21 Years Old with Constricted Breasts Getting a Breast Augmentation - Pearl River, NY

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Went to Dr. Fiorillo's office thursday! All of his...

Went to Dr. Fiorillo's office thursday! All of his staff were GREAT! and gorgeous allll beyond gorgeous. Kara, his administrator went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and really made me feel confident in Dr. Fiorillo. Surgery is April 22nd and preop is April 4th! so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

better picture. getting more and more anxious!

2 weeks from today is my pre op!!
anxious is a understatement.
huge mix of emotions!!
here is a better picture of what my breast look like now...


surgery is offically april 22nd at 1pm. which is going to be tough...getting through the day without drinking is very difficult but it will be worth it! cant wait!!! less than a month now!!

wish boobs

here are some ideal results!

Preop Day

todays the day i pick my sizes and go over a plan of attack for my breast :) cant wait. i have a million questions!! only 2 1/2 weeks till my surgery!


also getting a benelli lift along with the breast augmentation. Doc said its the best way to fix my shape. so i will have 2 incisions. one under the breast and one around the nipple. i feel much more comfortable and cannot wait for surgery. I have all my prescriptions and surgery kit ready to go. super excited...18 more days!!

price change

price also went up drastically


officially two weeks to go! picked up all my prescriptions: valium, muscle relaxers, nerve relaxers, antibiotics, percs, anti nausea, bruise guard, tylenol, multivitamins, and scar cream! so excited. counting down the days!!!

Medical Clearance

Went for medical clearance yesterday!!!! Got my bloodwork and everything done! Iron was a little low but I was told not to worry! 6 more days!!! I can't wait!!!!


tomorrow's the day!! can't wait!!


all done!!! finally....in A LOT of pain. probably the worst pain of my life so far. staying ontop of my meds. dont even want to know what itd be like without them....doctor said they came out amazing and a lot better than he expected. im so excited to see them!!!

very hard for me to sleep. got home at 4pm and have slept maybe an hour on and off :(

hoping tomorrow is not too bad knowing its supposed to be the worst.

I will have pictures soon!!

post op day 2

very swollen and sore !!!

Post op day 5

still in pain. getting better and better each day. most of my pain is on the sides of my breast.


after postop 5

post op day 6

post op day 6

Post op day 8

swellen has gone done tremendously. getting very itchy. just the sides of my breast get very stiff and sore when i wake up in the morning.

incision sites

post op day 12

Stitches are out!

Had a concern about my right breast with a migrating stitch that was slowing migrating into my skin, so I sent Dr, Fiorillo a picture of it and he had me come in today instead of Monday for the suture removal. So stitches are out and he said im healing great! I will start using the scar cream in a out a week or so on the inframammory incision and once the new steri strips he placed fall off, I will start appling the cream around my areolas! incisions look great! super excited to see the changes in shape and the drop and fluff to come! ...the picture looks like the incisions are a little red because I took them immediately after the suture removal.

Post op 14 days

still swollen and some steri strips around the areola fell off and there is still scabbing. waiting a few more days to start the scar cream because the girls at the office said it might cause irritation. no change day to day really other than im not really sore when i wake up anymore.

Post Op day 16

Steri strips are off. still have a lot of scabs. hoping they get a lot better over time

right is still swollen

right is still swollen but we are getting there :)

incision update

post op day 18

post op day 22

not much in chance just incisions are healing!

post op day 24

Post of 4 weeks (28 days)

Can't believe it has been a month since my surgery! everything is healing great! I have been staying on top of my scar cream and my breast are settling nicely. still have a long way to go as far as dropping and fluffing but they are slowly getting there.

6 weeks Post op

back to the gym I go!!!! finally six weeks post op! right nipple has a rejected stitch but doc said it should dissolve and be ok.

Post Op 7 weeks

Went for my one month post op yesterday! Doc cut the rejecting stitch and it is already closing up extremely well! I healing great, he said at this rate, no one will even be able go tell i had anything done :)

post op 12 weeks

right areola still giving me problems. idk what that birth mark looking this is either...emailed the nurse td. well see what she says about the slow healing process
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So far so good!

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