45 Year Old Wanting to Remove 25yo Silicone Implants - Pearland, TX

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I'm less than a week away and really nervous. I...

I'm less than a week away and really nervous. I have capsular contraction and I think they've been in way too long. I don't want to replace them and then one day have to go through all of this again but I'm so afraid that I won't recognize myself after the surgery or that I'll be really depressed with the results. I'm also worried about the actual surgery. Other than the capsule, I haven't had any issues with the implants except that I've come to realize that I don't want any foreign objects inside of me anymore. I hope I picked the right doctor too. Any advice that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Ive been such a nervous wreck that my menstrual period is over a week late (not pregnant)and I get anxiety often.

surgery two days away

My doctor said a lift wouldn't be needed because he didn't think my nipples were low enough to warrant one but o can't help but think he could be wrong. Feeling really nervous as I've had thes implants half of my life. I'll keep everyone updated. Thank you for your posts, I've been reading them daily for inspiration

Surgery is over

Everything went well. No regrets. Minimum pain and taking one Tylenol 3 every four hours just to be on the safe side. To all of you getting explants, get plenty of sleep afterwards. I'm going to do more of that now. Lol I'll keep you all posted after I remove the bandages tomorrow.

feeling TONS better

I still have my bandages on but took a peek. They look great! I was in and out of surgery in just three hours. I'm already walking around, albeit slowly, and eating too. No nausea and sleeping like a baby. I took a peek today (I'm going to leave my badages on until tomorrow morning) and they look great. Like a fluffed up good size b cup. Maybe more. I'll posts pics tomorrow. Thank you to ALL you courageous women for sharing your stories. I felt so alone when I started this journey and now I feel like a brand new and healthier person already.
Much love!

more pain todat

I guess I jumped the gun a bit saying that I didn't have much pain. Its probably a level six or so but, it has been about nine hours since my last tylenol three and only two days post op so I'll be more patient and definitely take it easy today and the entire weekend.
I do know that the pain is WAY less than when I put the implants in (I was only twenty years old and wish I'd known better) to all you newly post op women out there, take it slow and easy. Expect to stay well rested longer than just a few days. I'm guessing it may be an entire week but hey, better safe than sorry and you can never get enough rest and time to catch up on reading or your favorite netflex movies.
Much love everyone.
Ps, do not forget to keep drinking plenty of water and no grapefruit juice according to the antibiotics. Not sure why on that one

Absolutely No Regrets

The pain is lessening, its only been a few days (Wednesday) so I'm
giving myself a full week before going back to work. The drains are a
pain but the codeine keeps everything comfortable and paim free. I had
some apprehension before the surgery because I had these implants more
than half of my life but since the surgery, not ONE SINGLE REGRET. not
one. I feel so much lighter and natural and can even breath easier. I
absolutely love it.

one week post op

Went from a d to a B but my dr was right. I don't think I'm going to need a lift after I give them a little time to fluff up it's only been 7 days so far I'm still sore I'll probably go back to work on Monday. sorry for the sloppy typing but I'm still needing a pain medication to manage

Still in pain

Has anyone realize that they were still in pain I am now 2 days and two weeks past my ex plant I know they were in for 25 years but I thought the pain was going to get better by now is still I'm having to rely on a lot of Vicodin just to get through the day I thought the pain would be better but it hasn't has anyone else experienced the same thing


Well I'm still in some pain although it's a lot better I'm down to only meeting about one Vicodin a day doesn't help that I also started my. Today and cramps are the worst LOL also that my boss told me I was not going to be getting my 1 weeks vacation even though I've been there over 6 months so anytime I take off right now for any reason personal or physical will just be deducted from my check I envy all of you women who have supportive husbands and must be nice my significant other decided to take off the day before my surgery not that it was that big of a deal because even after 4 years he wasn't pulling his weight by any means and I was doing all the supporting anyway here's to new beginnings going to spend the rest of today in bed with the heating pad on my stomach taking pain medicine for my breast and searching for another job on the plus side of things can only get better from here right? LOL

Fluffing and wear a regular bra

I had my surgery August 10th yet I still have not noticed any fluffing at all and it still hurts if I try to wear a regular bra actually my right breast still hurts almost on a daily basis has anyone else experienced no fluffing yet and a little bit of pain still even after that many weeks
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