Breast Cohesive Silicone 440 HP sub muscular WORTH IT - Pearl River, NY

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My dr wants me to bring in pics of what look ' im...

my dr wants me to bring in pics of what look ' im going for' and this site will not allow a copy paste of a print of any pics !!! ughh very upset

I got a very great dr and im excited only he is insisting on an incision I am uncomfortable with. ive already paid in full to be sure I get my date. ive gotten a discount due to my dr having other surgeons viewing the procedure as he is double board certified and teaches the gummy implant procedure.
first wanted armpit incision. he says no way they'll be too high...ok what about nipple ...again no...well, he is going to have to do it that way because I do not want scars under my breast and ive seen less scarring with nipple than any other ... im going from a B to a d or dd not sure yet my pre op apt is 12/2/13 surgery is the 11th. im not disclosing the real price as I don't know if im suppose to. the price listed is the all inclusive non invasive price lol (no other surgeons involved in watching)

called brenda (front desk)

and told her to tell dr i want the nipple incision... have got to have this or i will be totally unhappy and feel forced. so lets hope he feels ok with this :| i think so...i dont see hwy he would wnt a patient to be unhappy

spoke with nurse

I did get to my pre op and we discussed the incision again. i've looked all over the internet and most Drs do use the under the breast incision for gummy bear bc they are bigger and pre filled. so under the breast they go...its the dr i really want so i cant go against his advise, he is a pro and i'm positive ill be extremely happy with whatever he does. i have to laugh..i was reading christie's review of my dr and lmao she said go big or go home in the operating room....well I just got that tattooed on my fists which i think the dr will find hilarious! i did not do it for my breasts but for my motto on life lmao but its just funny to me !! so TOMORROW IS MY SURGERY!!!!!!!!! so excited if anything goes wrong i will bugg pre op boobies well a peak (bc im a nut with my bf and we take crazy pics for each other :P )

ALL DONE whoo hoo easy as 123

My breast look very natural and im really excited. i seem to be just find although my pain meds are almost out! i cannot lift with my arms lay flat or wie from the back like i usually do lol.
I got seintra 440 hight profile submuscular. implants yesterday so im guesing swollen right now.
I also had 1 syring of restayne in my lips barely any swelling i couldt notice it but today i notice more pouf and a teeny bruise but its so unnoticalble.

cost says invalid breasts 7000 /500 lips

for some reason in the oe pic , one looks smaller but its not :) ill post a bunch of pis now!

pre op breasts pics

hey again I figured i shoudl post some pre op pics

lips pre & post op

1 syringe of restalyne
i do nt see a change really
i do feel it a tiny bit not swollen at all and minor i mean very tiny bruise

breasts unswollen the day i couldnt resist taking pics they were way to swollen on one side

and ill tell u why, i couldn't decide between 550 or 440 Sientra cohesive gel implants so, my Dr said he would see how they both looked. I'm guessing that is why one had more swelling. As you can see my breast are perfect & I love them and the dr .
around the tenth day I no longer felt the need for any pain or muscle relaxers. i have to say I am on a small dosage of methadone 40mg am 40mg pm and i did not take the percocets given but the valium i actually was denied more i was only given 10 5mg ! that nothing to me of of course i doubled up and my primary doc prescribed me another ten 5mgs which was perfect i didnt have to finish them. honestly... i thought the pain would be worse maybe its bc of my methadone or maybe this is how it goes ... around ten days i was able to push myself up off the bed , lol , where before i had to like roll and it killed me but the pains over now im waiting to get my stitches out :) very happy!

the reson for my swollen right breast

well, my right breast was swollen bc against my request NOT dr tried a 550cc implant on me first. Thanks. I specifically asked him not too. NOW i am having complications with the right breast. it healed fine but looking at prior pictures ive noticed this since the surgery...a small something looks out of place making my right breast contour look irregular.
when i mentioned it he said i need to wait ...things take time to could be scar tissue , it could be a stitch... all that and he didn't even ask to see me until I mentioned a sonogram !!!! then he wanted to see me he said no to the sono...can you believe that! i'm shocked I thought he would be more professional then this... im attatching a photo and I am asking anyone who may have expirience with this to please tell me what you think . Thank you

this is what it feels like... under my right breast where the incision is...since stitches are out i am able to rub in scar cream..this is when i felt a tiny circular massy bump (could it be a milk duct?) tiny dime sized or a bit smaller circular oval shape which when touched pops back up into the breast. if I leave my bra off however, it comes down....

please anyone with any thoughts ... its not scar tissue i know what that feels like... this is something in my breast out of place..what could it be?

WHewww... my little massy circular round lump ..GONE !

Thank god...I don't know what it was BUT its GONE ! YES! thank God! it healed up...and I wore my sports bra all of the time until it disappeared. I noticed that i could push it up into place and also that when wearing a very supportive sports bra (champion) it secured everything perfectly. and weeks of doing this should take care of it permanently I have my bra off for a while now and no lump TG!

Still extremly happy with my outcome.

I am somewhat worried about this all , now after the surgery all healed up :0) thinking hmm, now I have foreign objects inside me ... I pray on these babies every night to keep feeling safe! Although, I do feel like the cohesive gel is excellent choice as they do not rupture, honey they do not rupture ok... My girlfriend had some samples sent to her office at work and we seriously had to take a knife to it for it to rupture! and when it was knifed, only when you squeeze with all of your might would any gel come out but it sucked right back into the implant as soon as it was released! so fear not about that! Im very confident that these will not lose their fullness over time also BUT, of course their are the other risks & possibilities. Which some of, sientra covers in the warranty. Only my insurance doesn't cover anything to do with my implants.. This is where my worries lie.
Does anyone know of insurance for these puppies? I live in long island NY Thanks in advance !

i cant update my review to YES IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

more pics

I oopsed and hit post update instead of add another photo


Now I just booked a Tummy Tuck w 2 area's of LIPO & a Permanent Lip Augmentation with Dr. Johnathn Fisher in MIAMI YAYAYAYAEEEE

I'm very excited as you can see... and annoyed at the same time BC I wrote a review this under Tummy Tuck and It isn't allowing me to submit it saying I already made a review for that procedure... ughhh... so I did a new one with the answer for procedure as " I don;t know, Cant remember" lol ... Still not posted. I'm upset BC I have so many questions I need to log log log :0)
New York Plastic Surgeon

Very Satisfied Client here. I Thought I may have had a complication in my right breast post op but it was only the healing and is gone now. He truly is amazing at what he does I would highly reccomend anyone to see Dr Fiorillo! Amazing, My breasts Look & Feel just like a part of me and I am Very happy I went with the Sientra 440ccHP, I had them placed submuscular & in breast crease incision with minimal scarring. I love the scar gel given I want more !! lol Its amazing !

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