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I know I will be pleased with my TT and BL Auto...

I know I will be pleased with my TT and BL Auto Augmentation results. Going in with an open mind that everything won't be perfect. But that this body will be better than it is today! It's time to take care of me! I have a SUPER SUPPORTIVE husband and I can't imagine being happier. This tummy has never seen the light of day. And I live in Hawaii!!!!

Pre-op done and other things I STRESS about......

I had my pre-op appointment with my PCP. Everything went well. My doctor is super stoked at my numbers. I've always struggled to keep my B12, Iron and D levels up. But for some reason(hint hint), somehow(wink wink) I was able to buckle down on myself and keep myself on a strict regimen. Ummmmmmmm helllllllooooooooooo!! It's because there's a PRIZE at the end. A Mommy Makeover! She applauded me on my weight loss as well. I weighed in at 144.6 this morning.

Last night I found myself starting to cry in the shower. A heavy cocktail of mixed emotions came right through me. I even started a letter to my husband in case anything should go wrong. We met in 2010 and married in 2011 so we are still in the Honeymooners stage. In my letter I try my bestest to explain what it feels like to always be HEAVY. I was the token little fat kid. The youngest of 3 who got called names growing up. Comments about how pretty my face is from aunts and uncles as they tiptoe around the fact that I was a fatso. I was the pretty face in the family. After having my 3 children and dealing with thyroid issues and just SICK AND TIRED of trying every crappy diet out there, I sought out weight loss surgery. In 2007 I had the VSG done by Dr. Cirangle in San Fran when I was at my heaviest of 221 lbs. So although I weighed in at 144 today, I've got extra saggy skin issues. I don't need to explain that one here. LOL My explanation in my letter to hubby is not how I want to look perfect or be someone I am not but more of how I'm still on a journey of myself that I started before him and I ever even met. If in the quest of my journey I should happen to die(my biggest fear for this elective surgery), it was for myself. No, I don't feel selfish for wanting to do this. I absolutely NEED to do this. LOL

Less than 2 weeks away......

So we leave on a flight in 11 days to have my surgery done. We are flying from Hawaii to California. Surgery is in 13 days. I'm a________ wreck(please insert any special word in that space, my favorite has been one that starts with F)! I have never in my life have felt this many emotions running through me all at once. And I've been through ALOT in my life. Divorce, 3 natural childbirths, numerous tattoos and 3 other surgeries. I've never felt this CRAZY ASS OBSESSED before! Lining everything up for the kids(we will be away for 3 long weeks), the cat, the house, the bills, my two jobs, my husbands business, taxes, calling the credit card companies, holding our mail,,,,,,,,,so many things to do! Making sure I bring my supplies, order the electric recliner, the car rental. Not to mention this is something that I have wanted for 8 years. I've been to numerous consultations, wondered for so many years how I would even afford it, felt like I was being selfish for wanting to spend money on ME, something always came up. You gals know. The FAT COW BALL of emotions that are going through you in the few weeks leading up to your surgery date. Gulp! It's almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I've also been fantasizing about finally getting some new clothes where I don't have to hid my spare tire/gut/roll...........I will finally be able to let my husband 'spoon' me without worrying that his arm and hand will graze my hanging flap of tummy. It's my 'icky' spot. I didn't even mention my BL! It's my tummy that bothers me the most.

7 more days til my Mommy Makeover!

Ok folks, i'm officially freaking out. I'm in the nesting and clearing out trash mode. I even organized my files and tossed and shredded what I don't need. Why am i'm doing this? I have no clue!!!!! I came across a card that I had from 24 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby. It shows my blood type. I took a pic of it with my phone and texted it to my husband with "In case I need a blood transfusion prior to my death". I mentioned several times that my biggest fear going into this is Dying Under the Knife. Tomorrow I'm getting my kitty waxed for the first time ever. Thursday I work a double shift at both of my jobs. Friday morning I get my hair colored then off to work. Saturday my hubby and I are getting pedicures. Sunday we fly from Hawaii to California. Monday I prep my Recovery Corner, meet the Electric Recliner Chair delivery peeps, food shop, go to my pre-op. Tuesday is THEEEEEEEEEEEE day! Holy Moly.............gulp!!

24 hrs since I've been on the flat side!

I did it yesterday! Yay! I feel a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. All these years of dreaming, yearning, planning and visualizing. Doc removed 4lbs of Filet o' Michelle. At my pre op the day before I decided not to go with the auto augmentation part and just a lift as I didn't have alotta tissue and my girls would be narrower and small. My husband has been such a gem.

Tummy pics before/after

Not sure why these are coming out sideways.


Yesterday was 4 days post op and constipation is a bitch!!! I was in and out of the bathroom every hour trying to 'go'. My insides are having a war with my muscles down there. The initial time I tried, I can feel I'm stuck. Took some laxatives and stool softeners. I know everything behind the initial 'poop baby' is ready. But I just need to get this baby out! I tried to stop taking my percocet(the cause). But my 'contractions' are unbearable as my body continues to fight with itself. So I'm back on pain Meds to deal with the pain and I'm praying to give birth to a healthy poop baby today. Keep me in your prayers!!

Best App for tracking medication and output?

What's the best app for keeping track of Meds and my output from my drain?

Day 10-13 update

I got my drain removed on day 10. It was amazing to feel freedom from that ball and chain. My hubby brought me out to a restaurant for breakfast after my appt just to celebrate! It felt good to put on makeup and do my hair..Ahhhhhhhh

Day 11-went to the grocery store for a bit with the hubby. I started sleeping in the bed. Propped up with TONS of pillows. Sooooooo comfy. Can't wait to sleep on my side soon.
Day 12-Hubby brought me to the mall and wheeled me around in a wheelchair. He brought me into VS so i could take advantage of the 7/$27.50 panty sale. Love himmmmmmmmm!!
Day 13-We had date night at the movies. I found this Luxury Theater with recliner chairs. So we splurged for a movie and I was comfy!

Every day it gets easier and easier to move around and I'm super happy with my results this far. I'm having healing issues though on my right boobie and am being hopeful with my outcome as this may take a while. But all of this is still 200% better than what I looked like and felt like before my surgery on 11/3. We fly back to Hawaii in a week and I can't wait as I really really miss my crazy busy life and kiddos.

4 weeks out ~ update and feel full of complaints today. LOL

I'm still amazed everyday by how happy I am with how my surgery results turned out overall. But yet I need to get these complaints out of me and onto RS so you all can comment and make me feel better. Please!!

My only complaints at 4 weeks out is the following:

-My right boob still needs wound care for the dead skin/necrosis. It's a bummer to look at everyday during dressing changes. It's slowly healing and coming along but I can't believe how it's testing my patience.
-The last of the scab that's on my TT incision started oozing some wetness last night so I put a bandaid on it. Let's just pray that it got rubbed by my underwear and due to the fact that I still have zero feeling in that area, I didn't feel it 'catch' on the material.
-Everynight for the past week I complain to my hubby that I just want to "roll over" and side sleep!!! I miss miss miss this! I can't get comfy. The tops of my boobs still hurt, I can't roll on my side cuz it's uncomfortable, I fall asleep on my back and wake up with a sore neck.
-these lil irritating dissolving sutures that haven't dissolved yet are annoying me, I know......small and minor yet still annoying me.

On a good note. I've had a few compliments from people on how great I look and questions on 'did you lose weight'? LOL

I'm so thankful that I was able to take a full 6 weeks off of work to take things easy and slowly. I have never ever dedicated this much care to myself. Ever. I have always put everyone else first. I'm so happy that my husband supports this and everything that I want to do in life. Yay for finding true love at last.

Dress Shopping ~ it's so funnnnnn now!!!

So before surgery my clothes shopping experience would go sorta like this......

I browse around the store and look at dresses thinking "this is so cute, but oh hell...that'll cling onto my waist and my jelly roll will be smiling at everyone"....orrr "I could probably squeeze into this if I use my spanx AND an additional garment to hold me in".........OR....."uggggghhh, nevermind I dont' feel like shopping anymore".

Or I go into the dressing room and I have about a 2% success rate at finding anything somewhat appealing.

But yesterday was a different story!!! I went into Ross to look for a nice dress to wear to my Holiday Party for work. I brought 4 in the dressing room. Low and behold, 3 looked amazing on me! Don't mean to brag, but OMG.......That's a 75% success rate! I narrowed it down to 2 and bought those 2 thinking I can go home and try them on with my heels. I'm keeping the one that is allowing me to step out of my comfort zone. It's the one that I would have never been able to wear in the past. Yes, it hugs my figure.....hahahhaha.....My husbands jaw hit the floor in amazement.

Do you know how good it feels to have your man have that look on his face? It's PRICELESS......I will post pics of 'the amazing dress' from the party on 12/17. So stay tuned!

5 weeks post op update

So last night after my shower I looked in the mirror and I think i'm finally turning the corner in regards to healing on the right boob. Slowly but surely.

I found a few more lil poking spitting sutures trying to cling onto me so I pulled and without any hesitation they came right out. One on my left boob incision and one where my drain was coming outta my left TT incision. I also started using BIOCORNEUM that my doc gave me to use. I've started on the TT incision hoping that the redness and thickness of the scar start diminishing. I'm half Filipino so I am prone to darker scarring than my other half(mixed Caucasian).

4.5 week pic post TT

5.5 weeks post Mommy Makeover

My time off of work is slowly coming to an end. I thought I would be bored but I was dead wrong. I'm dreading the hustle and bustle of rushing out the door, missing family gatherings and kissing ass at work. All I want to do nowadays is things for myself! I feel so selfish but I've always put myself last. This self love journey is awesome and I'm very happy to have been able to take 6 whole weeks off! I'm blessed.

9 Week Post Op Update

Right Boobie - My necrotic bad child. Healing has seem to have sped up tremendously! I've been religiously having a daily protein shake so i'm confidant that by upping my protein, it has helped!

Tummy Tuck - scarring is still reddish. I'm using Biocormeum every day. When my skin feels extra tight I also use Bio Oil. Love that stuff!

I haven't bought any new(FUN) clothing items since my Mommy Makeover(except for 2 holiday dresses), but I can say that I'm thrilled at how well my clothes fit. I no longer have this ugly camel toe(I know, TMI) that I have to hide with a large shirt. I used to have this fat roll that would make the front of my shorts or pants tight. And I'd HAVE to wear the waist part above the fat roll, or on it to camoflauge it and make it smaller. Then I'd have to find the perfect blouse to hide/cover the camel toe and fat roll. Come on ladies, you know what I'm talking about!!! LOL I'm happy I no longer have to ever deal with that, EVER!

So Happy!

My Newest Favorite Protein Shake Recipe

1 scoop vanilla protein (I use Vega Protein & Greens)
1 frozen banana
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp chia seeds
3/4 cup kale
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1 1/4 cup Almond Milk

I'm not sure how many calories, fat or sugar there is in this but I do know that it is at least 20 grams of protein! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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