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Eve before surgery Finding myself obsessing...

Eve before surgery Finding myself obsessing the last week about whether to do this or not... Money is paid, going forward The plan is for vaser liposuction on upper, mid and lower abdomen, flanks. For thighs: outer, inner and anterior as well as knees. If we can do arms and lateral back that will be included. Yes lots of areas but the physician doesn't expect it to be much fat volume in CCs. I hope not to be postings updates of a horror story. I hate pain and fear the first 36 hours post op. I will update as recovery allows. Please send me good energy and words of encouragement during recovery.

Morning of surgery

Roller coaster of emotions
Cringing, excited and worried
Did everything I was supposed to do: antibacterial shower this AM and last night.
I am waiting for office to open ????

First 20 post surgery

so far so good!
Having soreness but nothing extreme. My lower back hurts from being to table and I already have lower back pain to begin with..
I have been able to use the restroom every time by myself... Yey!!!
My compression garment has an opening at the crotch which is perfect.
I have been draining a lot. Mostly the evening and night of the procedure and the next morning which i think is associated With my movement. I got up and washed my bed linens even though I plan on throwing them out so no to lie on a soiled surface. keeping clean is important to avoid infection!!
I do wish I could shower :(
Not until Sunday... Ugh!!
I also bought a second compression garment, pricey but I think it will be worth the $229; heck I already spent nearly 10K.
Also bought the Arnica and Bromoline oral supplements to help with swelling and bruising.
Post Op day appt is coming up in a few hours...

Post of visit - 1 day after surgery

took off garment for doctor visit.
All looks well And less swollen and bruised than I imagined.
Doc said swelling will increase over next two days... :(

3 days Post Op

i got to shower today!
I took my walk first thing this morning. In hindsight I should've done that after the shower. I think the walk swells me and being out of the garment for the shower made it tought to get back into it.
I see more swelling like my doctor said and the bruising is now evident.
The soreness is about the same. I can't imagine going back to work yet. Legs are so so sensitive, again just like my doctor explained.
The abdomen and flanks don't bother me hardly; it's the legs.
I did have a lot of work done on them: front, inner, about leg and knees.
I am getting a little impatient about the recovery; I am anxious by nature.
There are some thoughts of regret but I am sure it's just in the moment and I will be happy I did it a month from now when I slide back into my pants!
I do pray I don't have any irregularities/bumps/lumps...

Post Op - day 4

Tough day swelling increased
The garment feels itchy due to the swelled skin rubbing tight against the garment. Took off garment and wore a spanx that did not go below the knees and I saw swelling immediately in the knees and above where the garment did not reach.
Had to run errands and first day I drove my car since day before op.
Able to drive... Getting in and out or anything bumping my legs like my phone, purse, keys anything is painful.
The ands and flanks-piece of cake. A little sensitivity at the incision sites but totally bearable!
The legs.... are driving me crazy!!
Too much work in hindsight... But I didn't want to go through surgery twice!
Originally only wanted abs, flanks and outer thighs... Once I signed up and paid for those I started thinking about additional areas... Figure why not the most expensive part is the facility fee and additional areas were +/-1K each.
I am sure I will be happy long term but I am feeling like I over did it at this time dealing with sore, swollen, painful and I am walking like I have leg injuries...
Will take new pics soon of day 5 and post later today. Best to all.

Post Op - day 5

I am officially feeling sorry for myself...
I have felt swollen as the day progressed. More remote work and some errands. A bit of walking and driving and I felt my legs, specially the right on very swollen and sore. Had ice packs on for a couple of hours and finally had the nerve to take my garment off. I knew it would be bad!
The abdomen and flanks minimal issues.. The legs... OMG! I wish o hadn't messed with the inner, front and knees...

Post Op -day 6

improvement today.
I hope yesterday was the peak of the discomfort and swelling.
Last night I felt like my legs were on fire and screaming to get out of my garment. Took a sleeping pill to knock me out... And even that took time.
Today wore my compression socks ($15) at the doctor office and I think they have made a difference!!
I am nowhere near as swollen not sensitive as yesterday.
I pray and trust that I got through the worse provided I continue to care for myself and thank goodness for those compression socks!
Best to all...

12 days post op

hi all:
My Recovery is going well.
Met with doctor for 1 week follow up. Bruises have gotten better. Using warm compresses and arnica to massage
I think my bruising may be all gone on another week; not bad!!
The sensitivity has reduced.
There is still inflammation so hope to see improvement on results working 3 months.
I do feel tightness and would day say only have 10-20% of numbness remaining on my legs.
I am able to stand for lengthy amounts of time and walk and shop no problem.

So while I can't yet say with certainly this is all worth it I have gotten through the worst discomfort and have a few inches less in me.
Merry Christmas everyone!

12 days post op before bruising

And for perspective this is what my bruising used to look like less than a week ago...Black and blue!
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