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My life Started early at the age of 14 I became a...

My life Started early at the age of 14 I became a teenager mom .so I never got to see my actual stomach going into as an adult. I've always had friends going to swim pool parties the beach and when I went I was always insecure and wore tank tops over my bathing suit obviously because my belly looked like a bowl of jelly and oatmeal ranned over & my boobies were as saggy as a pancake & wet zeal pretzel. I had no problem with the fellas thankfully I was popular & good looking but they couldn't see what I seen when I looked in the mirror , my friends that is & it was my faults. I been so obsessed & over thinking the perfect image of video vixens etc modeling bkuz I was offered an opportunity but couldn't take bkuz I knew I was imperfect like the other girls . 7 Years after finally I was tired of always imaging and imaging the perfect me so I took on 3jobs bust by buns & even though it was rough not seing kids I knew I deserved it .so this Mother's Day I blessed myself with my mommy makeover.

Overall the experience is a rollercoaster. My first day of recovery was a lil loopy but I definitely needed help & still do & I'm a week post op 1day. I had meds but only took the anxiety tylenols sometimes & the antibiotics to kill infection. Now I'm like walking a lil better & getting out of bed without feeling like my stomach could rip wide open , but my tummy still burns & my boobies are bruised. I was more hunchback the first week but going on this one I'm more straighter & in a different type of pain bkuz yesterday at 1week post op my dr took out my pain pump & cleaned up my everything incision ,belly,boobies. My belly is numb . It looks better than before but my belly button looks weird to me so I'm going to give it time bkuz I'm hoping for the best. I can only lay on my back so sucks but I've been putting so much pillows the more the better & I try rolling to a lil side but its not promised or recommended by dr.

I had the worst night ever lastnight bkuz no pain pumps and my incisions were open wounds you know from taking them out. But today is much better. It's weird bkuz I'm suppose to be eating light but I'm always hungry so I grub until I feel like I'm going to bust then I knock out bkuz I'm so full & get tired so fast from just walking to restroom . I give myself sponge standing baths bkuz u can't wet your incisions . Not a shower for another 2days my dr said. I actually would recommend to have a baby sitter for a good 2weeks definitely the first week if you have kids and have help bkuz I cried , stressed myself out due to having a partner that only helps when he wants & my family is busy in their own lives so it is still so ruff. Getting much easier now that I'm a week past surgery. I love the size of my boobs& my tummy seeming flat so far. I highly recommend it but also I feel after going through this that I do miss my original mom myself bkuz I feel guilty in a place when it comes to vanity & my Christianity .

I don't want it to make me change lustfully or anything negative but I do feel me getting more dark then light bkuz the music I listen to during my healing process & makes me think of a perfect body & I just wish overall I was satisfied with myself from beginning but I do know that in the end I'm happy bkuz I can't wait til summer & to see myself more confident less people looking at my saggy ness as if nobody knows how your body gets after having kids & makes me wanna sock them bkuz they can push people , but overall if you really feel you want this go for it. Just don't regret it. I'm trying not to! I love it but as well hope I don't bring no bad upon myself by beauty . Recovery is a challenge but if you've given birth you can take it! No doubt . Some people recover differently than others. Me I'd say I'm mediocre . But I'm a pain taker so can't complain . Only thing that is the worst I'd have to say is my back hurts like the worst but in the end it's easing up barely so I hear by two weeks life is easier . I shore hope so & will update you , but I'm really hoping bkuz I only got 3weeks off time of work thankfully ! Take care until

10months post op Mommy makeover

Everything seems closed and secure. I love that my boobs feel like they are my own, like if I get pinched it feels like I'm getting pinched not my fake bags,but My boobs are obviously not the same size and my ariolas . My left feels way softer and realer then my right but I love my right even though feels harder bk. seems firmer just my ariolas were not fixed just kept super larger than I thought so they always slip out which sucks bk. now I got wild titties instead of just nice big boobies but it's ok for now no biggy , I'm satisfied with where I am today and thankful for the crew still to this day ,just can't rush these type of things ! My tummy is still numb actually and feels dead lol weird still and itches weird when something irritates skin and I can barely feel it and don't wanna scratch my skin off so yeah lol I just pat my belly if ever ! I totally noticed I lost all my weight and been doing great on sweating and fitness with my belly dancing moves ;D. What makes things even better is I noticed they dropped surgery cost for the miscommunication on the silicone and saline implant and ariola and skin thingy so I'm so grateful , I'm totally done paying off my surgery ,highly recommend this surgery if you really want it and if required in your work field !

Before and after pics

I told u I would post pics

14 months post op

Loving my better looking belly n boobs just it's worth saving for and not rushing and settling you know , be patient but who am I kidding I wasn't ! Just be wise this surgery had caused me to be in an more unhealthy condition then when I first started

He's the best ever. Would recommend him to everybody in this world. Him and his associate dr.walker!

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