I am 31, 5'3 168 lbs have two children - mommy makeover - Houston, TX

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I am 31, 5'3 168 lbs have two children 3 & 5 years...

I am 31, 5'3 168 lbs have two children 3 & 5 years old. Have extra skin flap- disgusting. Lost 50lbs was about 225 when pregnant stretch marks galore. Super excited. My husband is totally on board he knows how this stomach has affected my life forever. The inner tube has only gotten worse over the years it seems it's been there my whole life. He is an amazing man he not only deserves a beautiful wife but is giving me the opportunity to have this done to make me happy. I'm only slightly nervous about not being able to care for my kids that's the only thing that's make me nervous. I'm imagine the pain can't be worse than two vaginal pregnancies. I'm wanting to know what kind of pain. When will I be able to completely stand up?

Extra skin.

Can't wait to flat sided and full of boobs.

Another pre op it's hideous.

I can't wait till that flab is tight. I'm super excited and more nervous. Someone had commented on my review about popping open. That freaks me out. I'm great flu my husband is a paramedic he will be able to help me. Super nervous!

Pre OP tomorrow...

We're going tomorrow for pre op and paying the rest after the $500.00 deposit to secure the date. I'm still on the fence about these 650cc boobs I was thinking I was going to get and May still do.. I really wouldn't say my boobs sag. I'd say they lost volume and one has more volume than the other. Dr lapuerta said I would need a lift if I got 650cc but I've read that isn't true. We'll talk about that tomorrow. I've told my family and my boss and everyone took it a lot better than I thought they would. Come on November 1! Happy, scared, nervous ecstatic all in the sme breath. Eeeeeek! Here some before of the gross.

11 days till the flat side

I feel so happy and nervous.. I can not wait till i Can look at myself in the mirror and think that i look good. I love my hair my eyes, hope this isn' t sounding to vain.but my body has always had that pooch and its disgusting. I told the rest of my family yesterday at Sunday breakfast. I figured I would be chastised because of it because of the money and all that. Surprisingly enough everyone was happy for me. Grandma was saying she wanted to get an eyelid lift again, my aunt saying she wanted a lifestyle lift and my mother said when she wont the lottery she was doing it all. Keep it in my mind my parents are very wealthy and her sister was saying you need the lottery just stop do it, what else you going to use it for. Later after I was speaking to my dad about it he was telling me how unhappy m y mother was about her appearance. My sister said shes been wanting to do it fior years. lol... I think I just started a chain reaction here with my family. Its all about the quality of life and how you feel. I already feel better that I am going to inspire my family that we don't have to feel unhappy about our appearances.... I'm glad there are no small girls in our family. My sister are the only girls of 13 grandchildren.So excited what is some more stuff i need for post OP! please help :)

7 days!

What supplies do I need? I got pillows, wipes, bra loose clothes... I know I'm missing 1000 things but eejkkkj...

5 days

So I'm not going to be able to wear jeans how long do y'all think that is going to be an issue. What type of pants should I get sweats yoga pants? How swollen will i be ? Also. If I'm getting lipo and TT would theoretically I be skinner, right. How swollen are we talking here?

3 days omg.....

I feel like I have NOTHING!!! I need supplies how many shirts how many pants what soap what dressings for scars what meds (topical) ahhhhhhhhhhh.... im officially freaking the fuck out!!!!!! calm calm calm calm calm down...... talk to me tell me this fat gut is going away someone please im freaking out husband gone foe another r24 hours.... stupid fireman jobs !!! breathe breathe breathe i dont want a horrible scar.. I watched a youtube video, last night DONT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not do it!

less than 1 day.......5:30 am

Here goes nothing.... Im so excited not really nervous at all what is wrong with me? Oh the pain is gonna kill me I know.... I need someone to slap and tell me ITS GONNA HURT. or I dont know why i am not scared or anything.... YET! :)()()()(

On my way...

Here we go to the hospital... I freaked out crying last night I'm scared as shit. This will be totally worth it. About to cry again... Good all.. ???? flat side... Get this fat side off me. Deep breaths.

Post Op

Fat is GONE!! Husband is taking great care of me and I'm all dopey. Drains suck, chest hurts bad, stomach is ok( with morphine ). Chest is probably the worst pain.... for now. Thank you for all your concerns and prayers. I'm excited and happy to be on the flat side :-).

Belly button

So I now have this belly button that is not a complete cave and bottomless. It's cute! I also have abdominal muscles that have been reunited from being 10cm apart for along time. You can see the little dimple/crease......those things ante muscles!! Lol. :-)

On my way home

The ride is bumpy... I have the best husband in the the world!!!! Pretty damn dopey that is for sure.

2 day home post OP

Hope you're doing alright. I stayed at the hospital for two nights. The only pics I got was the ones my husband took and they were good pics from above but there's no way I could stand up and take those pics. This recovery is no joke. Feeling good one hour in like shit the next. Bad! Back problems only been able to sleep about an hour at a time. Slept good last night cause of the Valium. I made my husband read all the comments on here from multiple people one day and he keeps telling me reminding me that one girl said you just got to play dead. I could not of done this without him. God send, he defiantly deserves to have this hot body wife more than I do. I am so lucky he is a paramedic and know what to do. The nurses were so shocked on how in tuned he was. I am very lucky. I'll post pic after my shower tonight if not to tired. Hope everyone is ok. Thanks for all the comments they made me feel great when I was in the hospital, someone called me tiny never heard that before. God bless. Will update soon.

4 days post Op

Pics from today

4 day post op



Love this pic

Constipation.... Omg... Read this

Well it happen I got constipation had been taking softeners since I left the hospital they did nothing for me. You think the tummy tuck or breast augmentation hurt wait till you become constipated holy hell. Take those softeners and the some ex lax something to rid that stuff. That had to be worse then both of my vaginal deliveries. And the worse pain so far of the full tummy tuck with lipo and the BA no be prepared. I took a smooth laxative drank prune juice at whole prunes. 4-5 hours later I'm a new women and I feel 80% better. Prepare you self. I don't know how
But I don't. I took more than enough stool softeners. Any how my new pics

Mommy makeover complete

I feel great today is a new day.. After yesterday I thought I was gonna die with the constipation. I made it threw it. I fell good some new pics today. Can't wait till my leg swelling goes down from lipo and my back portion of the TT.

8 days PO

Finally feeling better about the way I look

2 weeks PO: full TT, lipo, BA 725cc

I'm so swollen 2 week PO anyone have this? Still have two drains in. The drain on my from in the crease of my leg is so bothersome it's hard to sit down stand up or twist cause it moves around.. Hopefully will get the two drains out on Monday. As for the swelling when will it go away? I can't stand it my husband says it's not stretch out Your skin and then u have loose skin. Will it? Boobs are getting better. I had a pretty good roller coaster of emotions this morning cause I couldn't unload the dishwasher. My body aches today pretty good. Supposed to start work on Monday too. When will this swelling go away!!!!? Help me.

Back to work..... 2 weeks PO

I am back at work. I sit at a desk so im not that uncomfortable I just need a CG a good one im tired of this hospital Velcro bullshit. The one the PS isn't in and I'd go buy one but Im not sure what the garment is and how tight its supposed to be? I wanna fit in my jeans :( I was hoping to be 2 sizes smaller but i cant even fit in my fat jeans. I think im just having bad day. I want a comfortable CG. Anyone suggest one for some one who had TT belt., BA, Lateral Lipo on thighs very swollen?

3 weeks PO

Swell hell I've found the meaning. It's horrid. When will it end? I hate it my legs are so swollen still from the lipo when will that go away!!!! On the other hand I bought medium size yoga pants for the 1st time in my life.!!!

4 weeks 4 days post,

Swell hell, feeling better this week. Walking faster able to reach for things up high. The swelling is a bitch. Worst part when will I ever wear my jeans again.....? Small price or big price to pay for flat stomach if only the swelling would leave my body... I miss the gym I feel like I'd have more energy if I were back to my routine.. I have one small issue on my leg where the last drain was removed its split. Hurts bad I'm chapped between my legs cause of the swelling it cracks every time I stand up it hurts like crazy makes me like limp and walk slowly... Anyway here are my pics please be honest do u think I'm gonna look like I did day 1? With those abs? How much swelling is gonna go away?

5 weeks

Slightly better swelling slightly. Life would be so much easier iff thighs from the lipo wouldn't be so damn swollen. The knots I have in my legs are so huge and painful.

6 weeks

Finally able to wear jeans, one pair anyway. Finally starting to feel like me. Swell hell rears it's ugly face every evening. I see the light. If only my boobs would drop. I'll post pics soon.

7 weeks PO !!! TT, BA and lipo

Tomorrow is 7 weeks I was supposed to go see my PS tomorrow but they called to cancel. I had. A ton of questions like... Can I work out now? I did call them and ask the receptionist told me yes. If rather hear it from my dr though. Also do have to wear the CG all the time still? And my appt isn't until 1.10.14... That's a long time from now. Kind of disappointed. But I feel pretty good the swelling is subsiding in able to fit in almost all my jeans but was hoping not to and the be too big.. Hopefully I'll lose some more swelling...??

Update TT and BA

Well it's been awhile, but I feel great. I'm so excited with my results and my boobs are still not dropped completely but so far so good. I am so confident in the way I look and feel it's a new life. I have been running and exercising religiously. I did gain a few lbs but I'm running it off. See my pics... Let me you know what y'all think

Almost 1 Year

I'm extremely happy with my new body! I have confidence, I feel great, of course I exercise like a mad woman these days. 3-5 times a weeks. I've never enjoyed running but i do now. Im up to about 5-6 miles 3 times a week. I weight lift 2 times a week. Ive gained a few pounds but its falling off.

Before when i worked out it never looked it was doing anything. Ab work outs, I actually get something from.

As far as my scars They are heeled nicely I still have a few spots where its hard on my back hip. The scar is really dark in my front left. Its steadily getting lighter. MY boobs are still dropping but what was one to expect with 750/725cc they are disgusting without a bra, they look like utters. With a bra they are perfect! Soon....hopefully

I am more critical on myself these days about the way I look I think its because I got the surgery so I NEED to look good and I know I do, but its the little things. My arms are too flabby, my legs still touch, but I'm working on it. I love my new body and wouldn't change anything but maybe would of got a breast lift with my boobs.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Very kind and knowledgeable. Picked him out of 3 other doctors wanting to give me things I didn't ask for and that were double the price. Has been right on point with returning calls, checking up on me. Loved how Confident He is in his work.

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