35 Year Old Fitness Girl with Flat B Half Empty Bra - Pearl River, NY

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I have lost a total of 62lbs since the birth of my...

I have lost a total of 62lbs since the birth of my second child. I have since found a love of fitness and have even become a personal trainer. I went from 189-118 pounds at my lowest. I love my body. I have great abs and arms. I even trained for a photo shoot and a fitness competition in the last year. My breast however look horrible. All the dieting left them two empty sacks. Every time I would put on my competition bikini I wanted to cry. I decided to go to a consult about 2 years of being unhappy. I went for my consult and loved the surgeon and his staff. I decided on 385cc gummy bear silicone Natura allergen textured full profiles. At my preop the surgeon said he preferred the 415cc so I trusted his opinions and that was my final choices. My appointment is Tuesday at 7am! The last week I have been pretty emotional. Nervous. Scared. Testy. I just wish t was here and over. I'm nervous because I don't handle pain well. I had a hard time with wisdom teeth removal and a broken ankle. I feel like I am a slow healer despite my healthy life habits. I have to take four weeks off from the gym and honestly I'm kind of excited for the break. It will be a welcomed break. My countdown says 2 days 15 hours. I will update after the surgery. We are required to sleep at a close by hotel because I like 2 hours from the surgery center. My husband is taking me and he has been supportive and excited.

YEsterday was D Day

Had my surgery yesterday. It all went very fast. I woke up and it was over and stayed in recovery for another hour. The anesthesiologist was very comforting and promised she'd be there the whole time. The head nurse was helpful as well. The whole process went fast which was good because I was panicking by morning.
I woke up in a little pain and pressure as well as nauseous. I was given a Percocet and some zofran. Both helped.

I got back to our hotel and did ok. Like everyone said a ton of pressure. I know some described it as workout chest pressure but I do fitness competitions and this was nothing like that for me. I'd rate the pain at times 7/10. I woke up in 0 pain until I had to pee. Then back to 7/10.

The best news of all was the surgeon measuring me and telling me he thought I only needed a crescent lift instead of the lollipop. Less scars! Yay. I will post more pics when I can actually look at them.

Had my first post op appointment

Sitting up seems to feel much better then laying down. Post op went well. Saw the girls and they are beautiful. I'm actually feeling great. Pain is maybe. 1-2/10. I feel very happy.

Post op day 5

My husband hasn't seen me topless since before the birth of our son (he's 4 1/2 now). I was always so insecure and felt humiliated with my shirt off. If I was undressed and he walked in the room I would cover up. I felt like an 80 year old woman because they were so flat and droopy. Today I walked out into the kitchen and asked where the kids were. He said they were all downstairs and I just lifted my shirt and showed him. They look perfect. I couldn't be happier and my confidence is back too.

One week post op

Still have a lot of tightness. I was told to wear my strap a few hours a day. I did play dress up a little today for a few mins! I love them. I'm so happy so far and I wish I did it sooner. Every day they look better and better.

Before and after

I had implants and I had a crescent lift. They still are riding pretty high. Lol

I am a planner

So I over planned. I spent way too much money on stuff I didn't even use. I thought maybe I would share. I ended up buying like 5 button down pajama shirts. 10 different bras. Lol.
I was capable of putting a shirt ver my head pretty quickly maybe day 2. I didn't need to even buy those ugly shirts I won't wear again ever.
Also, the bras. I bought a VS... Under armour... And a bunch from Walmart. Spend tons. I brought them all to surgery and they picked the Walmart $8 as the best one to put on me post surgery. I actually ended up buying 5 more because they were the only comfortable bras. The doc didn't want them too tight. He suggested I even remove it when laying around sometimes. So anyway, to say someone from buying 100 useless bras... This one has worked well for me.

Day 13

Feeling pretty good at this point. I am finally able to sleep ok on my side. Still have to sleep slightly elevated. I go to get my stitches out Thursday. Still some pains here and there but not too bad.

3 weeks post op today.

I had my sutures removed last week. It was quick and although uncomfortable not painful. I love the implants. I feel like they look beautiful. Clothes fit me better. I love trying them on. Bra addiction is my new problem they are still a bit boxy on the top (frankenboob I think they call it. ) but every day they look better. The surgeon was very happy with my healing and I started the scar therapy. I was stunned when he took the bandages off. You can already barely see the scars from my lift. My pain at this point is minimal. Off all meds. Sleep is still tricky and I have been sleeping with a pregnancy pillow.

4 weeks and they look great.

Minimal scarring. I feel almost 100%. Just sleeping is still elevated. Best decision I ever made.

Update on scars

Someone asked me to post about scars. My scars are fading nicely. The scars from my lift are barely there. The under breast scar is fading. It's been almost six weeks since surgery.
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