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Hello everyone, I wanted to share my story, as so...

Hello everyone,
I wanted to share my story, as so many of you have here and it's been incredibly helpful to me. I am 44 and have had 2 babies by c-section. My stomach went from relatively nice, to yucky! I am 5' 4" and while never skinny, I have had curves, but maintained a nice figure. I weigh 162 now and would like to lose about 15 lbs. more. At my highest, with my second child - who came 10 months to the day after my first, I weighed 202.
I am pretty happy with myself except my belly and breasts. This will actually be my second breast reduction. My first I had in 2007 and wasn't that happy with. At the time it was fine, but I really wanted them smaller. My PS was pretty conservative.

Today I met with a new PS who came highly recommended. He was fabulous. Made me feel very comfortable. I also was very concerned as I knew he might tell me I needed a Tummy Tuck which I didn't want. Due to scarring, but mostly, I don't have a lifestyle where I am able to be out for a significant amount of time. I need to be back caring for my babies and back at work in a week.

The breast reduction (I hope) is being taken care of by insurance. I hope to have approval in 2 weeks for that and then I will be able to schedule my surgery. Pushing for a June first week for it. I will keep everyone posted.

This site is amazing. I went in the Dr's office and he was impressed on the level of knowledge I had. Kudos to this site for giving that to me!


Got my reduction approved and am now officially scheduled for June 1st for surgery.
Have a pre-op appointment on 5/16. I'll update after that!

Pics with clothes

I think it's important to show what I look like before and after in clothes. Here's are a few. Tomorrow I need to move this to the right treatment. No idea why this says lipo sculpture. Haha


I keep thinking - what am I going to look like? I'm trying to keep my expectations in line. I see all these amazing results, but then also some who don't!!! Anyone else having these thoughts??

A few more pics plus wishes.

Here are a few more clothes pictures. Plus some expectations I hope are realistic. Perfection isn't required....

20 days. I am not counting or anything ;)

I read a few reviews, which the brave girls who posted experienced multiple issues over the span of 4 weeks. They had amazing results and both admitted it was all worth it in the long run. But I have to admit, I am hopefuly I am one of the lucky girls who is better after a week. My kids and my work won't be happy with me if that doesn't happen!


It's good to have these. LOL. Chest - 42 Upper belly - 35.5 Lower - 42.5 Lower are wth my hips. I don't really know what I'm doing here, but knowing befores will help ????

Pre-op. Check. guilt. Check.

Had my pre- op today. Asked a hundred questions. I love my dr. His responses are so real. I started getting nervous about having Lipo and a breast reduction at the same time since I'll be under general anesthesia. He didn't seem concerned. I'm still nervous. I'm choosing to do this for me, but I have two small boys who will be devastated if something happened to me. Feeling guilty I guess. Anyone else feeling this way???

10 days

I'm slowly getting ready. Taking my Arnica daily. Stocking up on high protein foods. Planning my time off and people to come take care of me. I can't wait!!! I'll retake measurements the night before. ????????

Side pic lying down

Looking forward to staying goodbye!!!

Payments done.

Paid the hospital today. Totally paid in full. This is getting really. I'm getting excited!!!

Maxi dresses

I was thinking about grabbing a few for after. What is everyone wearing after surgery. Maybe I should wait. I don't know.

A new me

Here's the dress I want to wear on 6/18. My surgery is on the first. Hopefully I look good with new boobs, thinner hips and belly!!!!

3 days left

And I can't help but think a lot about the end results. I'm so hopeful!!!!!

Measurements day before

Upper stomach 36.5 Middle - 45.5 Boobs - 41.5

I am completed!

Snatched is such a weird term. This will be quick cause I'm super tired. I'm home. Feel ok. Liposuction feels like a c- section. That weird pulling. Breasts feel good. I'll be back later.

Day after

Morning. I was pretty out of it yesterday. I kept falling asleep while emailing.

So just a few things:

1. Surgery was easy. I was totally under and slept through the whole thing. 2. Upon waking up I had pain in my upper stomach that even with moraphine it wouldn't get under control. They ended up giving me something else which worked like a charm. Because of this I stayed a bit longer in recovery. 3: pain isn't too bad. Soar and my beasts are pulling underneath - stitches I'm guessing. I have not been naked yet. 4. I'm not that brave. I'm taking percocets every 6 hours for now. I made the mistake of not doing that after my first C-section.

Hard things so far: Walking UP stairs. Getting in/out of the bed

I have a lot of help. Even my young boys are being great - well, mostly. LOL

I have some pictures, but you can't see anything.

Totally confused on the garmets and showers. I'll check in today with my dr. If anyone has questions let me know!!!!

Day 3

So day 3. Wasn't that bad. Mostly I rested, but I did get up and walked a bunch and that is helping. I showered, that wasn't so fun. It was so hard to get the garmet off and back on. My mom washed it for me since I have one of the ones you pee through. (eww, gross). I am picking up a second garmet on Monday. It's too hard to have just one and if I need to wear this sucker for 3-6 weeks, I need another. I already got rid of the bra. It was making me itchy. Dr. said it was ok to put on a sports bra with nice support. In terms of looks - I am trying not to judge. I can see the differences already, but I still have a pooch. I am hopeful that this will reduce and flatten. I mean, I knew I would have some extra skin. I just hope it's less - fingers crossed. It is only day 3. I have some heavy work commitments next week, so I am trying to make it in the office for that stuff. we shall see. I don't want to push myself too much. I need to recover. I did have the feeling of my skin falling off like everyone else. It didn't hurt, was just super weird. Actually, my boobs (I had a reduction) hurt way more than the lipo at this point. Check in again soon.


So I'm slightly nervous to take off my garmet. It's hard to get off/on. I took breast pictures though. You can totally see the slimming of my upper waist/stomach.

I promise to try to get some others in the next day or so.


Ok I was hesitant to post these because you can't see significant changes. However, I'm still swollen, it's day 4 and I've tried on several dresses and clothes that haven't fit me and they got great. Im very sculptured. I'm neevous about my lower stomach. I have lost 8 lbs so I'll keep healing and when I can I'll start working out. I'll keep up with the pictures for everyone. I'm feeling pretty good today.

More pics

With clothes on. There is a pretty significant difference even though I can't really see them naked yet.

Feeling good today. Off pain killers. Just taking Tylenol.

Gonna shower and spend time with my boys.

Day 8

Morning, Things are going well. Went back to the office 2 days ago. At the end of the day I am tired, hard and swollen. Each day gets better. People are anxious for pictures, so here they are. I'm pleased with the results. My skin also looks good. Nothing saggy yet . I still am happy with my decision to do Lipo vs. tummy tuck. Any questions ask.


Not much has changed. Every day gets easier with the pain. I've decided long dresses are my new thing. Not only do I look ridiculously awesome in them, I don't actually think I could put pants on. I'll post pictures again and measurements at the 3 week point. I'm super bruised still and get the swelling and hardness after a long day no matter what I do. My brother asked me if all the pain was worth it ( and there is pain, let's not pretend otherwise) and my definitive answer is yes. I could never have gotten my flanks/hips to look this way. Ever. If anyone has questions let me know. Happy to answer.

Update - 2 weeks tomorrow

Hi everyone, Things have been going relatively well. Here is a list of stuff going on: 1. Swelling stinks. I have tons of it. Sometimes worse than others. All centered in my belly. 2. My boobs are still very sore. Yesterday I got my stitches out and I am hurting. There is one particular place where it looks like it's really hurt where the stitches were. It's killing me. 3. My stomach feels as if it is slightly detached from the rest of my body. 4. I am GLAD I did the lipo and breast reduction together, but I think my recovery would be easier (obviously) if I only had done one. 5. I get very tired almost everyday around 3pm. I totally need a nap right now. 6. I would do this again in a heartbeat. It was HARD. It was painful. The recovery is slow. But no matter how much I diet, I don't believe my flanks/hips would ever look this way. I'll post pictures at my 3 week mark.

2 week pictures

Pics at 2 weeks 4 days with clothes

3 weeks post-op pics

Looking good. Healing more everyday. I'm very happy with my results. I still am swollen in my lower stomach (still hard) so I think I'll get a little bit more there. Even if I don't I'm very happy. Btw, this is actually 1 day less then 3 weeks. Good luck ladies!!!!

Without a garmet

I'm at week 3 and officially I can do my garmet 12 hours off/ 12 hours on. I'm sooooo nervous. I feel like the garmet holds me together. And I'm working today in the office. Crap. Wish me luck.

6 weeks-ish

Hi ladies -

Things are good. Seeing PS for follow up Monday. Looking to work on scars on breasts now. I love my boobs!!!!

Still slightly swollen and hard in lower abdomen I'm happy with my results.

No pain anymore, except after long days. I have pains in my breasts still underneath at times.

I'll update again st 2 months.

4 month update

Hey ladies -
Hope this note finds you well. I'm totally healed from the lipo. I still have some scars on my boobs. I haven't been diligent with putting cream on - I'll get back on it to help.
I do need to do a revision. On my boobs - just a little lipo on the side where my extra boobs are. LOL. I can post pics of those if anyone wants to see them.

Still pleased with the lipo. It's funny because I still have body issues. Bit when I see pictures of before and today I'm amazed.

Any questions let me know.
Be well.
Peabody Plastic Surgeon

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