. At first, the receptionist that took us to the room was acting like she was going to do it but was not sure of herself, like “I’ll try.” I’m thinking, ‘NOT on ME!’ I was like, “Umm, you re not going to do it right.” So then she brought in the doctor’s assistant who made me feel very comfortable then 1,2,3 it was done. After, I asked about scaring cream, the woman, Dr. Pascual herself came in – a very pretty lady with an approachable demeanor. I complimented her on the great work of her doctors then suggested she update the BBLs on her website. She explained it was hard to find consent. I offered. As gratitude, she invited me to free “Smooth Shapes.” Smooth Shapes is a procedure that lessens unwanted cellulite. It was a wonderful gesture and I’m thankful for the blessing. I’m going in today to get my massage and that!

At a week and 2 days, I was ready for my garment. The only problem was, they had no more my size at that location so we had to drive to the other location to get it. Inconvenient, but cool… I was just glad the other location had it. Once home, I put it on and OH BOY, was I not ready for that drama! I thought, ‘NO way people come back in a couple of weeks to get a smaller size – I just don’t see that happening for me.’ Getting it on was a process to say the least.

Up until then, my recovery had been pretty easy going; day of, of course I was in pain – the day after too. The next two days were easy breezy, around the 5th day I began to get REALLY uncomfortable. I was having immense pressure, swelling, tightness and numbness in my lipoed areas – my belly and back. I thought it was because I needed my garment but with the garment on, the side effects seemed to intensify. It feels as if I were a balloon being blown up to maximum capacity but at capacity, the blower keeps blowing. I researched it, it seems that these are normal side effects for Vaser lipo aka smart lipo. I have yet to find relief although research indicates anywhere from 44 days to 16 days. I’m praying for the latter. I did find a mobile lymphatic drainage masseuse here. He is scheduled for tomorrow. I hope it helps because this is almost unbearable. In hindsight, I should have asked from the beginning what could I expect to experience after the BBL. After reading a few blogs and more concerned with getting a bigger butt, I though I knew. Lesson learned, look at the WHOLE picture and ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

I’ll keep you posted.

My appointment was at 5 p.m. at the Aventure...

My appointment was at 5 p.m. at the Aventure location. As a recap: I was set to get my last tube out, an ultrasound massage and Smooth Shapes done on my thighs (the laser treatment that removes cellulite). I don’t live in town so every time I have an appointment, especially at that location it is a bit of a hardship. Anybody that has driven in Miami during that time, rush hour, KNOWS what a pain in the ass it is – in my case, literally! It took us an hour to get there!! Although I laid on my side in the back seat, I was in pain. I walk in the door at 5:01. The receptionist tells me to go on back. Once in the room, the doctor’s assistant comes in, she says, “Dr. L just left and I can’t get him on his cell, he wanted to see you... I don’t like to do anything without him knowing... Come back tomorrow.” I thought seriously this must be a BAD joke. Sure enough, she wasn’t joking. Clearly, these people don’t communicate and just do and say WHATEVER they are feeling like at the time. First off, the reason for my appointment was known at the time it was made which is why the receptionist TOLD me to come at that God forsaken hour of 5 – to get everything done. So why all the sudden is there no permission to get rid of my tube?? Then, with the tube still there they can’t do the Smooth Shapes. So now, I’ve endured taking off that skin tight garment which was extra hard to do cause I still have a tube between my ass cheeks, rush hour traffic which was 1 whole hour of stop and go pain not to mention, another hour for the way home, and just plain old stress for an ultrasound massage that I could have gotten done at a decent time at the Pines location which is 10 minutes away from where I’m staying… WTH!!! THEY NEED TO DO BETTER!!!!!! The staff is BEYOND CORKS, this is just plain FOOLISHNESS. Like my friend and BBL sister told me, “…Luckily you got great results for a lot cheaper than most so focus on that.” I will HAVE to at the rate of their inconsistencies. SMDH!

Breath. On a good note, the intense pressure has subsided a bit and every time I see my naked body I memorize my damn self. I AM super pleased with my results, Dr. L is damn good. That girl is STILL SEXY:)

I went to my appointment at the Aventura location...

I went to my appointment at the Aventura location yesterday with high hopes for the office’s redemption. Unfortunately, my visit was just the opposite, they reveled to a greater degree their level of incompetents and inadequacies. My appointment was at 12:30 p.m. with the lady that does the Smooth Shapes. As a recap: one of the issues on my last visit was no one wanting to remove my last tube (at a week and 3 days) without the doctor’s consent (where did his consent go from the time the appointment was made until I got there is beyond me). I CALLED ahead of time to make SURE the doctor would be there and available to see me before my 12:30. The woman that answered the phone said, “YES, come.” I get there and the doctor is in surgery and apparently HAS BEEN in surgery. So was the computer broken when I called? Was there some kind of glitch in the system? OR was the woman to lazy to even bother checking the schedule. I told them this was unacceptable and someone needs to come get this out of my butt right now! Someone came. Then the Smooth Shape lady comes in and says, “The doctor says you can’t get Smooth Shapes.” I’m like, “Okay… Why?” She doesn’t know and it will be 2 MORE hours until the doc gets out of surgery. So now I have to STAND around for 2 hours. I’m pissed but what could I do, I waited. Finally I see the doctor. When he comes in he ask his assistant for my files – she doesn’t know. They leave to ‘find’ them – they can’t. What can HE do but continue my visit without my records. I view him as not involved in all the shenanigans of the staff so I try my best to be pleasant. He does his thing and we are done. Before he leaves I ask him why can’t I get the Smooth Shapes on my thighs. He says, “That’s fine.” He was under the impression that I was getting it done on my belly and the areas he lipoed. I wonder who gave him that impression?? Did I mention how 2 TIMES the lady tried to discourage me from getting it done saying “…one treatment does nothing. …You should really wait 3 weeks after lipo anyway.” Um, hello there is a big billboard down the street of a before and after picture of 1 treatment of Smooth Shapes. Plus why do I have to wait 3 weeks if it’s on a totally different area! More importantly, the OWNER, the lady whose name is on the building is the one who told me about it and said, “You’ll look great.” WTF!! At that point I didn’t want those people to do ANYTHING for me. I was swaying my sore self out of there as fast as I could. I had had ENOUGH!!!! The thing is, the owner, Dr. Pascual is delightful and Dr. L is awesome but customer service STINKS like rotten eggs and brand IS perception. I can now unequivocally say that I would rather have went somewhere where the staff is professional and has common sense. They are tarnishing the Pascual brand.

Thankfully my day didn’t end like that. I had my lymphatic massage scheduled for 4. It was WONDERFUL! The guy didn’t speak much English but that was okay cause his hands did the talking. For anyone in the Miami area who is having intense pressure in their lipoed areas I HIGHLY recommend relieving yourself with a full body lymphatic massage. The guy’s name is Alejandro. His web address is http://www.massagetherapeuticmiami.com/ and he will come to you!

Wrapping up my time down here... Today I had my...

Wrapping up my time down here... Today I had my last visit with Dr. L. He told me I was healing nicely, gave me some final tips then sent me on my way. I have one more ultrasound massage that I will get tomorrow at the Pines location. I am SO ready to go home! Although, I wish I could fast forward to the time when I no longer have to wear this garment. 4 more weeks seems like a lifetime. My flanks and waist, the aggressively lipoed areas, feels as if it’s covered with blisters – any and every movement or rub, be it from clothes, the garment or even hands cause pain and discomfort. If it were not for my extra round of pain meds I don’t know what condition I would be in. My other source of discomfort is the 2 wholes by each armpit used to lipo my upper back – they burn like crazy. I can’t lift my arms to high, which would be torture. To combat the blisterish feeling, I stuffed my garment with foam at my waist, that way nothing rubs or touches the area. Sadly, there is nothing I found that helps the armpit lipo wholes. So here I am… trying not to move, wishing this was OVER.

As for the whole drama with the incompetent staff, I pretty much threw my hands up. I end up getting 1 session of Smooth Shapes at the Pines location. It is my belief that the owner’s invitation was for more than one but whatever. I don’t have the energy fight with those people.

I have been sitting for short periods since the start of this week and I STILL LOVE my results. My behind feels fine, slowly but surely it’s softening up.

I’m 5 weeks out and still pleased with my...

I’m 5 weeks out and still pleased with my results. There are a few things that may have to be “revised” but I will wait until the full 6 months of healing time has passed before I make that call. My recovery is going slow compared to some post I read that says the person is feeling great by week 4. My lipoed areas are still really tight and somewhat numb. If I have my garment off for a lengthy amount of time I still get that intense swelling feeling. I still take pain meds. I take a pain pill once a day after work. It helps. I purchased a size small corset from www.lipoexpress.com/ (style 1703), NOT a good idea. It is TOOO tight and hurts like crazy. I have all types of indentations when I wear it so I stopped wearing it – a waste of $70.00. I have thong garment coming soon so I hope it will be comfortable and does the job. (I also purchased some scar meds that is on the way.) I am currently still wearing my 1st garment, which is a tad big so I stuff it with foam. I’m SO anxious to get out of this old garment because it is the ‘butt in’ one. While the ‘butt in’ garment initially didn’t bother me, I don’t want to loose any more volume – I like the shape/form my butt has taken. Speaking of volume, I would say that I DID lose some but I am fine with it because in anticipation of loosing volume, I told the doc to GO BIGGER – it worked out for me.

I let ya’ll know how things progress.

Hi all. I took my pics down cuz I don't want them...

Hi all. I took my pics down cuz I don't want them to come back and bite me in the butt. Lol, for real tho. I'm very happy with my over all new shape, it's my dream body come true. There are a few things I would/will change; the lumps in my stomach are not going away. The doc will have to fix that. My scars are really dark and noticeable. I will continue with the cream and also get a few laser treatments to help with the fading. Everything else I'm very happy with. Good luck on your journey!!!

I'll let y'all know once I get the revision lipo.

About 2 weeks short of 6 months!

Because I've gotten several inbox requests to see my pics, I've decided to post my current results... I know how helpful it was seeing other people's pics in choosing my doc.

I'm still satisfied overall but do have my issues. I'm not happy with the scares or the pockets of fat in my tummy. On my left side, if you look at the pic you can see that side pokes out more than the other.

Hours after SX

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. L by searching online. At Pascual MD Dr. Pascual is delightful and Dr. L is awesome but customer service STINKS like rotten eggs!

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