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Hi, everyone! So, I've been using this site...

Hi, everyone! So, I've been using this site constantly since I've learned about it a few months ago. I made an account as soon as I had my consultation with my surgeon. I never made any posts, but I decided to finally share my story and break the silence.

Ever since my breasts started to develop, they never looked right. They are extremely uneven (one being a D cup and the other about an A cup), and they sag a lot. I never knew what it was it was like to have nice, perky, normal shaped breasts. So after years of considering surgery to help with my poor, sad breasts, I finally decided that I had enough. I thought about it long enough (about 3 or 4 years), and if I never took that first leap, I would be stuck forever wondering "what if." Immediately after I made my decision, I started making appointments for consultations. In the end, I decided to chose Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo.

I had my consultation in December with Dr. Fiorillo and instantly loved the place and people. It was a cozy office and everyone was considerate of my opinions. I told them that I wanted to go a bit bigger in general, while also getting rid of the horrible asymmetry that I have. Dr. Fiorillo explained the whole procedure for me, but told me that because the asymmetry and sagging of my breasts were so severe, that there is a possibility that they won't come out how I envision them. I was a little sad hearing that I might not ever get the perfect breasts I've wanted forever, but I kind of saw that coming due to my understanding of the severity of asymmetry and sagging. In the end, I'll just be glad that they'll hopefully be somewhat close to what I wanted!

After a couple of weeks, I decided to call them up and schedule my surgery on the date we had previously discussed, which was July 13th. It's coming up so fast! I made the appointment back in December, and it's already May! I'm really excited, but also nervous the closer my surgery date comes. I've also been on a diet and lost quite a bit of weight! I want to be in the best shape possible before my surgery, so wish me luck! I'll post my before pictures as soon as I get around to taking them.

One More Month Exactly!

Oh man, the closer and closer my surgery date is coming, the more of an emotional roller coaster ride it's becoming! I go from being super excited, to extremely scared in an instant. I begin to question myself and if I really want to go through with this decision. Then I come to the conclusion that I want to do this.

My boyfriend must be thinking I'm going nuts. However, he just keeps reminding me of how much I really love him the closer my surgery date comes. As much as I keep talking about my surgery and all of my concerns and wishes, he always listens to them and offers me advice and his shoulder to lean on. He must be so tired of listening to me freak out about my surgery, but never shows it. He truly is an amazing guy.

So, I've been pretty happy with my weight loss so far. I haven't hit my goal weight just yet, but I'm closer than I was before. I finally hit the 50 pound mark, but still have 30 more to go. I know I really wanted to be at my goal weight before my surgery, but I'm beginning to realize that it won't happen. However, once I'm able to lose weight again after the surgery, I will make sure that I'll get there.

I also got all of my paperwork from the surgeon's center. There's so much of it! I read through it yesterday and man, was it overwhelming. I have to initial so much, but oh well. Getting the paperwork really opened my eyes to how fast approaching the surgery is. I remember thinking, back in December when I had my consultation, that July 13th is so far away. My pre-op is on the 27th of this month, so in exactly 2 weeks, I'll most likely post again with more information.

Included with this review, I finally decided to upload my own pictures of my breasts. I really hope that the day will come when I can look back on these photos and can't believe that they used to look like that. I apologize that they aren't the best photos I could take (I took them with my phone, by myself), but they at least give a general idea of what they look like. Until then, wish me luck with this emotional roller coaster ride!

Some More Photos

I know I just updated, but I forgot to add some more photos! So included in this update, I will include some wish pictures, along with the 3D Imaging photos my surgeon emailed me a while back. It includes a before picture, and a (possible) after picture. I get excited every time I see it!

Pre-Op is Done!

Hi everyone! So instead of my Pre-Op being on Monday, the 27th, I had to reschedule for the 23rd, which was today! I can't believe it! It's all paid for and is pretty much final now (unless I don't get cleared for surgery). Due to the surgeon not going to be there next week, the office called me and asked if it would be okay to reschedule for June 23rd instead. No complaints! That just means I got to figure out the details sooner! My surgery is a little less than 3 weeks away now and all I keep thinking about are breasts.

So as I said in my previous update, the surgeon's office sent me (in the mail) a patient packet that I had to go through and sign. As told in the packet and on the phone, I brought it with me and they made copies for me to keep while they kept the original. As they did that, I waited in the waiting room until I was called upon. Luckily, I had my boyfriend there and my mother. After being called on, I was lead to a clean, decent sized room and was introduced to Vikki, who is the head nurse and will be joining Dr Fiorillo in the surgery. She was very nice and we joked around here and there. We went over any questions I had and the general information that was provided in the packet. She also explained the correct way to my boyfriend, to help me get up if I need to while I'm home, due to him being the lucky one to be stuck with me during my recover time those first few days.

I was told, once more, that after the surgery, my breasts may still not look perfect or as I imagine them. This, I already knew and even though it's a little disheartening to hear, I keep thinking positives. At least they will look a whole lot better than they look now. After filling out a few more pages of paperwork, the surgeon came in and was just as friendly as before! We decided to go with round, textured, gummy bear implants after he asked me about my preferences. I told him that I wanted a bit more shape on the top and that I wanted to go bigger in size (to at least a DD cup). I was also reminded of the anchor breast lift we agreed on in the consultation and was told my surgery will most likely last about 3 hours.

Afterwards, my chest was measured, 13 cm (width) in my left breast and 15 cm (width) in my right one. Then, I finally got to try on some implants under a t-shirt to see which would fit best! In the end, he decided on about 325cc for my right breast, and between 575cc to 600cc for my left breast, if I remember correctly. Such a huge difference, I know, but that's how asymmetrical I really am! As I said, I'm an A cup on my left, and a D cup on my right. However, due to my left breast's width, he's unsure if he can fit a 600cc implant in there. So he told me that if he goes with a smaller implant on the left breast, that he'll obviously also have to go smaller with the right breast. However, at this point, as long as they're somewhat close to being symmetrical and look better than they do right now, that's fine. My breasts' are sadly a challenge for surgeons and an eye sore for me!

After figuring out the breast implant size, I paid and everything was set in stone! Just a little less than 3 more weeks! I already scheduled my physical and blood work for the 6th of July, since I have to get medical clearance first for surgery. So as long as I do well on those, I'll be all set for my surgery! In the meantime, I'm going to Wildwood for 4th of July weekend, and it'll hopefully be the last time I ever feel super self conscious of my breasts in a bathing suit! Wish me luck!!!!

Pre-Op Pictures!

So as I said in my previous post, I got to try on implants to see which one fit my figure the best. After Dr Fiorillo and Vikki found two that seemed to work well, I decided to snap a photo of my front and sides. I just forgot to post them last night! Don't mind the bulging implants up on top; the bra to hold the breast implants was a little tight. I couldn't believe how almost symmetrical they were! Whenever I look at these pictures, I get even more excited.

Also, my emotional roller coaster is still a little all over the place. However, I'm beginning to feel more excited than anxious for the surgery! I'm hoping that I keep feeling this way! I'm also becoming more impatient. I just want the surgery to be here already!

Tomorrow's the day!!!!

I can't believe that my surgery is tomorrow! Before, time was moving so slow. Now, I feel like it's moving way too fast. It's been a bit of a bumpy ride, but here's hoping that everything will be all set.

This past Wednesday, I had to go for my physical and blood work to get cleared for surgery. My doctor said I was cleared, depending on the blood work results. So, my surgeon was supposed to receive the results of my blood work and physical through fax. I got a call, on Friday, from my surgeon's office, saying they haven't received anything yet. The number that my boyfriend gave them was the number to the doctors office across the street. So they called that number to ask about the fax, but they told the surgeon's office no one by that name came there. So, the surgeon's office called me and I have them the correct number.

On Saturday, I wanted to double check that everything got faxed over. So I called my doctor, and they said they would check and call me back later. So after waiting two and a half hours, thirty minutes before they closed, I so didn't hear back. So I called again and the lady was able to tell me that they did fax over my physical. After taking care of that, I called the lab that I had my blood work done at. However, it was all automated. There was no way to talk to a real person. And they were closing in ten minutes, while it's about twenty minutes from my house. So I wasn't able to call on Saturday, and figured I could stop by the place on Monday, during my lunch break.

Monday, yesterday, I decided to call the surgeon to see if they received both faxes. If they did, then I wouldn't have to drive my car over to the lab (my car tire kept going flat. I took it to get fixed yesterday, and turns out, I ran over a screw). When I called the surgeon's office, they told me they received both faxes and were waiting to be reviewed by Dr Fiorillo.

I have a bunch of piercings and didn't feel comfortable leaving them all open during the surgery, so I switched them all out for bioplast jewelry. Iwas told that would be fine, so hopefully it still is when I arrive. Took a while, but I got it done.

Today, I also got the call from Vikki, the head nurse, telling me the time of my surgery. I have to be at the surgery center by 7am tomorrow. She gave me a few instructions and asked a few questions and now I'm all set. I'll try to write again tomorrow if I have the time. If not, I'll see you guys on the other side! Wish me luck!

Heading to the Surgery Center!!!!

Here I go! I'm currently in the car to the surgery center! I was told to take Valium before bedtime last night, and let me tell you guys. I knocked out. I got so tired after taking it and felt more relaxed than ever this past week! I'm still tired, but at least I got up. I was afraid I would sleep through my alarms (I set a few just in case because I never took Valium before and was unsure on how tired I would be).

I brought a small garbage can, a comfy pair of button down pajamas, a few sports bras, a neck pillow, my medications, my slippers, and wore my glasses. I also took a shower with Dial body wash and didn't put on my lotions or deodorant. I feel so weird!

Alright, I'm at the surgery center now! Just pulled up! Wish me luck!

All done!!!

I can't believe I actually did it! From what I can see, they look awesome!

I was supposed to arrive at the surgery center at 7am. I got there a little early though, since traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I got there around 6:40, but didn't go in until 6:50. I was still really tired, so I didn't feel too nervous at first. I waited in the waiting room until the surgical tech came and got me. She asked for ID, and then told me to bring my sports bras (I brought a few since I was unsure which ones would fit the best after surgery).

I was lead to a room to change into a gown, put stockings on, and little booties. Vikki then came in and asked a few questions about my general health. She went over the sizes we discussed, which we had a few picked out since they weren't sure if the 605cc would fit. And if they went with a size smaller than 605cc in my left, they would obviously have to go smaller in the right. This I remembered from the pre-op, so I told them to do what they thought was best.

Afterwards, I was introduced to my anesthesiologist. He asked me a few questions and we joked around a bit. He asked me when I last ate and if anyone in my family had problems with anesthesia before (I last ate around 8pm the night before and no one in my family had problems with anesthesia). I told him that I've never been put out before, and that I was mostly scared of puking. He said I should be alright since they give me medication for that before knocking me out.

Next, Dr Fiorillo came in and asked if I was nervous. I was extremely nervous! He then drew on me and we made small talk and joked around a bit. I like to crack jokes when I'm nervous. After that, Vikki lead me through the halls to a bathroom to go in (good thing too because I had to go). After that, into the surgery room I went.

I've never seen a surgery room before, and oh boy, was it a bit intimidating. There were all types of machinery and such. It was crazy! I laid down on the bed, got covered up with a blanket, and was strapped in. The anesthesiologist numbed my hand and injected my IV in. After everyone was close to finish preparing for my surgery, they put the mask over my face, told me to just breathe, and next thing I know, I'm out.

I woke up around 11am in the recovery room. Took me a while to come to and felt a bit dizzy, but was not nauseous at all, thank god (I have a strong fear of throwing up). The nurse that was with me stayed there to keep an eye on me. She asked if I was in any pain and I was, so she gave some percocet, some gummy bears to eat, water, and I felt better a bit. I felt like I worked out at the gym, spending the whole day working on my upper body. Both Vikki and Dr Fiorillo checked up on me, telling me that they look great. He did say my right breast is a bit different looking, but under clothing, they'll look amazing. I can't wait to see! My left breast has 560cc and my right side has 200-something (I can't remember the number right now and the paper is across the room on my dresser. I don't want to wake up my boyfriend just to get a piece of paper either. It's currently 5am here. I'll check later and include the size in that update).

After a hour of walking up, I was helped over to a chair to wait until I wasn't dizzy anymore. Once I wasn't, I was brought out to the waiting room to my boyfriend and mother and off to home I went.

The ride home went by fast! I was in a bit of pain in the car, especially over bumps. However, it actually wasn't that bad. I might have felt nauseous once, but that was it. My boyfriend and mother helped me into the house and up the stairs and into the bed I went.

I have a really tall bed, so we set up a step stool. Getting up from the bed is very easy, it's the getting on that's difficult so far. I've only gotten up to go to the bathroom so far and I walked around a little bit, but other than that, I've been on and off with sleeping and have been keeping track of my medications. I'm still in some pain, especially in the left breast, due to that having the larger implant. But for the most part, all is well so far!

I've been eating here and there. I had some jell-o, some pudding, an egg, and some crackers on top of drinking mostly water and ginger ale. My butt hurts a bit from sitting, but I put a heating pad on underneath. Other than that, I'm pretty comfortable!

I'll most likely update later today, so until then, bye and thank you for reading!

Post-Op Day 2!

So far, so good! I even went out for a walk yesterday! I've been moving around a bit more as time passes. I ate a bit more too. I had some French toast, mixed fruit, more pudding, soup with crackers, a hotdog and a hamburger with a spoonful of sides and that was it. I've been doing pretty well! The pain today isn't too bad. It doesn't hurt as much to sit up now (still does a little, but not compared to before).

I got a call from Vikki to see how I was doing and she gave a few more instructions to follow. She just told me to start moving around more (hence why I took a sort walk outside) and if I wanted to, to change the gauze pads if I bled through (which I did).

Taking off the gauze, it looks so strange! My left breast is a lot higher than my right, but that's also the same breast that has the larger implant. Plus, it is only day 2 of my post-op, so I'm not worrying too much right now. As far as I'm concerned, they look a whole lot better than before. I do wonder if they're too small, but again, it's too early to judge since I just got them done. I keep thinking positives!

As promised, I said I would include the information of my implants in this post. Both of my implants are Natrelle Inspira textured, round, and have full projection. They also are the responsive gel kind, which is softer than the soft touch gel kind. I have 560cc in my left, and 265cc in my right.

I have my first post-op today at 9:45am, so I'm basically just waiting around until then. I've been keeping up with my meds, but think today I want to start taking only 1 percocet instead of two and then work my way to just taking either nothing or just Tylenol. I'm still taking the antibiotic, and the muscle relaxer, but haven't taken the Valium in a while. I was going to take one last night to help me sleep since I've been on and off still, but turns out, I slept well, other than to get up and take more percocet.

I also ordered a pillow for my bottom. Either it's gone numb, or it'll hurt due to sitting so much. I have a heating pad underneath, and I've been switching out pillows to see which is the most comfy, but no luck. That's another reason why I went out for a walk yesterday.

I have a little more mobility in my left arm than before today. It really hurt to move since that muscle has to accommodate a larger implant, but it's getting better with time. Other than that, I'm going to post some pictures I took yesterday. Hopefully the rest of my healing process goes well!

Day 3 Post-Op Into Morning of Day 4 Post-Op

Day 3, yesterday, was a day of many firsts! I finally had a bowel movement and I was cleared to take a shower! I felt so much better! I was using facial wipes in the meantime to at least clean my face a bit, but nothing beats a warm shower. Knowing that I would probably get dizzy though, I bought a little chair and thankfully I did. Sure enough, it came in handy. Definitely going to shower again today after my boyfriend wakes up so he can help me.

I honestly have no idea what I would've done without him. He's been such an incredible person, helping me through this recovery. However, I need to start getting more independent because the day after tomorrow, on Tuesday, he goes back to work and won't be around to help out.

I've been trying to walk around as much as I can. I still get pretty tired, due to the feeling of pressure on my chest. However, during the first day and a half of recovery, my butt has gone numb and developed a black and blue bruise! The numbness is kind of going away, but the bruise is still there and is painful. I'm guessing it's because I didn't get up to walk around much during that time. I was still really tired and slept a lot while sitting on the bed with my bed rest. I put too much pressure on that area, and that resulted in a loss of feeling, pain, and a bruise. Since then, I've been trying to walk around more and bought a pillow that's supposed to support your bottom. Hopefully it gets better soon!

As far as pain goes, there's still a bit. My left side is still bothering me the most. I never would've guessed I got an implant in my right. That side doesn't hurt at all. However, my left side is wrecking chaos. I'm getting all of these wierd muscle spams in my neck, back, and shoulder. It's mostly tight in my left breast as well. I've been doing some mini excersises to help my muscles out, and they are slowly making it better. I can lift my left arm up to my shoulder, but it still feels tight. My right, I can raise my arm as high as I like without any tightness or pain. Also, my left side still feels a bit hard, but my right doesn't. It's still a work in progress. I do notice I get 'morning boob' when I wake up from a nap or in the morning. The first time I had it, it was extremely painful. I think that was the most pain I felt this whole time, but within 10 or 20 minutes, it passed. I still get it, but it's not as severe.

My first post-op two days ago went well! Dr Fiorillo said I looked good and that they're healing nicely so far. I go back every two weeks to see him, so my next appointment is the 28th.

Everyone has still been supportive of me. My mother and aunt came to visit me on my 2nd post-op day, my boyfriend's mother checked up on me, my father checked up on me, and all of my friends have been keeping in touch as well! My boss even sent my flowers wishing me luck on my recovery! I'm really grateful for the people I've come to know!

Well, today's another day! Still trying to think positives and hoping I recover fast! I'll also include some photos from yesterday as well!
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