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I am a 41 year old mother of four. Fourteen years...

I am a 41 year old mother of four. Fourteen years ago I had breast implants and now I've saved up enough money and courage to endure a tummy tuck. The breast implant surgery went really smooth and the healing process didn't take long. From my understanding my breast implant surgery will have been more painful than the tummy tuck. My implants are under the muscle and they still stand up without a bra. They look great according to those who know that they are implants.

Okay, I've had my preop consultation and it went well. I have high blood pressure and that is a bit of concern because of high risks of blood clots. My plastic surgeon is telling me to walk every 2 hours after I get home. If I'm asleep she's requesting someone be there to move my legs around to activate circulation.

Has anyone had issues with clotting or any other swelling problems?

My Info

I'm a 41 year old African American female. Weight 186, height 5'8", and a fat tummy, ugh!! Scheduled for a full tummy tuck on July 8th!!!

Drama With Primary Doc

Ok, I have a nerve condition and Endometriosis. Both of these conditions cause great pain. For the surgery I have to stop taking the Motrin 800's. The Tylenol 500 is not helping my pain. So, I call my Primary for advice... she says the Plastic Surgeon should give me a prescription. I'm allergic to Vicodin and she (plastic surgeon) cannot prescribe anything stronger. So, I call my HMO's nurse and she recommend taking 2 of the 500 every 6 hours and no more than 6 pills a day. Why couldn't the doctor suggest that!!! ugh!!! It's working so far. Just a little pain. Yeah! Can't wait till Monday ;-)

Count Down To Sexy!!! 5 Days Left

Hey new friends!! I'm starting to get excited! Had a slight drawback yesterday when someone was telling me their experience. I almost had a panic attack just listening. I was told it the procedure is very very painful and that I wouldn't be able to stand up straight for weeks!!

Well, I can endure some pain being that I have a nerve condition... let alone had 4 kids lol!! Pain doesn't bother me... the thought of feeling trapped in my body does. So, I'll be sure to have Ativan close by.

Going to get a raised toilet seat and pillow today. Any suggestions for scar creams?

Pain Pump??

Did anyone have a pain pump installed through a catheter to help after the surgery?

Not Too Happy Now...

Having this issue between the doctors prescribing me pain meds is starting to stress me out. I'm very close to cancelling. My plastic surgeon is saying she cant prescribe level 4 meds. I'm being told that if she can prescribe vicodin, she can prescribe percocet. I'm allergic to vicodin and Percocet works for me. Going back and forth between the two docs is really upsetting and frustrating. Surgery is scheduled and fully paid... ugh!!! If I cancel I loose $500, ugh!!! This is so upsetting!!!

It's On!!! Monday .... only 2 days to go!!!

So, the pain pump has resolved the pain medicine issue. Even though I didn't like paying another $350 for it, I'm glad it is available for me. I'll be using the pain pump and Tylenol #3 if necessary. I'm a bit concerned about back pain and anxiety about not being able to straighten up for weeks to come.... How has that been for those who have had the surgery???

One More Day!!!

Everything is in place and ready for the big day!! I'm nervous and excited at the same time!!! Tomorrow I'm going to eat everything in sight!!! lol!!

Some Pics Taken In a Bathing Suit....

I love my purple one piece with the built in girdle... can't wait to wear a two piece!!!

About 10 hours to Go!!

A little excited yet... nervous!! Praying...

Day 1 PO!!

My apologies for not being able to post sooner. I was in a lot of pain when I got home. The pain pump really doesn't help without pain meds. The doc's assistant had not called in the meds to the pharmacy so, I was in a lot of pain. My thumb and two fingers next to it are still numb for some odd reason. Going to the bathroom yesterday was a chore but, I feel much much better today!!! Yeah!!! The doc removed 8 pounds of flesh and fat!! Wow!!! Here are a few pics I could just barely take yesterday.

Day 2 PO!!

Feeling way better today!! Walking more and slowing down on pain meds!!! First doc appointment in the morning!!!

First Visit To Doc After Surgery

I'm in a little pain from the drains. One feels like a ripping or stingy sensation. She told me that is normal. I can stand up and walk on my own after I catch my breath. I'm a little bent but not too bad. There is a little muscle cramping but, not too bad either. Doc is a little concerned about the belly button not healing fast enough and a little blood settling in that area. Other than those things, I'm on the flat side!!! I like my new belly button!!!

Back Rolls Still There...Ugh..

I'll get back lipo one of these days... I have a scar that goes into the tattoo on my back. Looks like my tat is 1 1/2 higher than it used to be on my hip... wow!! Pain is good on day 4. I can use only Tylenol 500 and I'm fine.

Day 5 PO

Still no bowel movement but plenty of gas lol!! Pain is much better. Drain pain has even gotten better. I'm walking almost straight and without help. I'm starting to feel the incisions now that the pain pump has been removed. It doesn't hurt because its still numb in the area and I haven't gotten all the feeling back. Can't wait to take a shower!!!

Day 6 PO

Moving around even better today. Still no feeling in the abdominal area. Tight as a board though!! There is quite a bit of swelling in comparison from the first day. No bowel movement yet. When the pain meds wear off I can feel a little tingling around the stitched areas. All seems to be going well!!

Still praying for all of you who are healing and coming to the Flat Side!!!
A few more pics...

One More Pic

Looking Good!

Had to Post!!

PO Day 7

Went to 2nd visit with Doc... my drains are slipping and belly button still not healing well, ugh!! Has anyone had these problems??

Other than that, I'm feeling good!

Day 10 PO

Had a good visit with Doc. One drain was removed!! Yay!!! It didn't hurt coming out like I thought. I'm only taking Tylenol 500 every 4 hours now. Not too sore but, stiff. Everything moving smoothly.

Slowly Healing

Today I said goodbye to my last drain!!! Yes!! Belly button is getting better but, still a long way to go. I'm almost standing straight and can't wait to walk normally. I still get out of breath when walking. Tummy is a bit swollen and one stitch still not completely healed. Ugh... I'm tired of laying around....

Day 15 Update!!

Finally took a real shower!! I had a seroma in two areas. One near my pubic area and one near my belly button. Both have healed. I also had a little pool of blood between the navel and pubic area; all better now. I'm waiting for one stitch to heal completely and for the belly button to show more progress. I think stitches will come out by the end of this week. I feel pretty good!

Stitches Out!

I was so happy to get a few stitches out today! It felt like they were getting tighter. Doc was really happy with the seroma areas looking good. BB still taking its slow time to heal. I keep getting stiff and can''t quite stand up straight yet. Still numb in my mid section... Well, I hope everyone is having a safe and progressively successful healing period!! Praying for all my TT sisters!!

Getting Better!!

Yesterday was my first day driving!! I drove to a mall that is almost an hour and a half away,...yikes! It was school shopping time. Standing straight takes a bit of time and patience. When I get up from sitting I can stand up straight after I lean against something. Seems that once I lean my back against the car I am able to stand straight. I also notice that the cold makes my stomach muscles tighten up, which makes me bend forward. After a few hours of driving and walking the mall I began to swell. My sides near my hip and pelvic bone start to hurt when there is too much swelling.

Well, I made it home and drank some lemon juice and swelling was back to normal the next morning.

My scar is looking great! Doc taped it up otherwise I'd post pictures. BB has an ugly scar where the seroma was. It's now white and brown with a little pink... ew!! I know it's going to take longer to heal due to poor circulation in that area. I've had several surgeries in the BB area and may be the reason why it had a seroma and not healing fast... or normally.

Well, hope all my TT sistah's are doing well!!! I'll be praying for all of you!! Cheers!

Swelling Sucks!!

Finally sleeping in my bed and on my sides!! Curling up feels like Heaven!!! It was a bit tight and painful at first but, with a few pillows I got over it.

The swelling seems to get worse after I eat and especially if I eat too much. I bought some DKNY compression garments and I love them. Tummy seems to be really flat in the morning but by the end of the day the swelling looks terrible. Ugh!!!

BB is yucky looking. Doc says the white skin should slough off and new skin will form. She keeps it clean with Betadine and a yellow medicated bandage. Hopefully it starts to look better soon.

Well happy healing!!!

One More Pic

Forgot to post pic...

More Pictures...

Moving around a lot better now. Still a little numbness around the incision and waist area. Can't wait till this swelling is gone and to get back to exercising...

Scar looking good!!!

Things are looking good!!! Scar is pink and a little brown. Ready to workout at the gym!!!

Wore my heels!!!

Did a little dancing tonight!!!

Love My Heels

How About That 2 Piece!!!

No Garment!!!!

Saw doc today and she is really pleased at the swelling going down and the scar is really smooth!!! Check out my new shoes and white dress!!! I'm on the flat side with no girdle!!!

Flat Tummy

Oleeva Scar Shapes

My doc has me using this product. Has anyone used this? Does it work??

Having Fun In The Sun!!

Everything seem to be coming together!! Swelling still lingering around the incision but, it will go away with time. The numbness is still around my sides and middle of my tummy. The BB is just about healed. Looks like it will have a scar.... time for a tattoo!!

Here's The Scar...

It's still pink and ugly for now... at least its smooth...

Almost 6 Months

It's almost 6 months out now and I'm not completely happy with the scar, belly button, and healing. Has anyone had issue with the lower abdominal area looking big? I'm not sure why that is and it almost looks like my tummy is coming back. The scar is getting dark and it looks jagged. The navel is almost closed shut as well as a huge scar around it.... Any suggestions are appreciated.

More photos

Well It's been 8 Months!

Everything is much easier now. No more swelling. Things I don't like are, belly-button, scar, and the fat under my belly-button. It's my understanding that the fat was already there and cannot be lipo'ed during surgery. This means I will have to undergo lipo, ugh! Well, it's better looking now than before.

3 Years Later!!! Tummy Still Looks Great!!

I'm posting a 3-year? update!! My tummy still looks good and guess what... I want a juicy booty now lol!!! Hopefully, I'll get one this summer. If you have any suggestions on good doctors in Cali; let me know!!! Enjoy the photos!
Gloria De Orlarte

My doctor is fabulous! She is Board Certified and really cares for her patients.I'm glad to say that Dr. De Orlarte has conducted my breast augmentation and will conduct my tummy tuck.I trust her totally as she takes care not to do anything that is not in the best interest of her patients. Gloria de Olarte, MD practices in Pasadena at Dr. Gloria de Olarte as a Plastic Surgeon, board certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. de Olarte was invited to join RealSelf in 2010, and has achieved "Participating Member" status. and is a member of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Dr. de Olarte has hospital affiliations at Huntington Memorial Pasadena, CA Arcadia Methodist Arcadia, CA Downey Community Downey, CA San Gabriel San Gabriel, CA Verdugo Hills Hospital Located in Glendale, CA.

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