36yrs Old, Mom of 3, Nursed 2. Had Complete Hysterectomy and Having Mommy Makeover" Pearland, TX

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I got married at 21 and had my first child at 22. ...

I got married at 21 and had my first child at 22. My kids are 13,11, and 6. I've had a complete hysterectomy due to endometriosis and a hemogenic cyst. I feel much older than I am and no longer feel very feminine. I've been excited, nervous, and scared.... But with my surgery 4 days away... I can't believe that my main emotion isn't fear. I am just so excited and happy! I stopped my ADD medication a week ago and I'm functioning pretty well. I'm trying to be realistic about the results because it isn't like time will freeze after my surgery. Here are my stats. I'm 5'8" and currently 159 lbs.... A bit heavier than normal for me. My current bra size is 34 b-c but is mostly just floppy skin. I'm having a tummy tuck, donut lift, and 550cc smooth round silicone implants under the muscle. I'm hoping to be a lifted 34 d -34 dd after surgery and have less skin with a flat tummy. I'm hoping clothes and bras will fit better and feel better. I rarely wear a standard bra anymore because with my loose skins I find them awfully uncomfortable. I'm hoping I will feel sexy and confident in lingerie and a swimsuit. My husband is fine with my current body but I'm not.

Before side pic

Front & side view before surgery 36b-34c

2 more days!!!

Been super busy last two days with work. Now I'm off for 6 weeks and have a bunch to get done around my house in my last 2 days before surgery. I drank to sport drinks yesterday.... Thinking they were just electrolytes.... But they had BCAAs. Had to look that up freaking out because I wasn't sure it was okay before surgery. Then realized I took my arnic and bromlien and wasn't supposed to. Anesthesiologist said to stop herb/ supplements 3 days prior but it took them in the morning and I know some people take those until a day before so I'm trying to just chill. I'm super good at wording like a crazy person do in trying to be rational and breath ????. I switch to decaf this morning. I've been drink half calf but I was told no caffeine to weeks after so I am trying to keep from having the caffeine wothdraw on top of recovery pain. About to make pancakes and bacon for my family. AND it is Father's Day and all I have is a card so far for my husband????????????.... So need to find him something while I'm shopping today.

On the other side

I made it through! Not feeling as bad as I endtisipated, feeling blessed for my loving husband, parents, mother in law for helping me through this. My nurse was very funny and I love her for that. Anesthesiologist and Doctor were fantastic!!!! Good experience over all!

Last night was rough

Pain got much worse last night. Not able to sleep much. I think my meds from surgery were still working yesterday. Trying to stay on top of meds and adding in arnica, bromelain, vitamin C back in. Breast feel like they are painfully engorged and stomach feels kinda like after having a baby but worse. Ice is my breast friend. Pun intended!

Day after boob pics

Boobs are very hard and swollen.

4 days post op

Okay this is weird but kinda funny. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the meds making me loopy. I wear glasses but to focus I keep shutting my left eye. For some reason I can't focus with both eyes open. I also fall asleep with my glasses on in the midst of looking at something on my iPad ????. Oh but Dear Lord I am so thankful for the meds! Seriously! If I sleep past when my pills are due, I can feel the pain. Over all, I never imagined I would feel this good 4 days out. I think having loved ones around me to help and support makes a HUGE difference. Keeping a positive attitude is super important too! I've spent a lot of time shopping online for clothes that I will now be able to wear!!!! Clothes that before I would see and think "that's cute... Too bad I don't have the body for it". I order some cheap tops, dresses, swimsuits, and lingerie from eBay. It will take a while to get here but that's cool because I have some healing to do before I can wear it. I really think I will dress better now that I feel confident about my body. Once I am cleared to work out I'm going to focus a lot on toning my legs. Feeling super optimistic!!!! ????????????????????????

My kids have been great

Okay so they are kids ...so they still act like kids. However, they have really helped me a lot. About 2 weeks before my surgery I started getting them to help around the house. Aka chores and just do the stuff they need to do before I tell the 10 times. I highly recommend the app CHOREMONSTER. I've tried multiple other ways organization and motivate my kids but they all eventually failed. The app says it it is for younger kids but it works great with older kids too. It gives you the option of adding pictures of your own or from Google to the chores they are to do and to the rewards they can earn. I think the large clean layout with images makes it easier to understand. You set how many points chores and rewards are worth. I believe the app is free upto 4 kids... But I would have paid for it now that I see how well it works!

Ibeen very open with my kids about my procedure. I'm not like shouting from the rooftops about my PS....but I'm also not ashamed or see it has something that means I don't like who I am. It's quite the contrary I do like myself And because of that I want to improve my body because it is something I desire.

My mother in law and my momma have been life savers caring for me. My husbands support,care, and love have made all the differences not the world.

My youngest is almost 7. I think he misses me a bit. I can't do all the holding and cuddling I normally do. I miss it! Shoot I made my 11 year old let me hold her a while back ???? She thought I was crazy at first but then she enjoyed being my baby ????. My 13 year has been great. She has been texting with me form her room to me in mine. Sharing links to clothes and chereing me up by giving me that momma & daughter time. She is also loving in person too ????. But if you have a teen, then you probably get how great it feels if they WANT to text you????

Anyway, I took a pic this morning of my son. He wanted to sleep on the couch in the family room, because I sleep n the recliner. I told him I can be noisy but he still wanted to be with me ????????????????. So I made him a spot on the couch.

Now My update

I had my first post op Monday and everything is going well ... THANK YOU GOD????. My DR removed my right tube. It didn't hurt at all and was actually reall cool to see how long it was and watch it come out. ???? and now since I've only had 20cc Monday and 15cc Tuesday I get to remove my left tube myself! Which means soon I will get to SHOWER!!!! ???????????????????? I'm feeling pretty good over all still hurt worse at times, but I getting around pretty well.

new bras!

Ok I love this bra. My DR thinkS when I settle I'll be 36D.... I think I'll be more like a 34 to 36 DD but we shall see ... I mean he is the expert. Right now a 34 and 36DD are to tight (I was originally going to have to wear underwire (long story) but I don't now. Praise Jesus!!! those sizes were to tight and hurt. Back to the bra in pic... Fruit of the loom 2 pack on Amazon for like $10.50!!!! I got a size 40 after reading the reviews and they fit great. Not too tight but supportive and soft fabric.

Bra pic

Pic was wrong. Had to remove and can figure out how to edit. So here it is...,

My body 8 days post op

Here is what I currently look like.

Old lingerie

I loved this lingerie set but I didn't really feel sexy in it until now. I have to say I finally feel sexy. My own issues with my body effected my sexual relationship with my husband, even more than I realized. I know feel confident and attractive. I love that man so much and I feel I will be able to express that much more now. He is my best friend, my children's father, and the love of my life.

Old swimsuits! 2 week mm anniversary

Bottoms all fit better. Done tops fit better... But done will be passed down to my teenage daughters. It's funny I have so many swimsuits, yet I pretty much hated them all and dreaded wearing them. It is hot here in TX and we have had a pool for 13 years of if our married life. We had our first pool put in at our old house and I already had a 1 yr old and I was prego with #2. We have an even more beautiful pool and back yard now but sadly I haven enjoyed it like most would because of gmhow I had felt in a swimsuit.

Even more old swimsuits


And even more old swimsuits lol

Haha I'm a goofy goober yeah!

The last 3 days have been rough

I didn't realize how much the RX pain med was helping me. I think it was called Tramadol? I was told it was like Vicodin but stronger. I typically get Vicodin after surgery and alternated with ibuprofen. I never felt the Vicodin did much. I have 1&1/2 pills of the Tramadol left but I don't want to take them. I had to take Vicodin for and extended period of time when I was 21 due to endometriosis pain before and after surgery. Coming off it gave me horrible headaches. Anyway, the pain sucks... It makes me feel nauseated. Yesterday I figured out I could take a higher does of ibuprofen temporaryly. I am out of the Valium I was prescribed by PS buy I have 10mg RX for TMJ and I never take it because I don't want to be dependent on it. Magnesium and B5 have help my TMJ a lot. Anyway, i am halfing those to 5mg (like I got got ps) just to not fall completely apart. Most of my pain, I think Is from TT stretching, but I also feel like when breast are engorged after having a baby. Ice ice baby! I've have been trying to sleep in my bed with pillows so I can be with my husband, but I can't make it though the night. I have to go to our family room and get in my recliner. Today I will be 19 days post op. During the day I often nap in my bed because it has adjustable base but my husband could not sleep like that (most people couldn't lol). And he needs sleep because his job is super stressful right now. Oh well, I guess I just needed to vent. i'm wondering if I'm a wimp,or if others have or have had similar issues? I'm sold using arnica and bromelain as well as vitamin C.

Doing better

I was taking just 2 Advil ... I'm now taking 4 every 6 like an RX dose... I take Tylenol in between if I still hurt. I also started taking Tylenol pm at bedtime. I have now slept in my bed 4 nights! First made is only short way through the night, but yesterday until 5:30am and today 7:30am!!!! I do wake at night.. To take my thyroid at night because I alway wake to go twinkle ;) . That way I can eat and have coffee when I wake in the morning. So I change out my ice packs when I wake. If you have a Dollar Tree near you... Get some of those boo boo things for baby/kids (on baby isle). They have the little gel beads in them and they are great! I put 2 tissues around the side that will be against my breast and move them to alternate where need most. I usually use one of each side. I also started rubbing arnica gel on breasts and belly (NOT ON SCARS!) which helps too. I already take it orally. Tomorrow will be my 3 week MM anniversary and I see my PS Wednesday.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Robert Kratschmer MD has a beautiful office and an on site surgical facility. Both him and his staff have been great to me. They are always kind and welcoming. Amber has kept me calm by always quickly responding to my emails. UPDATE: I am beyond happy with the care I received and how my results are turning out! I can not remember my surgical nurse's name or my anathesiologist name (I was beyond nervous) but they were awesome!!!!! I was soooooooooooooooo nervousness and they kept me laughing and calm. I feel so very blessed to not only have had such an amazing surgeon, but also surgical nurse and anathesiologist!!!!!!

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