Freshly 40yr. Married 20+yr & 5yr Old Lovely Little Girl. Coolscilpt Mini After 1st Treatment

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I noticed after about 36 the age progression is...

I noticed after about 36 the age progression is approaching more rapidly. The neck is something that needs attention first for me I believe. I have just enough of a double chin to annoy me & see procedures as preventative maintenance. I initially wanted kybella but with probably 2 vials x2 treatments the cost seemed very high. I dont want the bullfrog look either even if its for a few days. I had my 1st coolsculpt mini done. The applicator didnt fit well & didnt want to suck the fat into it. Too dense of a texture? My bone structure? I really dont know. We had to re do it 2x within the first 10min for it to seem to "take". They recently went from 60min to 45 & I really hope that gives the same result as 60min! I ended up having to basically hold the devise up to make for sure it didnt come off again for most of the 45 min. Uncomfortable. Ugh. I could definately feel the suction & something inside of it so we shall see. I took some pics within seconds of it being removed & HOPE that it suctioned in enough fat to work. I feel a numb spot about 2inch by 2 inch & hope that doesnt mean that only that small area will have the results. Oh & since the mini applicator is basically a 1 size fits all I wonder...Has anyone heard if there have been any double chin "coctail" with a coolsculpt then a kybella to fine tune the results?? Would love to know if anyone has done that with a good outcome. I shall post more pics later. Happy researching all!

More "pre" mini cool sculpt pics

I wanted to add more pics of my chin area pre mini cool sculpt. I think I will need more work done then 1 treatment but would like to possibly do a Kybella in about 8 weeks? The mini applicator didn't fit me well & I only feel the numbing in a 2" x 2" area. Or do something with a quick Lipo where they just numb the neck while I'm awake (no being put out) and really are able to custom & define the area but there are so many different Lipo types so what is the right one for the quick only local numbing one? Smart Lipo? Another name? And standard cost $2k? $3k? A week of down time? Unsure. I Need to research this more
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