Dr. Hourglass got me together... Take 2!!

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Ok, where do I start. To say the least I am no...

Ok, where do I start. To say the least I am no rookie when it comes to cosmetic surgery. My first experience was in 2009, one year after having my 4th child, only this time it was a Cesarean. When it comes to my skin, I have the smoothest most beautifulest skin on the outside but when it comes to healing it is the worst. I keloid something serious. So I knew once it was decided I was going to to have a c-section the only thing that stuck in my mind was how my scar was going to keloid horribly... And it did!!!

I have always been self conscious about being big majority of the women in my family are 200lbs plus. So my biggest fear in life is not dying, heights or bugs it's being obese, lol!!

My first surgery I decided to have a tummy tuck with lipo while fixing the keloid scar. I had this surgery in Savannah, GA being that I was stationed in Fort Stewart, GA. Overall this surgery was ok, but I was not pleased because from the beginning, after the surgery I always had this bulge underneath my breast area, in which the doctor told me over time it will go down... It never did!!! With me being military we relocate often and since then I have moved 3 times. So to go back to the doctor and say I am unhappy "I STILL HAVE THIS BULGE" was out of the question.

My second surgery was lipo to the back in 2011 with Dr. Leo Lapuerta and I was pleased with my results. I am going with him again for my butt augmentation. He will be doing lipo to the abdomen (ALSO FIXING THE BULGE), back, sides, medial thigh and upper arms. I am currently in Kuwait so I had to do my consult over the phone in which Dr. Lapuerta and Brandi, his patient coordinator made it very easy and convenient for me.

From my previous experience in his office and with his staff, they were absolutely amazing before, during and after the process. After the lipo to the back surgery his nurses were continuously calling and emailing to check on me. They made all my appointments fit my schedule since I was traveling from Louisiana, because I was stationed at Fort Polk at the time. This time nothing has changed once again they are on it.

For whatever reason I am extremely nervous only because I want everything to be perfect. This is my third and last time ( I think, lol). I have sent pictures of myself in to include my wish pics.. I have even went to the extent of printing them out pointing out the problem areas. THIS HAS TO BE PERFECT!! I am 5'4" 162 pounds so having enough fat shouldn't be an issue. I don't have a lot of fat around the abdomen area so we had to consider the arms and medial thigh which is not a problem.

I am due to return to the states at the beginning of May, my pre-op appointment is on May 23rd and I can not wait. I have already start making a list of things I need to buy and have available after the surgery. I am ready, nervous and excited!!!

Photos to be posted soon!!!!

I stay on RS trying to get as much information as...

I stay on RS trying to get as much information as possible. So while reading so many of the useful post, I decided to go ahead and order a couple of things I know for sure I will need for my upcoming surgery in a little over a month. So some things I found very useful to go ahead and order was a Personal Heat Massager, a body pillow, boppy pillow with cover, Scar Away Silicone gel sheets and gel ( I keloid horribly), two heating pads, female urinal, VitaMedica multi vitamins and Burt Bee's Mama Bee Belly Butter. I know I have so much more but this will get me started at least.

30 Day out from my Pre-op with Dr. Lapuerta.. So...

30 Day out from my Pre-op with Dr. Lapuerta.. So excited!!! Sx in 35 days. So ready for the new booty!!

BBL ladies, I am 5'4" 162lbs my measurements...

BBL ladies,

I am 5'4" 162lbs my measurements are 36.30.41 (last time I took my measurements).. I am looking to purchase additional garments before surgery. My after surgery garment is going to be a closed butt garment. This has worried me a lot. I know my doctor knows what he is doing but I have a fear of killing fat cells before they are given a chance to live. I need for this donk to be and stay right.

Can any ladies give me their personal experience with closed butt garments (size and brand) would be helpful.

If I choose to transition into the open butt garment how soon should I? I am getting my upper arms, medial thigh, flanks, back and abdomen lipo'ed. I am looking for a butt out garment that has good compression in these areas also.

All feed back is welcome

Hello Ladies, The time is coming closer.. We are...

Hello Ladies,
The time is coming closer.. We are finally in the month of May and I cannot wait until the 30th (whoop whoop surgery day).. Since I have joined this site I have became obsessed with this site and Irene the Dream. This site has so much realnest, I wish I have known about it when I was going through my previous surgeries and Irene the Dream has a bomb ass body. I have even added an Android Plastic Surgery app to my phone to alter my pics to what I want to look like. I am going to upload more wish pics and one of the photos that I altered..


My pre op appointment is in 3 days and surgery is in 8 days. Im so excited I have purchased majority of my supplies and started taking my vitamins. Whewwww, not good at taking pills but I am taking the advice of all that has already went through this process. I'm so ready for this I can taste it. Pre op pics and measurements ccomig soon!

Pre op appointment today

Today was my pre op appt. surgery in 6 days and I cant wait. Brandi and Dr Lapuerta was awesome, they answered all the million and one questions me and my husband asked I printed out wish pics and altered pictures of myself of what my expectations are. I requested they be saved in my file and visible available for Dr. Lapuerta during the time of surgery. So there is no guessing on what I am looking for. Brandi also showed me the garment I will be wearing home but I think I am going to hand carry the garment that is being provided and wear home the one I purchased along with my abdomen board.

My measurements today were:
Abdomen: 34
Butt/hips: 45
Arms: 14

Wish measurements:
Abdomen: 26 or below
Butt/hips: 47-50
Arms: 11 or below

The only discouraging part was he honestly stated that I don't have a lot of fat, so he told me to eat whatever I want in these next 6 days. I don't know what he was looking at but I'm going to do what he asked for the best results.

Lipo areas: inner thigh, arms, upper and lower back, upper and lower abdomen

Here are a couple of pre op pics

Surgery in the AM

My surgery is scheduled for 730 in the morning so excited and nervous!!!! Can't wait... Update and pics coming soon.

Made it to the other side

1 day post op still in pain mostly in my legs and butt. 4100 cc's removed 1025 in each cheek.. This garment is the devil but its a must.Im liking my results but not the pain. Will go into more details later.

another photo

Here's another angle 1 day post op

3 days post op

I'm feeling better today but the pain is still here. My meds and heating pads have been my best friend these couple of days. My appetite hasn't been that great but I stay filled with fluids . I walk every time I take my meds. Most of my pain is in my thighs where they did lipo and my butt of course. I see a big difference in my arms and stomach even with me still being swollen so I know im going to be very pleased. This donk is hard and heavy hoping it falls a little when it softens but I know im going to be pleased with that also. These garments are all from hell I have butchered most of them to have a little comfort. The Arnica cream has helped to when when my butt is in pain. Meds are the main thing stay on schedule because if not your body will feel it.


I went for another massage today and I must say it made me feel better. Me and this surgery has a love hate relationship. I am loving what I see as time progresses but the pain sucks. My thigh pain where they did lipo is the worst that's where I bruised the most also. I feel like I am carrying to basketballs on my back which is very uncomfortable. I wanted ass but I dont think this much hopefully when it softens it will get better. My appetite is still not the best I just try and drink plenty of water. Im wearing a large garment that I cut the butt out of im going down to a medium during my next post op appt. I wear a medium vedette with a small squeem body clincher over that. Will post more pics later.

Feeling a little better

Full of meds so the pain is at a minimum and I decided to post another pic. Before and after. Before was my pre op appt and after was today after I finished my massage. Im still swollen and I have on two stomach compression garments plus my abdomen board.

photo update

Ladies I am six days post op tell me what you think . Never wanted a humongous butt just a more rounded proportioned but with a very flat stomach. I'm still very swollen especially around my little lady (any pointers on how to reduce the swelling there) all opinions and comments are welcomed

8 days post op

This pain, this stiffness, this swelling and these garments are no joke! Gradually coming off meds and that waist is getting smaller ? Ready to put on some real clothes!!

Loving my transformation

Loving my results more everyday but even at 2 weeks post op the pain is still no joke. This is a procedure to definitely not take lightly.

Tomorrow 3 weeks post op

Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op. Its been rough for me mainly because I got lipo in my arms and inner thighs. Those have been my most painful areas but it gets better daily. It's an emotional and physical roller coaster I can tell you that. I haven't sat yet but I start back to work on Monday so that means driving, sitting and a whole lot of walking. Just praying it doesn't effect my results cause I love what I have right now. Not to much not to little. It has shrunk since surgery but maybe I will get that back when I start fluffing. Still wanting my waist to shrink but time and tighter garments will get me there.

Back to work I go

I went back to work on Monday. Driving was uncomfortable. When I have to sit I'm paranoid as hell but my body tells me when I need to get up. My pain is much better but the swelling is about the same maybe a little more because I'm standing more and moving around more. But other than that not much to update.

Let's just say this thang gets better with time

This has been a rollercoaster of a journey. Very emotional time but time and patience will be your best friend in the end. It will be 5 weeks Thursday since I've had my surgery and as of last week I have started back driving and sitting but a pillow or my boppy goes everywhere with me to sit on even when I am driving. I switched to a stage 2 garment this week and have been a little paranoid but I'm getting use to it. My thighs are getting much better since I am getting better compression out of my garments (I have a below the knee stage 2 garment now). My lower abdomen and sides are still swollen but every week gets better. I'm glad I trusted my doctor to do what he's board certified to do. My husband will see me in person for the first time on Thursday. I can't wait because he cant get enough pics and updates.

Still loving my results 8 weeks post op

I am still loving my results every day it gets better. I still have swelling and soreness in my thighs and arms. This is where my lipo was most aggressive. I haven't worn a garment in about two weeks but I wear a stomach binder at least 12 hours out of a day. My stomach is super flat but is still kinda hard. My butt is much softer. I use a boppy or pillow majority of the time still and I can tell when I have sat too long because my butt alerts me and I start to get really stiff. I haven't started working out but I do squats when I can and it doesn't bother my thighs. The stares I get from men and women are hilarious. But other than that not much to update

6/7 month PO update

If I had it to do all over again the only thing I would do differently is allow myself more recovery time but I am still LOVING my results!!!!!!

Another Day Another Surgery

So this is my second BBL procedure with different doctors. My healing has been a lot harder this time around. I did a round two because I didnt get the projection that I wanted the first time and I didn't maintain my weight like I should have. I went with Dr. Cortes because I liked his work and that he was close to my home. On my preop day is when I met Dr. Cortes and his staff and surprisingly everyone was very pleasant, nice and eager to provide information. Dr.Cortes was very knowledgeable and confident. He told me exactly what he could accomplish with my body and I left his office feeling that I was in good hands. The day of surgery went very smoothly and there weren't long wait times.. When Dr. Cortes came to mark me up he was very nice to my husband and I ensuring is that we would be very satisfied. After surgery he did speak to my husband and informed him on how the surgery went. I stayed overnight in the hospital and didn't see Dr. Cortes during my stay, which didn't bother me because I just wanted to rest and it seemed as if the nurses where in and out every 20 minutes checking vitals, providing medication and what not. Over all the stay wasn't bad and check out was extremely easy and fast. My 1st week post op appointment the wait was over 1hr 30 minutes (standing) and I was furious. I saw Cindy she checked me over and put me in my phase 2 garment, she advised me to wait on massages until my stiches were removed. I didn't see Dr. Cortes this visit because there was an emergency in the ER. My 2 week visit was the complete opposite. Absolutely no wait time and during this time Cindy took out my stiches and advise me to get massaged on my abdomen sides and back areas only. She scheduled my next appointment 3 weeks out and informed me that I would see Dr. Cortes during this visit. I will be going into week 6 of post op. I'm praying at this appointment that I am released out of this garment. It os the devil.

30 days post op... Dr Cortes

I go back to work in a few days. I'm still really tender and sore on my flanks and some areas of my back. My incisions are healing great and I am moving around with ease. Ive started doing upper body exercises to tone my arms and back more. My stomach is super flat, I love it!!! This garment has it good and bad days but its a must.

Feeling good looking fine

7 weeks post op and I am loving my results still. Dr. Cortes has cleared for me to do light workouts without cardio and I'm definitely excited about that. I have started to sit on a boppy and with the foam log underneath my thighs. My bottom tends to get sore and my body tells me when it's time to get up. I'm still in my garment about 20 hours a day with my foam sheets on my sides and back and abdomen board. My waist is currently 27 inches (the day of surgery I was 35 inches) and my hips are 44. I still have a lot of swelling and hard spots on my sides stomach and back but they are getting better daily. My burn from the lipo is healing great. I keep my body covered in cocoa butter and bio oil. You will definitely have your up and down days with this procedure. Some days you will love how your body looks during the transformation and others you will not be so sure. The key to this process is patience and time. Allow you body to do what it's going to do and follow your doctors orders to the tee for amazing results. Dr. Cortes is sent from the contouring gawds????????

Almost 3 months post op

Today was amazing I love the way my body is forming into everything that I wanted. Dr. Cortes is simply amazing I always get "star struck" whenever he walks into the room. I am by far a shy person but I forget everything once he walks into the room. Today I received only two inflammation shots. I am in a corset only and I still wear my foams. Cindy gave me a few pointers, she is really knowledgeable. I took "after" photos and I wasn't really ready but my body is nice so what the hell. Glad I wore cute and matching panties and bra????!!! I saw all of the staff at one point today and they are all the greatest they make you feel so beautiful and sexy with the compliments! One last appointment and I am looking forward to wearing jeans more than anything!!!

Loving life and my body

Went to my last appointment and received a smaller garment. I'm 3 months postop and still have swelling. I still have hard spots in my sides and stomach but everyday it gets better. I am extremely happy with where I am right now with my body!!! Crazy part it's going to continue getting better?Dr. Hourglass is amazing #Cortesdoll
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Ashley was very prompt in answering question and getting information to me. She was very helpful since I was traveling from out of town. Dr. Cortes was very informative when he saw me the day before surgery he answered all of my questions before I got a chance to ask them. Cindy is amazing and tells you exactly what you need to hear instead of what you want to here. She's also very responsive to phone calls and very informative... So far this experience has been great.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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