12,500 in dept, almost died from 2nd sergury to fix his mistakes, dents still there and uneven cheeks. Don't go to this Dr for B

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*Treatment results may vary

Hi ladies, happy to finally join after stocking it...

Hi ladies, happy to finally join after stocking it for so long lol. Well i had a consultation with one dr already and was not happy with his upfront in your face telling me what his ideal figure is! I'm a small athletic woman and didn't see the need to gain so much unhealthy weight so he can charge the same thing for real big women (please i'm not trying to offend any one, just trying to explain my experience)! I stopped working out and felt depress due to his remarks about my body, he just seemed so impersonal, didn't care how i felt about what he said and saw nothing but $$$$$... Well i did more research and decided to consult with Dr Lapuerta, i have my appointment set with him this month on the 31st. So excited, I'll keep you ladies updated!!!

Some of my wish pics!

I have my consultation with Dr Lapuerta Monday at 2:30, I'm nervous and excited to see where it goes from there!!!

Approved and surgery date set with Dr. Lapuerta

OMG OMG we got approved for 7,500, the additional 1,500 I'm putting cash up front! My surgery date for a new me with a BBL is on April the 30th! I'm so excited, what to do what to do, any advice ladies???? Please help....

No woman is perfect

This is Maria Kang a mom of 3 going on 4, she's a beauty queen, fitness model, mom, wife, etc she works out a lot as you can tel and she still has issues like the rest of us. I rather have a little loose skin then a big scare from a TT. But this is just my opinion, not being or trying to put down women who get it done. Wish I could afford it and be ok with the scare but I'll be fine with how ever I turn out. Just pray it's a slimmer me with a fuller rear end lol...thanks for reading and good luck to all the ladies =)

28 days pre op pics

Worked out but still didn't get the results I wanted

ordered a few supplies

My pre op appointment for a BBL is confirmed for Monday! I'm so excited, it feels like a wonderful dream that I DO NOT want to wake up from lol. I'll keep you all updated!!!

Wish pictures

I want realistic results like these, I pray I get what I want...

pre op appointment

Today is my pre op appointment and I'm already nervous, scared, excited, etc and my surgery isn't until the 30th of this month! Is anyone else like this?

PRE OP appointment/2nd time talking to the Dr

OMG Dr Lapuerta is so professional and down to earth! Even though I stopped working out, eating what ever I want and feel so unattractive, he still makes me feel beautiful. I feel very confident that I chose the right surgeon for my procedure! Can't wait for my surgery date!!!

Wish pics of one of my PS's patients

I'm praying I get the same results or very close to hers =|

22 days for my big change...BBL!!!!

Damn it, if it's not one thing it's another! The brake left front brake drum to my suv had to replaced and needed all new brake pads! Is this a sign that I'm not suppose to be so vain and be content with my body ='{...... I need $1,100 more but all these extra expenses aren't helping! Brandi did give me a week before my surgery to pay instead of the regular 2 weeks prior and my sweet and wonderful boyfriend said he'll help me. But ladies you know how it is being an independent woman and plus I don't want him to say anything to me if we argue or ever split up. I hate it when guys through stuff in your face ugh lol. I highly doubt he will or us ever splitting up but still....on a good note, I received the first of my supplies from amazon, EEEE the realization of it all hits me a little more!!! well I'll keep you ladies updated, hope yall have a good day =)

Ok with clothes and turn heads but.....

This is with not working out and gained a little weight for the BBL....I can turn heads and much younger guys hit on me but I want to feel sexy out of my clothes too!!!

pic of me now

See my gut and that's me trying to suck in, pathetic lol


I need to get the epifoam or lipofoam before my surgery but amazon is currently out, I called medical supply places and I can't find it on ebay.....where else an I get it from? Please ladies help me, my surgery is 20 days away ='{

19 days and feeling so depress

I have 19 days to go and to be honest I hate the way my body looks ={ I have never in my life been this out of shape, I have stopped working out so my PS can use my fat but it's so depressing. I'm wearing shorts today and they were just rolling up my giggly, flabby legs ='{ my boyfriend is so sweet and tells me I'm beautiful but ladies you know they don't understand this struggle. I love him so...I know he can't wait for my 2 moths post op and start playing with his new toys hehehe ....can the 30th get here STAT!


I hate going anywhere because of how gross I look and feel ={ I wish the 30th was tomorrow!

18 days and counting

Wish pic

legs need help lol

You can see the results of no working out and eating bad just to maintain my fat for my BBL. I'm getting fat lipo from my arms, back, flanks, tummy, around my boobs by the arm pit, inner thigh and a little on outer thigh. I hope all that cellulite diminishes after lipo and working out. I feel and look disgusting!!!! 18 more days baby!!! =D

the rest of my supplies arrived today

The reality of it sets in when I see and feel the things I need for my BBL surgery!

17 days to go!

So excited can't even sleep, it all feels surreal. Wish I was getting my surgery tomorrow!!!

sleepless nights

I'm having sleepless nights just thinking and wondering if I'm making a big deal out of my body at my age! I'm about to be a grandma and instead of being focused on my grand baby to come, I'm so focused on myself! Lord help me....Anyways I need to keep preparing for this investment, ladies which garment is the best one to get for stage 2?

Anxiety levels high...

Can't believe in 13 days I'm going to look and hopefully feel different, in a good way! I truly wish it would be tomorrow, i have so many mixed feelings, emotional ups and downs ugh but I have only 13 days to go!

pics from a 4 months ago

I was so fit and feeling somewhat sexy but never had my full butt and flat stomach no matter how clean I ate, how many squats I did or how many crunches....soon baby soon!!! =)

11 days and counting

I have 11 days to go and frankly I feel like the days are coming fast but I'm sure once I get within the hours to my surgery it'll be dragging lol. I don't know about you ladies but I been having scary nightmares, I guess my biggest fear is living on a budget and having to pay back this $7,500 loan and not getting the results I want and pay for. I been reading a lot of my fellow BBL sister's blogs and they're going for round 2 or reading that they're not happy with what they ended up with regret it and say it was money waisted. I don't doubt my Dr, I mean I want realistic results that's why I choose him but I can't help but to feel that maybe just maybe I won't get my ultimate wish pic results! UGH I pray I do, maybe I shouldn't be praying for such a shallow desire...I don't know what to feel anymore, feeling vain I guess...I'm going to leave it in my Dr's hands and God's will...


I feel like I'm about to have an anxiety attack! This all seems like a beautiful dream I should of had come true years ago...well I received more of my supplies today!!! =)

ultimate body I want

This is the ultimate body I want out of all this! I sure pray, even though it might be a little vain, I get this!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter my sisters, I hope yalls day is filled with happiness, family and faith..may the good Lord bless you all in your ups and downs. May he watch over all of you going through the healing process and for the ones about to go through surgery...Happy Easter! ????????

Noone here will answer my questions

I don't understand why only 1 woman on here has answered and of my questions through comment or private messages. I thought this site was for moral support but I don't see it, really sucks because the only 3 people that know about my surgery is my bf, best friend and half told my daughter the truth (because she will think I'm waisting my money and say I'm too old for stuff like that). I have had bad experiences trusting other women (so call friends or even family members) to keep stuff like this private. Next thing you know everyone looks down on you for wanting to improve yourself and see you as vien and soon everyone knows your business! So sad isn't it, oh well I'm going to keep this site only because reading your blog helps me, thanks

Thank you

Thank you to all the sweet ladies that took the time to answer my questions and showing me support via private message or comments. This is a very tough road to not have women that understand my obsession to be beautiful insides as well as our outside. I do start feeling guilty and vain but at least I know I'm not alone lol. The closer I get to my sx date the more nightmares I have and higher anxiety I feel, I almost had a full blown anxiety attack at work. I need my xanax but all my mula is going to this vain quest of mine lol. Is it just me feeling extremely insecure and jealous of where and what my bf looks at. Even if he doesn't check them out and does the natural thing and just looks, I go ballistic! I have never felt this, I guess since I haven't worked out and have jiggly skin due to my unhealthy diet and lack of exercise is really getting to me. He prays as well as i do that all this changes once my 2 months the po op is here. I have warned him about the ups and downs in emotions after the sx and he is a little scared (poor guy). I have always suffered from depression specially after my husband passed away in '04 and I pray that it doesn't break me during my recovery. Ay dios, I feel so ugly praying for such a vain and selfish reason but I do need it! ugh at times this is so confusing to me.... well ladies I have 8 days to go, I'll keep yall posted. Thank you again for the support =)

box lol

My pathetic boxie figure needs help lol. I usually wear a really tight garment under my shirts that fits super tight in the core and hips area so I won't look to boxie. 8 more days babbbbyy!

count down

I'm counting down the days or should I start counting down the hours lol anyways I'm so excited and can't wait to start working out again which is very hard not to do since I work at a gym. I look at the weights and wish I could workout out but I'm scared to burn off all my precious fat lol. This has been a very weird and crazy adventure to say the least! Later chicas


To all the women who think I hate myself and think they are Dr Phil, please stop! For real STOP! Last I checked this site is for a support system that we can't seem to get else where, we can come here be honest and vent! First off NO I do NOT hate my self, NO I am not a jealous monster, NO I am not doing this for no man, I'M DOING THIS FOR ME, NO I don't have self esteem issues and yes i suffer from anxiety so I may take meds for it at times but NOT due to self esteem issues ( who would be normal after becoming a widow at 28 with 4 kids so F U), NO I'm not a pill popper SO with that being said if you want to comment on my blog portraying yourself as a psychiatrist PLEASE don't! If I need one I will make an appointment with a qualified Dr not except comments from women that are going through the same things as I am and with almost the same in securities about our bodies!
I love myself because if I don't love myself how could i possibly love anyone else! I have faith in the Lord and in prayers from well intended women on here, I don't need you're fake prayers to make your "dr phil" opinion/observation of me look caring! This journey is hard enough as it is, we don't need to be bashing or giving unasked for observations about each other's lives to make it even worse... Be nice, be positive and be respectful to one another, after all we are women!!!!
Good night ladies and may the good Lord watch over us all!

Felling suck to stomach ugh

Is anyone else feeling sick to their sromach? I experiencing diarrhea, vomiting and headaches...the doc told me it's just my nerves, he suggested I start taking my volume but I know I'll need that for recovery lol he's so sweet. So far I'm loving my Dr and his staff, they answer all my annoying questions via email and calls lol. I'm sure they'll be glad this is over with when it comes to me hehe... I don't understand why my Dr isn't as popular as others, is it because he gives realistic results and nowadays bigger is better smh to each their own. I know I do t want to look big and make it obvious that I had work done lol.. I do want a little over 1000cc's and maybe 200cc's on each hip because i know my body will absorb some fat well at least I hope some of it does! Stay tuned and have a good day ladies =)

*FEEL ING SICK* not suck lol


4 more days!

Well time is a ticking and even though I'm scared I am so ready!

3 Days left to finish preparing =/

Hello ladies, I was wondering what type of food and/or diet should I have immediately following my surgery? Please help me since my boyfriend can't cook I was thinking maybe getting no salt can soups, unsalted crackers, lots of veggies and fresh fruits. What am I missing? ={

3 days pre op pics

I have 3 days left to keep looking at my poor out of shape body and but lol...In 1 month I will look so different and hitting the gym with my wonderful boyfriend. I miss our workouts....=(

Another pic


more pics, 3 days pre op

My poor sad little body, I weigh 142 the heaviest and ugliest I have ever been my whole entire life! Can't wait for my hot transformation! Mommy needs her body back or a better one hehe!!!!

72 hours!

I have 72 hours to be bootyfied! So so so excited!

Some before and after wish pics

Here are some before and after of an unknown woman from Georgia, she has exactly the cc's I'm wanting in butt cheeks and hips. I just love her results and pray I look like this after all the swelling goes away and my body settles into my perminit shape!

tick tick tick tock

Almost time hehe

So ready

I'm so ready for the new me, can't say I'll miss this chubby boxie non full booty lol....thank you to all the ladies for your truly felt concerns, prayers and blessing. I will keep you all posted! =)

more supplies

I got a robe, slippers for my ride home from surgery and my pee thingie from amazon. ..tomorrow I'm getting the soups, fruits, veggies, gatorade, water, salmon, chicken breast, more probiotics and my prescriptions except for the suppository it's way too expensive. I'm thinking about using a little laxative, will that be bad? Let me know ladies please...thank you in advance =)

pics of supplies didn't post

This site is so frustrating, you can't edit or change anything UGH! Hope this time they post!

enjoying my bad diet

I been eating what I want and enjoying every minute of it! It's my last day to eat like a piggie and trust I'm going to go all out lol jk not really...

more pre op pics

I can honestly say I am going to miss my "eatwhateveriwant" diet but i sure as heck not going to miss my chubby rolls lol. I pray all my pain and missing work will be worth it! So ready!


And let's not forget all my mula lol

All set and ready!

Got my meds and all that I think I'll need, if I need anything else I'll send the bf for a quick run to the grocery store... The reality of this all hits me every now an then, like when I walk by a mirror and see myself in all my fatness glory (sarcasm lol) and say to myself why would I do this, to let myself go so bad and get depress about my appearance, and then I think wow in a few months I will have the body I been killing myself in the gym to get! My bf is so ready for this to be over and hit the gym like we use too. I have put him and my body through so much. I pray that all this will have a great out come. Anyways here are some pics of what I think is the last of my supplies. Oh just and FYI that walmart has a few good garments and waist tighteners. I hate walmart but when you're on a budget anything will help. Just wish they had the full body BBL garments, oh well wishful thinking lol...If I left anything out, please feel free to let me know ladies and thank you besos =*

Well today is the day!

Today is the day and guess what, I started my period yesterday ugh...last night I slept good but my bf was not very comforting, he seemed distance and a little cold towards me. I told him I was scared i started to cry and he just got upset, turned around and went to sleep, I don't know what to think of that other then he doesn't love me. If he's worried why doesn't he just say so and act like it, ugh guys are more confusing then us! On a good note I took one of my valume per my Dr and I slept great and been up since 4:30 doing some preparing and cleaning. I'm looking at some of you ladies before and after pics, reading your blogs and they just motivatesm me to stay positive and relax. I want to thank you all who have been supportive , sending prayers and giving me positive feed back, without you I would be completely lost in all this.
Right now I'm watching Epic lol cute movie, I'm trying to keep my mind full of good and funny thoughts hopefully I'll dream about cute things while I'm under hehe. I'm waiting for my best friend to get here and take me oh and my baby girls is going with me. I feel bad that I didn't tell her what I'm actually getting done. She thinks it's just lipo, I couldn't tell her I'm getting a BBL although I am getting full body lipo, I'm getting enough fat to shape my new body! She's the one that's going to take care of me most of the time then my bf when he comes home from work but after last night I don't think I want him too. Well ladies I'm going to try and relax I have to be at his office at 8:15 a.m. and going under at 9, I'll post something after my surgery, if I'm able too. Thanks again! =)

Last time looking at this little body lol

Can't wait to see a different me in the mirror! My ride is here see yall later ladies! =*

I'm here waiting to go into the operating room

I'm waiting to go into the operating room and frankly I'm scared poopless! Here's some pics right before my procedure.... I've said my prayers so now see yall later ladies

ride home pic

Well here they are, meet my new booy. Took a pic on the ride home. Will be posting more when the pain subsides. Than You all for the prayers 0=)

post op pics

I'm posting a few pics, It's the best I can do with my garments and foams lol..I do notice my waist smaller and my hips curvier but my but the bottom of my butt cheeks don't hurt like the rest of me and when I look in the mirror I see no gauze where other Dr's usually put incisions to re inject the fat into you butt and it looks a little flat. Maybe I'm just paranoid with all l the foams on because after leaving the Dr's office and on the ride home my daughter kept saying she has a Kim K mom (I'm not a fan of hers) and in the pic, it did look round ugh I hope everything is just all in my head. Oh and the nurse said he could only put 850cc's in each cheek and 150 in each of my hips, that made me cry because I know my body will absorb about 30% of that ='{ I wanted 1000cc's checks and 200 hips....This depresses me I know it shouldn't since I did want a more natural look but still, yall understand me... my wonderful bf tells me to think positive but I'm paying back this loan on my little job I have that by the way pays me cash and it's part time. After I'm all healed up and better I'm getting back into my field so I can hurry up and pay this loan and if necessary save up money to do a round 2 but ONLY if it's necessary! I pray my booty doesn't look funny when I take my foams and garments off but I'll keep yall posted...love you ladies=*

forgot to mention the pain

Right out of surgery I need to pee so she tried to help me up but felt so dizzy and nauseas she gave me one of my pills and felt better the second time I tried to get up. Let me tell you the walk to the truck and to my house was hell. I was in alot of pain specially the way my best friend was driving. I told them I needed to take my pain meds but I had to eat so they got me a salad and guess what I tore that salad up, didn't even use the fork lol, I took my pain pill and felt a little better. I been getting up going to the restroom every 2 to 3 hours pretty much by myself and ladies that pee funnel is alife sent, please get one! My boyfriend does help when I ask him too but can't have him watch me peepee with that pee thingie lol he helps me In and out of bed, covers me up and gives me what I can't reach. He's been so wonderful now that the surgery is over, when he didn't feel me next to him he was quick to look for me, he's so sweet guess he has his moments lol jk he is. He stayed up and watch the rockets game till 11 something, he gets up for work at 4 and he managed to still do everything possible to make sure I was ok! I been eating fine, besides that salad I destroyed I had a banana last night, an orange this morning and drinking lots and lots of water.
My butt does hurt and feels stiff, my lipoed areas which were my arms, upper and lower abs, upper and lower back, sides, love handles, inner thigh, around my boobs and knees do feel sore, I can compare it to a hard work out but everyone experiences pain differently. Oh I forgot to mention the the ivy in my left hand had busted and fluid got into my hand so it's really swollen but it's coming down with warm towns and keeping it elevated. My little vein couldn't handle it. Well ill try and take pics when I shower ok ladies....later loves =*

The real pain begins

I was feeling good this morning and able to do stuff because the anesthesia wore off and let me just say I had 4 kids all natural, had my teeth worked on and a book job by the famous Dr Gerald Johnson he went through my belly button, I thought my dental work was the worse but this, this takes the cake. My daughter has been helping keep up with my meds and even when I take them I'm in so much pain I cry, and I'm not whimp but this has brought me to tears for my boyfriend to come home, to my daughter, to my best friend and even my boyfriend's mom which I feel bad for lying to her and said I had ear surgery, My god forgive me for lying. I love her and it kills me not to tell the truth but I think my booty won't be too obvious since they know I love to work out, I can just say I do more the usual squats lol.
Still peeing like a race horse and the main challenge is getting in and out of bed. Once I'm walking I'm fine but can't stay up too long or I'll get really dizzy..
I have a question for the ladies that already gone though this, my Dr gave me a garment with no booty holes, will that affect my ending results? I'm getting mine next week and I'm putting it on anyways? Also which waist trainer should I get...Please help and thank you in advance ladies =)

New post op pics

Well ladies here a few pics before my shower, it felt so good to take then off lol but I wasn't for long, I heard you can get really swollen. I'm actually feeling better just more stiff then anything and still hard to get in and out of bed. I got a little rebellious and cut the butt parts off but I think I cut too much. Ugh can't wait for mine to come in..I'm stay on top of my meds and eating good, lots of friends so far and soups with unsalted crackers. One thing, I do walk around but don't do it for too long or you'll get really dizzy. I was able to put on everything eight and even my waist trainer YAY! In the butt pics you can see he didn't put and stitches which worries me since I wanted a rounder butt and you can still some dipoles =(. God I pray I don't have to do this again to do it right. I hope and pray I'm just paranoid and it's all in my head =(

^^Sorry for typos still drugged up^^

Sorry ladies for all the typos, I'm drugged up and my fingers are so swollen

pooped =)

I woke up feeling better just still and a little pain but only because I'm on it! I been eating really healthy but made a mistake and had some bagels which of course it's bad when you need to "go" lol. I took another shower and put on my second garment provided by Dr Lapuerta, I still have swelling on my hands but doing so good, good enough to make my own lunch, didn't eat it all. I'm saving it for later. And for desert I been eating oranges, pineapples, grapes and of course lots of water aannnd I finally pooped lol. It took like 25 minutes but oh did it feel so good. I'm hoping that my next week I can try on some clothes to see how I look like with them. ..ladies please help me pick out a good waist crincher? This one is already getting loose....Please ladies and have a good Saturday

Sorry for typos lol

I feel a little pain only because I'm on my pain pills. ..sorry ladies

a quick pic from my daughter's room

You can see all the foam but when I take it off I can actually see how flat my tummy is and my daughter says how round my butt is hehe. My arms, around my arm pits, inner thighs and knees are extremely swollen and hurt to the touch but with time it will get better so I can start trying out some clothes! Well here's the pics...

before and after pics

The nerve in the back of my leg that goes all the way down to my foot tingle and hurts like if it's cutting Some circulation toy legs. I though it was the garment but it kinda hurt that way when I take it off for a shower. I lay down on my tummy and raised legs and move them around and it seems to help. It gets worse when I wake up to go to the restroom, I thought maybe I'm just stuff and once I peepee and more around it's ok... I start crying like a baby girl and that scares my daughter because she never sees me cry like that and she knows I'm no whimp. I figured I try to make myself feel better by seeing before and after pics lol...let me know how it looks, please ladies

^^Sorry for the grammar errors^^

I took my pain killer and muscle relaxer, so sorry. Please forgive me

helpful tips

I figured out what's got my nerve on my right leg feeling tingly like when circulation is getting cut off. It's my girdle, I take it off at night and put it back on after I take a pain pills during the day since everyone is sleeping. At least during the day I can get help. Also my second garment provided by the Dr doesn't have the butt cheeks removed, will that affect my ending results? ???? Things that have helped while eating, I got a bar stool to put my food on and my little kitchen stool to kneel on. I'll post pics...Also I been going to do #2 pretty regularly and it feels so good lol. I don't use anything for that, I just sit far back as I can and hold on to everything I can to not put unnecessary pressure on my new babies. If you get gas like I do get some mexican mineral water, it has no sugar nor artificial flavors just very little sodium. My by is going to help me with my shower in the morning and I'll take more pics...hoped any of this helped....thanks ladies and happy healing to all my fellow sisters!

New pics in between changing garments

I'm not happy with my results, I wanted a round juicy butt but it doesn't look like it and I been crying, moody and depressed...Yall be the judge of that =(

fever =(

I don't know how i got a fever and bad headaches but it started last night. It was 99.9 last night with a minor headache and tonight my whole body feels hot with a major headache my fever is 100.7. I was cleaning and doing alot of other stuff besides crying lol. My nurse told me to lay off any house work, no walking around for more then 15 to 20 minutes I knew that but I'm really OCD and hate my house specially my room dirty but man oh man my poor little legs are sure paying forit now, they're so swollen and hurt like hell...I will take you ladies advice and try to cheer up. My bestie is coming over tomorrow and he's going going to work on my yard while I lay on my futon on my deck, it's so pretty out here and maybe I just need a little sun light to help me body speed up the healing process. ..I live by the water so it'll be extra nice...
I have an embarrassing question, why am I passing gas like crazy, my boyfriend was singing to me and when he was going to the next part, he took a deep breath to sing his lungs out but I fared so loud lol. I mean we broke that barrier a long time ago but today was like none stop! He was holding me while I was crying and guess what I was farting the whole damm time that we both stop crying and could stop laughing lol I of course said I was sorry and couldn't help it and he say in a sweet voice "it's ok baby, your body is healing" he was giggling the whole time he said that lol.
Well I said my prayers and what not so until manana my fellow ladies (even when we don't feel much like one lol) Good Night 0=)

Quick pic

I been really stubborn doing house work and not staying in bed. I'm just not use to doing nothing so I'm feeling sick again and definitely too sick to take pics but here is one for yall. My nurse/daughter is making me stay in bed from now on so tomorrow after my shower I will post pics with clothes and without...thanks ladies for the support =)

6 days post op pics

Woke up from a nap and felt like taking pictures without my foams on. Tell what yall think please. And also still need to find a good waist trainer, I really want a tiny waist, please please help

Had a rough morning but felt better after a very long shower

My day started so bad, crying and having an overwhelming feeling of regret so I took a nap for a few hours. When I woke up I said I will not let this bring me down anymore! Took a long shower, ate, took my meds and got to work...I swear I felt and looked so sexy......I have a few mother's days parties to go Saturday and Sunday, i'm not sure what to wear so it won't look so obvious I have a huge booty hehe. Well I been eating realy good and pooping just fine, it's like everything is finally falling into place. I still get stiffness, leg and butt spada ms but with my valume I'm good. I sent my bf a pic of me trying the dress I wore on our first date and let me tell you, he came home with addifferent attitude towards me hehe. Here are some pics ladies

woke up with fever but doing better, pics available =)

I woke with a high fever, I got scare so did my baby girl and the bf...I decided maybe I need to take all my foams and in just my second stage garment and let me tell you I feel so much better and sexy hehe.....I'm about to eat so here are some quick pics =*

muscle spasms and pain meds

I try to avoid taking so many pills but once the pain meds and especially the muscle relaxers you'll be down to tears like you were a sick 5 yr old in the school nurse's office crying and waiting for your mom to come get you. Needless to say I took my pain and muscle relaxer and now fell a little better. Good enough to take a few pics. ...

??my bf took these pics??

The bf is really enjoying his new toys and i cant blame him so am i hehehe. Tomorrow will be my first attempt to go out in public. ..Wish me luck ladies =-*

How i poop hehe

This is my greatest invention yet lol

I had horrible news today

First off I woke stiff, sore and in pain when i woke up in the middle of the night needing to peepee so bad and ended up all over me =( . Well I eat my breakfast, took my meds then a nap. I get a call from my baby girl to tell me my car is all messed up and won't turn one. I oh courses started crying like cray since I'm a ball of emotions. I called my mom to tell her happy mexican mother's day but couldn't hold back my tears. I'm a very strong and Independent woman so when she heard me that like it made her cry. Well any way I told her my suv needs about 600 or 700 in repairs. I wouldn't usually be bother to much buy that but I'm paying my loan for my surgery and I have a cash paying job so it's not like I have sick time =(. Well my daughter's boyfriend's dad and mom game over by the way the are wonderful people, so we discuss what's the next step, he and his brother are a mechanics and reassured me my suv is in good hands and that he would help me and try not to charge too much let me tell you that I cried so much when the huge me, I don't ever let people see me cry. For a little bit i did ask God ifths happened because of my vain desire. I prayed, felt better after thinking that God always has test and it's up to up to you how to handle them! I didn't question him or scream,i saw it as a testing and I never doubted him! I still don't know where I'm getting the money but my wonderful boyfriend said he will help me as much as possible, i love so much and to be honest i think his family will probably help since I'm not going to the Mother's day celebration. I feel bad for lying and saying i had ear surgery but i know in time i will pay and except my punishment. Well my pills are kicking in and I'm hungry lol...oh here's a few pics

A lot has happened

I have had a lot of really bad emotional situations, expensive suv repairs and it's laying me longer to heal. I've also been doing hit and mainly miss with garments, one tore apart when trying to put it on! That's $90 in the trash,II'm never buying garments from amazon ever again! I will update later today with lots of pics. =)

Went to my post op appointment

Well i actually went a few days ago but with all the moving around I started getting spasms and a whole lot of pain. I'm feeling so much better today but I'm taking it easy since I go back to work Monday ugh lol..I haven't really tried any of my clothes because I'm still swollen so I'm waiting a few days. I did take this nice pic coming back from my appt....

Having up and down days

I have had good days and bad days. I don't know why the people I love the most that know about this surgery, are for some reason being mean to me . Anyway I haven't driven anywhere so I can't t really explain how that's going lol. I been staying at home every since my surgery, we'll I had 2 rare occasions and tried that roll a towel and a Cushing for my back and let's just say I rather lay in the back. The day I went to for my post op my Dr said everything is looking great so my bf and I went around just so I can stay out of the house but I was still wobbling lol. By the end of the day my legs hurt so much and got so swollen I was in so much pain and fear that I might have over done it.
Ladies when does the swelling go down more and when will my butt fluff out. I still don't like the way it looks. I wanted a full round ass. I did mention that to my Dr butt he said Just give it time. I'm getting so frustrated with it. I want to know my final results already so I can clean out my closet and start living a normal life again. Well here are some pics with no garment, I'm more of a tshirt and jeans type of girl...have a good one ladies =)

Doing so much better

I'm doing so much better emotionally and physically. With my boyfriend working 16 to 17 hr a day 5 days a week was affecting my healing. But today we spent the entire day together and not only did if feel special cus he spoiled me a little, I looked hot and turned heads from everyone even from women. I have a little swelling, still alot of bruising but I bruise easy and take long to heal, I've always been like that! We were out since 8 this morning and even saw a movie and it was torches even with the pillow and stuffed purse, I was in so much pain then got a left leg spasms so took a pain and muscle relaxer pills and felt sooooo good wink wink lol....well good night ladies and here's some pics of my day! Let me mention that I love my results because it has such a natural look and nothing cartoonsis about it!

So happy! =)

I'm so happy so far I'm just waiting for the dropping and fluffing out starts, I do have a slight dent on my right cheek that was one of my pain concerns and when i emailed my Dr's office and he wanted me to go in right away but my bf and I decided to wait a few more weeks to see how i fluff out and drop. My Dr is so eager to please, I just love him.
Oh I got a funny story to tell, my bf and I were walking around a mall so I can get some exercise and when i went to the restroom I had an old Asian lady say I have such a beautiful full rear and asked if she could touch it. Of course I was shocked she seemed to have no shame when she saw my face she said it was ok "i liked women"! Don't know if I should have taken that as a compliment or what all I know I was extremely uncomfortable. ..ok maybe if she was younger I wouldn't have felt so weirded out by it lol..here's some pics ladies ;-)

For my friend #makingmydreamscometrue

The faja that has worked the best even from the $80 to $100 ones!

Pics from Sat

Was finally feeling a whole lot better, sexy and like showing off my booty hehe

Back at work!

Finally back at work and lucky for me work at gym so my toning up and burning cellulite off will be so easy just working also I'm waist training with those waist sweat thingies! Not going to lie this is the most exercise I've gotten since my surgery and I know I'll be sore tomorrow. Still don't have my clearance to workout from my wonderful Dr Lapuerta, can't wait either cause I love love my workouts! My cute bf said he misses working out with me, that almost made me because he's not very romantic but that was, well at least for me it was lol love him! Here's a pics of me at work with the waist thingie...

Really starting to love my results more and more

I was feeling flirty yesterday and sorry if I look a little thick, we had a lot of bbq lol but still loving my realistic results. Boy let me tell you the hate I'm getting from very few women but getting lots of love and attention from men AND even women hehe (not gay though)...here are my pics

fluffing finally

Well everyday is something different with my booty lol my waist is smaller, my booty is fluffy and hips are fuller but with no exercising I'm starting to see cellulite UGH! 2 more weeks and I have my clearance to start the gym again. The other night I was fooling around with my bf and of course where they do the lipo on your tummy the scares are around you lady parts and they itch so I scratched and the scabs came off and noticed I still had some stitches in there. I tried, with my bf helps to cut them off but he was too scared to hurt me and frankly I didn't feel like being ripped down there, I want my cookie to still look pretty hehehe. Anyways I'm going back to my Dr to get them taken out, although it wasn't his fault they weren't taken out right the first time I kept complaining and being a bug winnie lol. I should have taken some pain meds and a valume before hand. I have one more valume left and lots of pain pills so guess what, I'm taking them and an extra pain pill to get through it! Wish me luck ladies...here's some pics I took this morning =)

close call at work =/

A lady I worked out with noticed something different but I convinced her that I just lost alot of weight, doing waist training and wearing brazilian butt lift garments lol. I sure hope she believed me because she has a big mouth!

Monday's day

I had a "squeeze me in" last min appointment with Dr Lapuerta to remove the stitches left in my cookie area. He was sick but still saw me, I'm telling yall my Dr is awesome. While I was there I pointed out the small dent on my right cheek and the shelf look on it, although it has somewhat disappear since the dropping and fluffing out, he did say he would take care of it but we both agreed to give it time due to its barely a little over a month since my surgery. Well since I was so drugged up with pain meds (so I won't feel nothing cus he had to cut healing scare tissue) the bf and I planned to have a relaxing day on the river...here's some pics from yesterday from the Dr's office and the river. You'll notice I have a little cellulite but I got the ok to hit the gym at 5 weeks post op which is this Thursday! So stoked, I love working out specially with my sweet bf! Have a good one ladies and feel free to ask me anything. ..

real self yall need to fix yalls clitches

I'm not 2 months post op, it's only been 4 weeks and 2 days! Come in yall!!!

Not liking my inner thighs, PLEASE can someone answer me ={

I'm not liking the way my Inner thighs look after lipo =( I take my garments off to let my body breath and I see this. I feel so ugly, I don't know if I'll ever wear shorts, a skirt or a nice short dress again much less sexy lingerie! Can someone please tell me this is temporary and after a few weeks of workingout, clean eating and drinking lots of water will take care of it UGH!

Booty greed is real

I do love my results, I mean I looks so much better then before but I want a rounder a more projected booty and some corrections made like small dimples and a small dent on my right cheek. And if my thighs don't look better after 6 months of workingout, eating right and drinking a lot of water I will maybe just MAYBE consider round 2 but only time will tell. I already discussed it with my bf, of course he tells me I look great that with some time and workingout again I'll look even better. I love him so much, he's so sweet! I know he doesn't want me to go through it again because of the emotional toll it took on me and on us but we shall see what I look like after six months of doing everything right! I been wearing my waist trainer during the day and wearing my regular gurdle at night but it's falling apart and I keep having to sew it in which is a good sign. I have lost inches in my waist line just not sure how many. I also use the thigh trainers and see a difference when i take everything off but of course thinking I spent all this money I want perfection! I get all emotional but I knew I wasn't going to get exactly what I wanted, I was being realistic about the surgery. My Dr told me straight out from the get go it usually takes around 2 if I'm seeking near perfection! Only time and patience will tell! ...took these last night


The scares on my lower back are the ones that truly bother me, they're so big and noticeable when i wear a bikini or anything low. I'm getting tattoos over them I'm just scared of the pain during them because of the scare tissue and if I do go for a round 2 the tattoos will look horrible after wards... I wish I would have used something for scares =(

^ spell check ^ scars!

Ugh this site sucks sometimes, you can't go back and correct spelling or anything once you have post it! Real Self you need a edit option! And it's SCARS lol

7 weeks post op

Well where to start, I'm 7 weeks post surgery. I feel almost back to normal, I'm still numb the areas he lipoed but if pressure like someone leaning, grabbing or poking it hurt. The scars are extremely sensitive, they bleed if i mess with them, I also have a few still hard spots on my right butt cheek and I hope it fluff out. IF it does I pray it kinda fills in the era that I have my 2 dents but we shall see. I emailed my Dr about my concerns and they said it's too early to tell my results. I have to wait till my 6 months mark. I see him Monday so I'm a little nervous of what he'll say then. I'm already considering a round 2 so I can get the roundness, fullness and creases I wanted. With this type of surgery I already knew that the chances of needed a 2nd one was very high. A Dr that knows what he's doing and is realistic in his results will tell you up front, I just hope it won't cost too much if anything! I still have some fat left on my stomach, some on my lower and up back, definitely want some taken out of my outer thighs but very little because that gives me that curve look. I started working out eating right and stuff but it does depress me that I'm paying all this money only to not be 100% satisfied but then again I look so much better then before. I do feel good about my decision to do this just wish I would have stuck to my diet after my 3 weeks mark but like I said I'm the only one cooking and I wasn't upto doing anything lol. I do turn heads and what not and feel more confident in my looks. Who knows I might just stay this way and just keep working on it. Oh before I forget I did loose alot of weight but as a weight lifter I'm not happy about that but I'm putting it back on with muscle. Also I still use the little bobby pillow and try not to sit on it as much unless I have to absolutely have too and sleeping on my stomach was never a issue since I do it anyways lol. I'm still using my garments (not 24/7) because it feels good to feel that compression on my stomach, inner thighs and lower back. I have lost inches on my waist with my new crincher just don't know exactly how many. I Should have kept track lol. Guess that's now it for now ladies =)

8 and a half weeks post op

I'm 8 and a half weeks post op and although I'm satisfied with my results because I definitely look better then before, I need the dimples (that I have always had) and the dent on my right side (i guess the fat didn't survive) filled in. It's only natural to feel somewhat cheated when you think the of ALL the money, pain, tears, emotional ups and downs you invested in your body! I have 4 grown kids and a grandmother of 1, I workout and dieted religiously as far as i can remember Is to no avail! Yes this was a big deal to me and there's nothing wrong with being honest and wanting near to perfection for your what I went through so i am doing a round 2! From what I been reading and speaking to my surgeon since I'm not getting full body lipo again, my recovery time and pain won't be as bad as the first time. For all you women being negative about women like me wanting to go for a second time you got lucky your body didn't absorb 30%, 40%, more or even all of your fat and you got the results you wanted! Maybe you never had kids or a couple, are still young, have really good genes or what ever your case may be.... Please please don't criticis us! I for one am working hard for my money and I'll be damn if i don't get my money's worth! The pictures will show I don't have protection, fullness and I still have a big waist. I still have alot of fat but I'll post nude pics to show more detail. Thanks for your time =)

Dents and dimples still there =(

Well here are the pics I promised as you can see, I have 2 dents on my right side and dimples on each cheek. I think in the bigger dent is dead fat, it hurts and it's hard, i honestly I don't know what to do but I'm calling my surgeon Monday.

22 weeks post op

I been MIA since my last post, I just been depress with my results. Although it looks a whole lot better then before the dents on my right cheek and the dimples make it rough to deal with the fact I spent so much money on myself not to get what I paid for. I knew it would take a second round for me to get the 100% or close to it results. I have my round 2 with the same Dr October 9th, he's been great I just wish it didn't cost so much to fix what he didn't do the first time UGH! This time I'm getting my banana rolls done, my whole back, ab sketching and lipo mu chubby vajaja lol. It looks full and big but I had to gain weight just to maintain the big booty. I have gained weight so he can put 60cc's on each hip and at least another 500cc's in each cheek so I can loose weight else were but keep my juicy booty. I have goo ten cellulite due to the weight gain. Well that's all for now ttyl.

6 days post op round 2

I' m 6 day post op from round 2 and let me say I was almost not here to tell you about it. My surgery was on 10-9-14 and it went great but once I was turned over fat traveled to my lungs threw an open vein. I got a pulmonary embolism that almost almost killed me. the surgery itself went great but not sure if it was worth my life! my doctor is a triple board certified plastic surgeon and I was a very rare case. These risks are always there with this type of surgeries. I would have been fine with my results from my first surgery but I had a big dent on my right cheek that was depressing me so much. I look in the mirror and I see the results I should have gotten from my first surgery! I will be happy with the outcome of this. Will post pictures later

forgot to mention ER

I forgot to mention I was in ICU for 2 days out of my 4 day stay! Think very carefully when you decide to do a round 2!

after 2nd BBL and $12,500 in depth still ugly

You tell me if this was not only not worh my $12,500 but was it worth almost losing my life and still struggling to breath and control my heart rate!

pictures after my 1st BBL

A couple of these i still had the stiches so it was maybe a month after round 1. And the others were taken about 6 weeks after round 1. And you can see the dimples in a few pics but I did very well in covering them up with my bikinis

Wishing I went to Miami/Dr. Fisher

I regret not going to Miami to let a Dr that does these all the time do my BBL!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Should have gone to a doctor in Miami who specializes in nothing but the Brazilian butt lift! Other than that my doctor was great because I think he's afraid of a lawsuit! !!

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