25 Y.o. Mom getting 425cc Sientra Round Base Shaped - Pearl River, NY

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I'm a young mom of 2,got pregnant young, and never...

I'm a young mom of 2,got pregnant young, and never had the chance to enjoy my perky, firm breasts! Started working out less than a year ago, and am at a place where I'm happy with my body, but my boobs just keep on disappearing. I'm left with saggy sac that have no volume left. Pre babies and breast feeding, I was a full C, now i'm at a full B/small C (34B/32C). Would love to regain some of my fullness and a younger looking breast. I alway joke and say I have old socks filled with marbles.
Have been looking into a breast augmentation and lift for a few years. I first went to a consultation in NM, when I still lived in TX. He offered me a full breast lift (anchor), but at the time I was scared off due to the scarring. Fast forward a few years later, I am now in NYC. Have been looking at different surgeons, and finally settled on Dr. Fiorillo. Nothing but good things to say about him & his staff.
Went in for my pre-op on Feb 23 showed him some pictures, and decided to go for either a 385 or 435 cc Sientra round MP. He also said I was 50/50 on getting a full lift, but that he would rather do the implants first and see how I feel, and do a lift at a later date if necessary, that way I could avoid scarring if at all possible. While I was glad that he took that approach, i told him I would still like a small Benneli lift and nipple resizing, since mine got large and uneven after breastfeeding.
Got anxious and nervous afterwards, and came home and talked to my husband about the sizing. Realized it wasn't really what I wanted look wise. I want more of a round bottom, good cleavage, but not as much upper polar projection, nice slope of the breast. Called 2 days after, and they were able to squeeze me in again for another sizing. This time did some research and was interested in either the oval shaped, or round base shaped. PS said that round base would give me more of the look I'm going for. Took my 32DD underarmour sports bra with me, tried some sizers on, and decided on 425cc Sientra textured round base shaped implants!! Hoping they wont end up too big on my frame!
Also kind of bummed that I have to be out of the gym for about 6 weeks until everything is nice and healed up!

Wish pics

So at first I came at this augmentation wanting a small d/ full c. Since I wear a 32c, I figured if I didn't see a change in bra cup sizes, I'd be upset, and I am now wanting a full D. Kinda nervous that it might be big for my frame and lifestyle, but like I told my husband, go big or go home! Right??!


So the nurse in me is coming out and I have laid out all my meds in anticipation to the big day! Haha can't wait! Started on a vitamin regimen, as well as arnica 2 weeks out. Will start bromelain 3 days out (tomorrow??! YIKES!) on top of all my meds. Hoping to get through this without drugging myself too badly. Got through my last c-section 3 years ago relatively easy, so hoping this surgery will be the same!

2 days away!

Getting nervous!! Still deciding on if I should do a full lift or benelli only. I've been looking at othe rgirls profiles and have seen bad outcomes of benelli's. I know everyone heals differently, but I'm still scared lol. Also, don't know if I'd want to go under the knife again to do a full lift later on down the road. Might as well get it done the first time right? Need to find out what the upcharge is on the full lift. Will tell surgeon my worries, and if doesn't see a good possible outcome from benelli only, to go ahead and do a full? ughhhhh, decisions.

Also, stressing out because in less than 3 weeks, I'm moving back down to TX with my kiddos to finish up school and a week later, I start school. Husband's new roommate moved in yesterday and the house is a mess! Definitely not how I wanted my house to be before the surgery.

1 day away!

Just spoke with PS's nurse... Went ahead with a full anchor lift. Might as well get it all done in one surgery! Paid the difference and am scheduled to be at the office by 7am. We're expecting 3-6 inches of snow tonight, hopefully the roads won't be too bad tomorrow early morning! Can't wait!

Booby lands newest member!!

Finally on the other side. Yesterday I was in intense pain. Pain meds weren't really doubt anything for me for some odd reason. My whole back felt like it was in knots & super tight. Been getting some good rest and trying to walk around for short periods of time. Woke up feeling a bit better and not as loopy. Haven't taken my bra off for a sneak peek yet. Tried to but looks like the steri tape is stuck on my bra from bits of blood, so don't want to mess with it. Have a post op tomorrow and we'll see then!

Also, so glad I made theee best investment ever for post op.. The most awesome neck pillow ever! Think it was $25 on Amazon. It's called posturex, and made out of memory foam. It's oh Soo comfortable and had me sleeping like a baby all night! Highly suggest buying one!

Hot pad feels sooo good!

Have cut down on Valium except at night since it was making me extremely drowsy. Also been alternating between 1-2 percocets every other dose. Seems to be working ok. Oh plus my amazing husband went out and bought me a heating pad for my back! Feels so wonderful!


Went to my first pre op today.. Doctor said everything was looking good, just really swollen and abdomen really distended, recommended I stopped percocets and try out Tylenol only to help. Have been taking milk of magnesia these past few days and finally had some relief! Felt so good. Nurse said she'd rather me take colace but haven't had much progress with that in the past. pS said to stop wearing the beat to see if it's help with the wlawrlling and should be taking out stitches next time I see him and replacing steri strip. Also, can take a shower tomorrow! Yay!

Pain meds

Feeling better as far as pain. Tylenol seems to be managing it ok. Will be taking percocets every now and then when it gets a bit unbearable. Valium only at night as it makes me extremely drowsy. Lots of rest and water. milk of Magnesia already made me have my first vowel movement and I was beyond excited! Lol last time I was on percocets it was the worst experience ever as far as constipation! Definitely drink all your water!

Feeling better!

Off of all painkillers, just 1/2 perv at night to let me sleep. My backs been bothering the the most. I think it's from laying around all day. I'm just not used to it. I'm all out of Valium, so I'm going to go insane for the next few weeks I have at home lol. So far not sure about the BA. I was hoping for more lower fullness and less upper. Feel like I got it the opposite way around. I know there's still lots of swelling and healing to do, but I know the textured implants don't really "drop" time will only tell. Oh and geez still so damn bloated!! When will it go away?

Boobie Blues...

Feeling all kinds of ways today. Instead of being happy I got them done, I'm kinda depressed. Also, not happy I have so much upper pole fullness and none on the bottom. I really want underboob and a natural slope up top. I know there's still swelling. But eghhh.


Having some side boob pain... I'm guessing they're dropping? Don't know. Also noticed some light yellow bruising. Thought I had gotten away without any brushing, but ta-da! There it is lol. Been going crazy around the house without getting out. Went to the store yesterday with the family, but I can only stand being active about 20 minutes and then I start getting light headed. I'm well hydrated and have being eating well, so I'm guessing it's just my body saying to slow down. It's a pain in the butt. Also, my nipples just don't seem to go down!! They're super sensitive and always up and at attention! It's annoying, especially since PS said to go bra less after my first post op visit. Anyone have some good nipple guards/shields to recommend? I'm back on Tylenol 1000mg 3x a day and 1/2 perc at night. Still hoping for less upper pole fullness!!

2 weeks?!

Today marks my two week post op! Feels like it's been Soo much longer! Been going crazy being at home this whole time. Took some progress pics for comparison. Finally feel like myself again, able to move around without a problem, and can move my arms again! Those chest stretches definitely helped out! Swelling finally went away on Sunday (1.5 weeks post op) loving them so far. Do have a regret. I think I would've liked to have gone with a moderate profile as were my original wishes. But listed to my husband and got the high. Oh well! They still look goodn hoping that the asymmetry will correct itself. It was there to begin with, but I was hoping that PS would fix it! Maybe once they drop?? Get my stitches and tape off in friday, will finally be able to see my frankenboobs. Oh and they're both finally squishy! Yay!

One month

I know everyone keep telling me to wait til they "drop" but in reality textured implants do not really "drop" much. Because of this and the PS not fully addressing/fixing my assymetry I now have lopsided boobs. I love my right breast, have the underboob and less of a "fake" breast cleavage on top. My left rides high and I do not like it. I know it won't fix itself by dropping because my vertical scars are uneven(ones shorter, the other longer), giving me more space for it to settle in in my right and less on my left. Still love them, but hate that you can notice the difference in and out of bra and clothes.

Need to start scar therapy, just waiting on a few small scabs to fall off and everything to heal properly.

We shall see what the next 2 months bring, but not too optimistic as far as symmetry goes.

Finally got fitted!

Doctor cleared me to wear a bra a few weeks ago, but had put it off. Finally went in to VS, and my guesstimation was correct! 32DD! ???? went up 2-3 cup sizes! (Was a very small, deflated 32C before) they look great in a bra. Haven't really seen if it fixed my problem with the uneven cleavage thanks to the asymmetry. Really liked how the fabulous, body, and angel fit.

Didn't upload pictures :\

Bouncy and jiggly!

Have had two spots on my left vertical incision that just won't heal. They're really small, but really noticeable since they kinda look blackish?? Been applying bio oil for the past few days, and waiting until they heal fully to start the silicone sheets. Today I used newgel+ E silicone gel that my Ps gave me for the first time. Applied over all my scars on my rightie, and only around areola on my left.

Still haven't seen much change either in my leftie as far as it "dropping." I think I've lost hope for it changing in shape and it fixing the assymetry going on. Oh well. Definitely better than what I had, but I wish I could go braless and one boob wasn't lower than the other, and the other had more top cleavage lol.

Size chart

A few have been wondering about what size implant I got. What I did when trying to decide what size I should get, was after getting measured by my PS at my consultation, was go look at charts and see what size I could get based on my breast width. I didn't want to go past 13, so I stayed looking around, 11-13 width anatomicals. I also looked at height, since I didn't want them too high up my chest! So that eliminated some choices as well. And last but not least, was projection. Once I had it all down to a handful, I went to get resized with the choices I had made and discussed those with my PS.
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