28yrs old in need of a shape make over. can't wait to become a Medina doll- Dominican Republic

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I am young, beautiful, and sexy, but, lately I...

I am young, beautiful, and sexy, but, lately I have not felt that way because of the stubborn back fat and high tummy. Its so hard at times to undress in front of my husband, but that all is going to change. I have finally make up my mind to go to the DR. My doctor will be Rafael E. Estévez. I have choose him cause the rest was not responding to me don't matter how many times I contacted them and if they did reply they are offering me something I did not ask for, such as butt lift. I never ask for that my butt is already big, all I ask for is a tummy tuck, lipo on the back and inner thighs. Doctor Estévez Is the only one who has been patient and kind to give me what I had ask for and let me choose my own date and respond to you honestly and fast. Is there is anyone who is traveling in July 2015 to doctor Estévez or if anyone has been to this doctor please share your experience with me please.

I have a change of mind

well I have finally made up my mind and decided to go with dra. Tania Medina. not that dr. Estevez is not good, he is good, bu,t i saw a bad report on his profile and I am rally looking for a really good doctor with a clean record. Cause its my life I am dealing with. I am scheduled for July 20th 2015. i can wait to have my shape back. please I would like to hear from you guys the things that I should carry and don't carry, medication and all.

my wish pic

I can see myself looking like this. Meaning with flat stomach and no fat pushing out huuuhhhh! Time is so crawling but I will wait and be patient about it. My husband is not so much up to the idea of me getting the surgery done, but when I look at him, he is so well groom and athletic looking so strong and handsome. Yes I do get jealous at him, cause there's a lot of women who admire him. I can't stop that but I can do something about me. Although he said that he love me just the way I am, I don't buy it. Men say things like that, not to hurt your feeling. We women have to remember what your husband fell in love with, when you first met, it has to be something about you that cought his attention. Well I want to mentain that romance and adventure in my marriage. My anniversary will be October 24th 2015, 6yrs of marrage. So I hope I will be well recover just in time to fit in that beautiful dress.


I am getting impatient. This seems for ever. I am thinking to do a breast lift as well but I am not sure if I will be able to do all at the same time. I think I will confirm it with her and see if she give me the OK. Please ladies let the know what are some of the things that you must have to travel with.


All the time I was so excited, but as soon as I made my deposit of $300 us, I got nervous and scared. I guess I just can't believe that I am finally doing this. I can't remember ever seeing myself with a flat tummy, it will be great to finally have a flat tummy. I can finally buy clothes with out worrying about big tummy, flanks and square shape. I PRAY and trust GOD that all will goes well. but most of all I will put fear behind me and trust GOD.


Well I have finally receive word from dra. Tania Media. My surgery date is set for 21st, July, 2015. Yaheeeee! I have received the list of things that I have to get, so I am on my way to get them. Time is crawling but I am patient. Have not received my passport yet, hope to get it soon.

I am so worried.

I have not yet receive my passport. they told me that I have to wait two moths before I receive it. can you believe that crap!!!! so that means that I will be receiving my passport at the ending of June to the beginning of July. I need to booked my date in, cause I have to be there two days before, which is on the 19th of July and my surgery date is in the 21st. you can't even buy your ticket with out your passport, you have to have it. my husband said that I should go to immigration and let them know that I have to travel, so they would speed things up. Hmmmmmmmmmm!

How To Get your Hemoglobin Levels Up And Running :) :)

To get your blood and iron up and going, eat a lot of dasheen bush. it's also called (Callaloo bush), spinage and (Chicken Liver). try as possible to eat a lot of green leafy vegetable, and drink a lot of water. but don't forget to STOP two weeks before.


Hmm. you see why it is good to go and fine out information for yourself...I went today by the agents and explain to them the situation about my passport, and guess what!!! I got to purchase my tickets! yea! I am so happy cause if I had to wait I would not of get the date i wanted. They said as soon as I get my passport to bring it in so they can get the rest of information. so I am all set with my tickets, just to shop for the things I would need to get.

More Photos

I got butt, just need my curve and shape back.


I have a concern question about immigration In Dominican Republic. I would like to know when you reach at the air port in DR. when immigration ask you what are you here for, what do you tell them? just a little concern.


Immigration have finally called me to come and collect my passport, so tomorrow GOD spear life I would go for it.

Dress, Dress and more Dress

Want to see me looking better in dress. :) :) :)


I have been taking all my iron and vitamins, but I think I over did myself. My blood pressure is too high, so I was told to stop. My head hurts and especially the back of my neck. Too many iron in my system. I would stop now and three weeks before my surgery I would start back to take my iron.


Count down have finally start. I will be traveling on the 18th and reach in DR. On the 19th surgery is on the 21st. I have not got some of my medication because our drugs stores here don't know what I am speaking about.(so stupid) I did not get Arnica cream, Rose mosqueta oil, Eyrouin, Pracasil, Sillicone sheet, Lipo foam. These are the things I did not get. So I would have to get them over there.

finally doing this for me

Next time I wear this dress I sure would look more sexy. I don't like putting on clothes and have all the fatty areas puffing out.


I have just 9 days count down...am I nervous? No! But I am happy and excited to see the new me. I don't have to feel that sence of insecureness, that unhappy digging pain deep inside. I am proud to know that I am finally doing something special for myself. I have always leave myself for last and put others first, but at the end it seems there's no one to put me first or to take care of me. I can finally have my self confidence back. I thank God for all he has done for me and what he is still doing. All will be well with me and others who are also making the same decision, Amen

Three Days!

Thank God for yet another day. I have three days to go before I will be in Dominican Republic on Sunday 19th of July. Ever since I have made up my mind to get it done, it has been hunting me ever since. So its time to get it done. DRA Medina have contacted me today to confirmed my coming and is very excited for us to meet. She is such a sweetheart and very good at communication.

On the Flat Side

Thank God i maid it out alive. I am a bit weak, so i will up date later.

Love My Scar

Just what I wanted.


First I want to thank God that I am alive and all went well. After having my tummy tuck, I was expecting to be in excruciating pain,but shockingly I was not. I didn't feel any pain at all. What I felt was discomfort and not been able to sleep well cause I am not accustom sleeping on my back. The drain was pressing on my nerve so that was uncomfortable too. I was not able to hold my pee so I wet my feja a lot but I did mind cause its all in it. The massages helped me a lot although it hurts but its good pain Anny said lol. I was not able to get everything done cause my hemoglobin level was too low Medina said. So I only got my tummy tuck, flanks and thighs. Which I wanted my inner thighs but she did the opposite to what I wanted. I now have to go back for round two which I didn't wanted to go back I wanted all but I understand...but I am not going to Medina this time, I am going with doctor Leon. Why? cause she refund me back the balance of the money for the procedure that I didn't get to do cause of low blood, which I understand but what I can't understand is when I ask her for the quote To finished the rest of the procedure for when I come back, Lauren give me a quote for $5,000usd. So when I ask for what? She said BL,lipo and bbl. I said I don't need a bbl cause I have enough and if I had to what I naturally have its going to look stupid. She said its still $5,000usd with or without. What I can't understand is, if my blood level was ok, ent I would of get everything done for the 6800? But since it was low and she refund me back $1,400.00usd that is what she should kept to finished the job. All I would of have to do over is pay for the recovery home, transport etc. But what she did is charge me has a new patient so total I have to fine 7,000usd again just to do BL and liposuction to the back. That's pure robbery. When I text Medina and told her about the quote Lauren give me I was not pleased, she told me don't worry you're my daughter when you come we will sought it out. When I got there Monday she give me a quote for 3,000usd just for BL. And then I have to look for money for recovery home, etc. Such bullshit. I know robbery when I see it. She turn me off completely. That's the end between me and her. Don't even want to start to talk about my home recovery. That's a story by its self. And Miguel the taxi driver who George send sometimes if he can't make it. Beware of Miguel the taxi driver. He rubs you blind, try and change your own money for yourself cause that's where he rubs you cause you are not familia with their currency. He's always persistent to change your USD for you don't! I have learnt my does don't so I would know better next time. beside all I am pleased with my tummy tuck.

Three Weeks, Three Days Post Op

Recovery is difficult, especially not getting a good night rest. Since the surgery I have not had a good nights rest. I am healing very nicely but piece of the stitches got left under my navel. Other than that my tummy is hard and numb from under the navel to the incisions, I am hoping that I will be able to get feelings there again. I am able to stand straight now, but, ones i get seated for too long, when its time to stand its difficult for me to stand straight. I can't have a beach bath until 3months, if I could i would of able to heal faster. My skin itches me so much but I got myself a bottle of witch hazel hopes it help me from the itching. Hope you all realself people are doing fine and safe recovery to you all.

New Jeans

I have to go shopping because my old jeans waist are definitely too big now for me lol Who ever thought I would of been saying that. I only bought one jeans because I am still swollen and getting smaller by the minutes, so I definitely don't want to end up with a lot of big clothes. The best thing to do is not to over shop until your swelling is completely gone down otherwise you would end up with a lot of lose clothes. Anyhow I am getting stronger and stronger everyday thanks to Almighty God. On Thursday 20th it will make it a month post op for me. Muscle still tight I guess that will take a while to loosen up but thank God for where I am now. Round two God spears in January.


The devil is a liar
For the past few days I have notice a dark spot on my tummy down to by the incision and it is really hard like a stone. I text Medina and send pictures to let her know what's going on and she said it looks like a hematoma. what? Iadk how can this be treated? But know reply yet but I am waiting. I looked it up and they said is is when the blood is been leaking out from the blood vessel and causing inflammation. Please anyone if you have any experience of hematoma or how this can this be treated kindly informed me please, thanks.

A month Post Op, Thank God

I thank God for yet another day. Yesterday made it a month since my surgery, it has been the most discomfort of all. I must say thank God that I was not in any pain, but sleeping was very complicated for me, I am now able to sleep on my sides but not for too long otherwise I get really stiff, i must say that the first month is the roughest. My swelling had gone down a lot except for my lower tummy by the incision, but I guess that area takes some time. I am completely standing straight now, so happy. As for the hematoma its not spreading, I have ask my question on Q&A and I have receive reasonable answers, The said it would resolved on it own as long as it don't hurt, spread or have any infection. I also Google and found out that if you keep compression on it it would also help, I have been doing that since and it seems to be working. Without God we are nothing and without faith its not worth living. I appreciate all of you'll support and the upliftment. May God continues yo bless you'll in your healing and success. Take care you'll.

Its A Sorry Time

I am so sorry to see what have happened to the Country Dominican Republic, the Country I was just in a month ago. I just thank God for bringing me home safely and I pray for the ones are there still.

How fas time fly.

Well it has been three months since surgery, I'm still swollen not much but minor. It as been a long journey to recovery I must say it wasn't easy, but thank God I'm here today. I must admit it has been a lot if jealousy since my transformation, people would be happy for you as long as you don't improve your life and don't become successful, they're your friend, but as you up grade you got enemies. Well they have a lot to be hating cause I'm not going to stop improving me. I will up date some photos soon.

Round Two In January God Spear LifevWith DR LEON

Hi RS friends! It's been a while. I am also preparing for round two, as you know I didn't get all that I wanted done, I only had a tummy tuck with lipo to the sides alone. My back, inner thighs and the flanks was not done due to "low blood" so they say, but anyhow I'm going to get Lipo done on my tummy, cause Medina doesn't Lipo your tummy with a tummy tuck and the results I fine is not complete because I still fine the top of my stomach is high its like a pouch. So I'm having Lipo on my tummy, waist, back, flanks and inner thighs and maybe a breast lift once the money reading right.

Here Are Some More Pics

I'm really feeling great about me now, minus the haters...emagin people can jellious you because you looking good, I never thought I would of reach this point; just imagine in the space of three main since surgery how many enemy's I've got just because I'm not fat any more and have a big belly. Lol I have to laugh its funny, well thank God for that it just made me see clearly who they really are.

Sorry The pics Didn't load before

Feeling like a brand new me!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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