VI PEEL with Booster for Melasma Mixed Race (Short Review) - Pascagoula, MS

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I wanted to write a really short review to maybe...

I wanted to write a really short review to maybe help someone decide if somebody with Melasma wanted to try this procedure. I wanted to share the OUTCOME but not go into very many details. I have Melasma really bad since I moved to the South. I always had light freckles now I have dark ugly brown splotches spreading on my face. I am 42 years old. I have tried Obagi with no results. I have also tried Triluma which will make them lighter but they darken right back during the weeks I have to stop. Because I am mixed race (black & Mexican) I have been told by 3 doctors that it is hard to get rid of and lasers and peels can cause more damage. I was told by the last one i went to see a dermatologist that the VI Peel was safe for all races. He didnt make me any bogus promises and told me it would probably take multiple treatments . I decided to do the VI peel with the booster. It was an additional $50. The booster is hydroquinone and is a skin lightner

As you can see from my photos there is not any change in my Melasma . I took a picture the day off the procedure up to day 5. I regret that I blacked out the area above my nose in the first 4 pictures since i have a very dark spot there although you can see it clearly in the day 5 picture where I did not black it out.
The procedure was very simple and pain free. The second day my face was very red. I was able to conceal it with mineral powder. Day 3 & 4 I peeled very bad. I was also told to try and avoid the sun on them days. The itching was pretty bad and it was very hard not to just claw at my face lol .

It seems a little drastic and not something that I would want to go through again anytime soon, especially since my results cant be guaranteed.

I cannot give the VI Peel a bad review since my skin does feel smoother. It may have helped with the fine lines I dont know. All I see when I look at my face is this Melasma and it did not help with that. I am back using my triluma and I follow up with the dermatologist again in another week or so . I f I do decide for another peel and it helps I will update:-)

3 in a row

I was able to buy 3 in a row at a good deal. Didn't work.
Dr. Liet N. Le

It was at Thomas Garrett office but I seen Dr. Liet N. Le there

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